Below is a memo from IHSA Assistant Executive Director Sam Knox regarding this weekend’s weather forecast.

The forecast for this weekend doesn’t look favorable, especially in northern Illinois on Friday.

Plan A: Host schools should do everything in their power to run the Sectional as originally scheduled.

  • If teams are not able to attend the Sectional because of the weather, their wrestler(s) will forfeit all contests in the Sectional.

Plan B: If a Sectional is not able to start on Friday due to the weather, the entire Sectional will move to Saturday.

  • There will be two sessions on Saturday. $5 admission for each session. Host schools can sell a $10 all-day pass.
  • If the entire Sectional is on Saturday, each wrestler will receive an additional one-pound allowance (NFHS rule 4-5-5).
  • Wrestlers are limited to 5 matches in one day (NFHS rule 1-4-3).
  • In a one-day tournament with our Sectional bracket, it is possible that one or both wrestlers in the 3rd place match will have already wrestled 5 matches that day.
  • No wrestler will wrestle six matches in a one-day Sectional.
  • Later this week, the IHSA will announce specific criteria to determine 3rd and 4th place if one or both wrestlers in the 3rd place match have already wrestled 5 matches.

Illinois Matmen will post more updates as they become available.

  1. You insinuated that I was too stupid to finish high school. So I let you know that wrestling has been part of most of my life. You proved you know nothing about the sport, can't even answer a simple question as to whether you wrestled or did anything athletic in High School. My guess is that you can't walk and chew gum at the same time. You bitched about the maximum number of matches allowed in a day without a clue as to what a wrestler goes through.
    I asked you an honest question which you didn't answer. I wasn't trying to be a jerk but you decided to be one as you are obviously thin skinned, so here goes.

    I did attend High School, I wrestled in High School, graduated and received a college wrestling scholarship to Northern Arizona. I coached for 5 years after that and officiated for 20 years. Did 4 high school regionals and 15 IESA regionals and sectionals. I then helped coach club wrestling for the next 6 years and helped Stevenson's JV staff this year at tournaments.

    So the question remains, did you wrestle, did you play any sports or are you just a wannabe? As for 5 matches in a day, my guess is that the powers that be did a study and decided that 5 matches was the limit. You see wrestling is not like Basketball or Football where the coach can take you out and rest you just in case of overtime or whatever. Why not 5 quarters in basketball or football?

    The 45 minute rule being not enough is my opinion after being part of a sport for 44 years. I also remember how shot I was when I had to wrestle after a short break and what a 5 match day felt like. Can you say the same?
    Actually, they are at liberty to toss it aside. They are not bound by NFHS rules. They choose to abide by them. And, they could selectively choose to disregard certain rules. States do it all the time. They do it with all sorts of different rules. Overtime rules, weight classes, match lengths, growth allowances, etc. Illinois typically chooses to pretty much stick to the rules that the NFHS establishes, but there would be no repercussions to deciding to go their own way on any given rule.
    Whether or not the 5 match rule is "ridiculous", "stupid" or "valid", it is a moot point. It's a National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) rule, and the IHSA is not at liberty to just toss it aside.
    Did you even ATTEND high school? Your ability to comprehend a point suggests otherwise.

    So wrestling five matches is okay? But six is somehow the magic number? Even when your first five matches go an extra 2:30 each in UTB?

    There's no question that the effort for wrestling over basketball is far greater. Nothing I wrote implied otherwise. But where is the "safety cap" for other sports which need extra periods, quarters, etc. to decide a winner? There isn't any that I'm aware of. That's the part I'm scratching my head over.

    It's arbitrary and not uniformly endorsed across sports.

    So the 45 minute rest is too short in your opinion -- but you allow it anyway? All I needed to know.
    Did you wrestle in high school? I know that I did and my son is currently wrestling in high school. In fact just two weekends ago he wrestled in 5 matches in a single day. Sorry to tell you but five matches takes a hell of a lot more out of your body than any amount of basketball. I can't speak for football because I never played it in high school, but I played plenty of basketball. The five match limit is for the kids safety, just as the 45-minute period between matches which in my opinion is too short.
    The five match limit is ridiculous.

    Simply ridiculous.

    I always thought it was just a smokescreen to allow for charging attendees THREE times instead of just two.

    Does Basketball have a minutes limit for its players? How about football? In the playoffs they can go for SIGNIFICANTLY longer to produce a winner than a potential sixth match for wrestling.

    "Oh but that's a team sport and you can sub in" was what I heard this morning.

    Horsefeathers. We all know the best players are kept in for the whole game no matter how long it extends.

    Wrestling continuously gets the short end of the stick from people who don't know it or attempt to understand it.

    Your first five matches can all go to UTB without consequence. That's already more additional competition time than a sixth match -- EVEN IF said sixth match were to go to UTB.

    So why the arbitrary line drawn at a sixth match? Maybe there is some science behind it which I'm unaware of but I thought the three admission fees quietly fit the void better than some limit based on matches instead of actual minutes wrestled.

    I guess no one cares about the safety of basketball or football players.

    ANY wrestling practice session of a successful team is far more grueling than wrestling six matches in a day.