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Old 09-12-2017
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Early Success - 2006

Some of these kids are now in their second year of college. Others are starting their senior year of high school.

I think it's fun to look back.

Obviously I don't know them all, but I know some.
Among them, age group world team members, multiple time IHSA state champions, Fargo champions.

A few interesting observations:
1) Two of the kids on this list met each other in the Fargo finals.
2) Two others met each other in the IHSA state finals.
3) Some are now teammates in college.
4) A Flo who's #1 winner taking 6th.

I think looking at a list like this says something about how early success impacts future success. I'm not sure exactly what it says, but it says something.

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Old 09-12-2017
Red Turban Red Turban is offline
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I think it says little kids love to wrestle, and can grow and enjoy the sport for a long long time!

My cursory glance seems to show me the vast majority of these kids are still wrestling 11 years later. That's an awesome record for a bunch of 6-8 year olds!
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