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  1. 8/23 Mr. Twister's New Column Begins
  2. 8/26 Wrestle with Mr. Twister - Take the Poll
  3. 9/7 Wrestle with Mr Twister - Was the IWF/IKWF split a good or bad thing?
  4. 9/21 Wrestle with Mr. Twister - Rambling thoughts about the internet
  5. 9/28 Wrestle with Mr. Twister - multi sport athletes and public vs private rages on
  6. 10/3 Wrestle with Mr. Twister - Does summer wrestling equal college scholarship?
  7. 10/10 Wrestle with Mr. Twister - One Class for All or Two for more opportunities
  8. 10/16 Wrestle with Mr. Twister - The IHSA, are YOU willing to join?
  9. 11/20 Wrestle with Mr. Twister - IMLive The Way I See It
  10. Xmas Day - Wrestle with Mr. Twister - The End is Near or Is It
  11. 1/24 Wrestle with Mr. Twister - Odds and Ends before State
  12. 4/9 Wrestle with Mr. Twister - Some of your thoughts on recent events
  13. 5/7 Wrestle with Mr. Twister - Tying up Spring Break Odds and Ends
  14. Wrestle with Mr T. - The Summer Blues
  15. 8/12 Wrestle with Mr. Twister - Loading up the truck and...
  16. 3 Great Wrestlers Chase History in '07
  17. To Haze or not Haze...
  18. A new level, a new plateau
  19. The Year 2006 in Review
  20. Rankings, debates and getting personal...
  21. Guerreo gets it done...finally
  22. Chicago Public League has a plan
  23. HELP Eastern Illinois wrestlers plea
  24. Eastern Illinois Alum speaks out...
  25. Eastern IL Head Coach writes...
  26. CCL vs CPS dual meet to return
  27. Summer Garage cleaning...
  28. It is almost go time...
  29. Winter thoughts...
  30. Change is not always good...
  31. Reynolds Wrap - End of an Era...
  32. A friend to Illinois Wrestling Passes...
  33. T. C. looking for GOLD
  34. Help The Needy...
  35. Who is this guy...
  36. State Champ Jimmy Chase Verbally Commits to Binghamton
  37. 2008 Olympic Coach Headlines Public League Coaches Clinic
  38. Admin's team wins it all...
  39. All Presents Unwrapped at Dvorak...
  40. Is the Illinois wrestling community cheap?
  41. Day 1 Random Thoughts @ the National Duals
  42. Final Day Random Thoughts @ National Duals
  43. Comparing college to high school - Part One
  44. Comparing college to high school - Part Two
  45. Comparing college to high school - Part Three
  46. Comparing college to high school - Part Four
  47. Comparing college to high school - Part Five
  48. Comparing college to high school - Part Six
  49. Compairing college to high school - Part Seven
  50. State Finals Champs to be from the im.com staff
  51. It's Championship Time...I am in heaven...
  52. Three-Time World Champion Ready to Share How to Win Formula
  53. J. Robinson gift of wrestling to CPS Champs
  54. Q & A with Tom Ryan - Ohio State's 2x NCAA Coach of the Year
  55. Intermat features Illinois Top Ten 2010 wrestlers
  56. Extraordinary Herbert learning International style
  57. Chicago Cup to feature international freestyle wrestling at Wright College
  58. NFL video technology now available to Wrestling Programs
  59. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year
  60. The officials are in charge-know that and live by that or pay the price
  61. One Hour before the State Championship
  62. State Championship thoughts and notes...
  63. Class 3A State Finals T.V. Broadcast Lots of Fun
  64. NCAA National Championship thoughts of a Dad and his kid
  65. The Beginning of the End...for All Americans Rush and Morgan
  66. Rush & Morgan Experience Their First Turning Points
  67. The IKWF/IWF Stories-Rush and Morgan meet the legend of Jimmy Kennedy
  68. Driving Everywhere and Finally a Title
  69. Middle School Duals and IWF-IKWF Tangle
  70. Switching Gears...Baseball, Football & Wrestling
  71. Well Rounded & We're Back...Coe's Rush and UNO's Morgan star in Pt. 7-THE JOURNEY
  72. Transforming and Getting Ready for High School
  73. Motivation or Pressure...It Takes a Village
  74. The Journey continues - Motivation or Pressure plus Freshman Year
  75. The Journey (Part 10) Rush and Morgan's Freshman years-Learning the hard way
  76. The Journey (Video Style) Rush and Morgan take the National Duals by Storm
  77. The Journey - (Pt. 12) In the Arms of an Angel
  78. The Journey - Sophomoritis...the second year!
  79. The Journey - Junior Year; Hugs, Cheers and Tears
  80. "Are you serious...what the..." UNO AD wants to cut powerhouse wrestling program
  81. Tears for a champion; Tears for the death of a wrestling progam
  82. The Journey - Please Stay Healthy-Senior Year in the Dvorak
  83. The Journey-Rush Starts Throwing People Around - Greco Style
  84. From on the mat to in the chair - The Journey Continues
  85. It's Been Awhile...
  86. No Olympics, you got it all wrong...I am dropping YOU.....
  87. Changes come and go at state
  88. NEW SERIES: 'What ever happened to....?'