School Tourny Finishes Notable Wins Losses
1 Dakota Anybody wanna play catch up? 18th @ Ironman, 1st SV, 1st PIT, 1st Orion
2 Wilmington Takes the I-8 by storm! 1st Reaper, 5th PIT, 1st Reed Custer, 1st I-8
3 Coal City Were so-so at the I-8 1st @ Yorkville, 3rd PIT, 3rd I-8 Wilmington
4 Harvard Will have a tough regional with Richmond.... 1st East Troy, 3rd Harvard, 6th PIT, 1st BNC Grant (AA), Richmond
5 Stillman Valley Will try to hang w/Dakota at regionals 2nd SV, 1st Geneva, 2nd BNC Harvard, Dakota
6 Richmond-Burton Hopes to take the streak away from Harvard! 1st Richmond, 1st Clinton, 3rd BNC Stillman Valley
7 Vandalia Demanding win at Litchfield 1st @ Civic, 10th PIT, 1st Litchfield
8 Orion Has good showing at Litchfield 7th at PIT, 2nd Orion, 2nd Litchfield
9 PORTA Are they making enough noise? 1st @ PORTA Vandalia
10 St. Joe Ogden Beating some good teams 1st @ Tolono Vandalia, PORTA
11 Olympia With Roxana barely holding on... 18th @ PIT
12 Roxana See above... 6th at M.I.T, 5th Litchfield Edwardsville (AA)