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Originally Posted by ctdad View Post
Private schools often have huge endowments and are much more generous with aid. I mentioned earlier that my older son went to Purdue. My younger one opted for Notre Dame; the amount we paid over 4 years totaled about one year of sticker price (i.e, they picked up about 75% of the cost). His offers from other private schools were fantastic as well.

Stanford is free tuition if you make under a certain amount; you only pay room, board and books.
I guess when it gets to the time when I have to worry about what universities my kids will be going to I will take a much harder look at private schools. Unless, things change dramatically.
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Originally Posted by ChiefIllini1 View Post

Mike Poeta
Matt Lackey
John Lockhart
Pat Quirk
Pete Friedl
Brian Glynn
Jordan Blanton
Conrad Polz
Emery Parker
Jimmy Kennedy
Jackson Morse
Zane Richards
John Dergo
B.J. Futrell
Cassio Pero
John Wise
Nate Patrick

IHSA Wrestlers to win ALL-AMERICAN honors at the UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS since 2000. Who am I missing?

Your list is irrelevant to the discussion at hand without comparing it to a list of Illinois kids that went else where and earned AA/NC over the same period. And even then your list really doesn't address why the the most sought after recruits leaving the IHSA don't land with the Illini.
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