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  1. Class A has a showcase...Princeton
  2. What's going on at 140?
  3. Just wins for Libertyville, Lockport
  4. Please...let's think before acting
  5. The South had lots to shout about
  6. A look at AA through a different lens
  7. A look at Class A thru a different lens
  8. Followup: Class AA individual
  9. Followup: Class A individual
  10. A look at Class AAA through a different lens
  11. A look at Class AA through a different lens
  12. A look at Class A through a different lens
  13. Shedding some light on a couple of results reporting issues
  14. 3-for-3 so far
  15. Close, but...
  16. Junior Greco: 29 still in, 13 unbeaten
  17. Through 6 rounds, 18 still in
  18. 2 wins away...
  19. Illinois wins...Illinois wins!
  20. Reel wins at the buzzer!
  21. The final count: Illinois wins by 10
  22. Quality the theme, rather than quantity
  23. Wow...what a morning!
  24. For 6 guys, tonight's the night
  25. Brill gives Illinois the lead...barely
  26. Junior wrap: 24 still alive
  27. Another nail-biter looms in Junior freestyle
  28. Upper weight wins seal Cadet freestyle crown
  29. Four to the Junior freestyle finals...and the lead
  30. Illinois rolls to Title No. 3 in Junior freestyle
  31. A look at AAA through a different lens
  32. A look at AA through a different lens
  33. A look at A through a different lens
  34. Fargo reports coming...
  35. Looks like 3rd in Cadet Greco
  36. 2nd in All-Americans, 3rd on the scoreboard
  37. 12 unbeatens remain in Junior Greco
  38. Illinois-Florida showdown in Junior Greco
  39. With 16 All-Americans, Illinois clinches a share
  40. We're No. 1 in Junior Greco
  41. One gut away...
  42. Akui wins OW!
  43. Rough Day 1, but Cadets looking good
  44. Northrup sparkles, but Cadets face Keystone showdown
  45. Cadet cream rises to the top
  46. Things going well for Juniors as well
  47. Fargo photos and more
  48. Newest Cadet freestyle champions: Moody, Holler and Robertson
  49. With seven finalists, Illinois leads Junior Freestyle by 31!
  50. Moody doubles, Garelli repeats, Richards wins
  51. Day 1 Recap: Big Three Roll
  52. Day 2 Recap: Excitement ready to start?
  53. Might as well hand out the hardware now
  54. Illinois advances 13 to Cadet Greco semis
  55. Five advance to finals, Illinois wraps up Cadet Greco team title
  56. Cadet Greco finals
  57. Keeley, Gomez win titles; Illinois passes century mark
  58. Junior Greco Team advances 3 to finals
  59. Junior Greco completes team title sweep
  60. Numbers look good for Cadet freestylers
  61. With 5 finalists, Cadet freestyle title's in the bag
  62. Junior freestyle race wide open
  63. Four-team Junior freestyle race
  64. Gomez leads off Cadet finals with double title!
  65. Gomez, Duncan win titles; Cadet freestyle team wins by 30
  66. Final wrap: White, Jones make it 6 Fargo titles