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It's all set out in the rule book:

2 points for each win in the championship bracket (except the championship match).
1 point for each win in the consolation bracket (except the 3rd, 5th, 7th place matches).
1 bonus point for each major decision.
1.5 bonus points for each technical fall.
2 bonus points for each pin, DQ, or default.
double advancement and bonus points if the win follows a bye.
(There are also placement points, but they don't matter in this case.)

St. Ignatius scored 12 points:
125 lbs. - 3 points (pin in consolation)
130 lbs. - 2 points (maj. dec. in consolation)
189 lbs. - 7 points (pin in championship; pin in consolation)

I noticed that on the published brackets, each of these wrestlers were assigned to another team. I hope the tournament managers remembered to deduct 3 points from Cary-Grove, 2 points from Highland Park, and 7 points from Hersey.
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