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  1. EastBeast29
    Thanks coach, we've been working really hard in the room with goals in mind, so we expect good things to come from it. BTW where'd you catch us at or did you just see how we're doin'?
  2. EastBeast29
    Yeah that's always tough. We look really good this year, we have all weights filled with great depth and talent to go along with that. I'm gonna go ahead and go 113 it's not going to be as strenuous to make, unlike last year haha.
  3. countdalights
    We are looking good but missing some weights. We had 2 wrestlers move on us so that's a big loss. Hows your team looking? What weight are you going to start off at?
  4. EastBeast29
    hey coach are you gonna be at the mundelein sectional on sunday?
  5. EastBeast29
    but now i'm wrestling full-time
  6. EastBeast29
    Mikey malles still and coach is real great he's changed up some stuff and things are going in the right direction i beat mikey 5-1 in our wrestle off but let him wrestle because i was still getting to 103.
  7. countdalights
    Are you getting in shape wrestling is right around the corner?
  8. EastBeast29
    Yeah Tiff is gone but we have coach Ouimette the kinda stocky guy we were with, he came after the end of the first round. As far as my season i beat McKay and Wood (Johnsburg and Stevenson) they beat me last year but i beat them twice this year and both of them at frosh/soph my record came out as 24-6 with a DQ for a slam but he just didn't protect his head going down so they stopped it because he got hurt. Like the pics in my album?
  9. countdalights
    How did your season go this year? I hear your Varsity coach is not coaching next year. Is that true. Who will be the coach
  10. EastBeast29
    i uploaded sum pics from this year on my page, check em out and let me know what u think of em

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