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tw analyst tw analyst is offline
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Originally Posted by scott8303 View Post
How do you know what weight each wrestler will be at the end of the year? Currently Gonzalez, and Rachal weighed 181 and 184 respectively. Lilijana Reyes ranks highest but has lost 3 times to Wemstrom, Gonzalez recently lost to Wemstrom and is ranked higher. Wemstrom lost to Dillan Johnson last year and is slightly higher than Johnson. I would say Johnson, Wemstrom, Gonzalez.

At 215 the clear top is Ryan Boersma. He has ben mostly wrestling senior matches. I am not even sure who I would put second to him.
1. I dont know their weights for sure. It is an estimate
2. There is no particular order
3. Just give me adds if you have them
4. Reyes isnt on my list. What team is he from? Do you think he should be added?
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scott8303 scott8303 is offline
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I would say not to put Reyes in the top 3 at 175. i would say Dillan Johnson, Nathan Wemstrom and Isaiah Gonzalez. Then at 215 Ryan Boersma, but. it sure after him.

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silent n deadly silent n deadly is offline
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Stauffenberg (izzy) at 115/122
Gillum has not been 108 all year.
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Wilmette Wilmette is offline
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Throwing out a few more names for Novice 115:

A. Wojcikiewicz (Bulls), J. Gumila (Force), B. Stauffenberg (Izzy Style), M. Faworski (Xtreme), R. Gonzalez (Team 1006), P. Williams (Junior Cougars), J. Cummings (North Shore Edge)

I believe the above are all Novice and still around 115 lbs., but not 100% sure.

I haven't seen Wojcikiewicz, Gumila or Stauffenberg in action this season, but Faworski beat Gonzalez 5-0 at Rockford Bad Boys; Gonzalez beat Williams 9-5 and 4-1 at Jon Davis Open and Golden Eagle respectively; Williams beat Cummings at Schaumburg Mad Dog. Gonzalez, Williams and Cummings were Top 3 respectively at Jon Davis last weekend for what it's worth.

Also, Faworski @ ~119lbs and Stauffenberg @ ~120 lbs could bump to 122 lbs...

There are probably a handful of others that I don't know about or could surprise.
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Lordz50 Lordz50 is offline
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138- Gavin Mason (Team 1006) should be in the conversation
156-Jadon Mims(Maywood), Rylee Edwards (Storm), Connor Lorden(LP), Braden Hunter (Team 1006), Adam Lambaz (Scorpion)
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jscott196785 jscott196785 is offline
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62 lbs. Payton Murphy, Deion Johnson
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