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Picture Kata Garuma "Shoulder Wheel"
Kata guruma (肩車?) is one of the traditional forty throws of Judo as developed by Kano Jigoro, is detailed in Kano's writings as borrowed from a book on western wrestling.[1] Kata guruma belongs to the third group of the traditional throwing list in the Gokyo no waza of the Kodokan Judo.[2] It is also part of the current 67 Throws of Kodokan Judo.[3] Because the technique is not a sweep nor a trip and requires tori to pull uke into a carry, it is categorized as a hand throwing technique (tewaza).[4]
3 04-27-2012
Picture Lane Tech Wrestling
20 04-27-2012
Picture He know's it is not easy...
Max Schneider Falls
Freshman 135lbs 41-4 finalist 32
Sophomore 145lbs 40-0 Champion 27
Junior 152lbs 24-1 SQ Dual Team 20
Senior 152lbs 40-0 Champion 32
17 02-23-2012

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