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Old 12-08-2017
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Well, the World Clubs Cup Championship wrapped up. B.J. Futrell finished with a 3-2 mark. TMWC didn't wrestle IMAR for some reason, and they lost the championship dual against an Iranian team with some world champions on it. The final:

57 Atari dec Gilman, 6-4 PP
61 Khinchegashvili dec Waters, 7-0 PO
65 Khalili dec Futrell, 6-3 PP
70 Naderi dec Gomez, 2-2 PP
74 Kulchytskyy dec Elyasi 5-4 PP
79 Dake tech Afzali, 12-0 ST
86 Taylor dec Karimi 3-1 PP
92 Shabazi dec Heflin 4-2 PP
97 Snyder tech Batsiev, 11-0 ST
125 Petriashvili dec Gwiazdowski 6-5 PP

Criticisms: I would have loved to have seen any of these matches but never found a single live stream. That's absurd. Even the TMWC Twitter feed only said to look for a live feed on their instagram account. So, I sign up for instagram JUST TO SEE THIS, and no live stream and no link to one.

Also, I understand that a wrestler might get injured or become sick or have some other emergency, but that doesn't explain all the problems with rosters. Moreover, half the time, the USAW information about a foreign wrestler was wrong.

Still, this was good experience for B.J., and it showed that he belongs in super high-level matches like these.
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