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Conversation Between Aaron M. and herrin wrestling
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  1. Aaron M.
    Aaron M.
    Thanks, unless your kidding! They are doing well this year. We still have a way to go but we are doing better than any team in Carterville Wrestling History so far so I'm pumped. I need to figure out how to get gabe past Restivo so if your at the Herrin Duals this year watch them both. Also text me your number. I lost it when I switched phones.
  2. herrin wrestling
    herrin wrestling
    You have built you kids up well on here!
  3. Aaron M.
    Aaron M.

    Pre-Season "Unofficial" Rankings are up. Chime in!!
  4. Aaron M.
    Aaron M.
    I cant remember how to change the photo!
  5. herrin wrestling
    herrin wrestling
    Hey Aaron,
    Should your picture be a lion and not a tiger?
  6. herrin wrestling
    herrin wrestling
    How does your carterville team look....i had surgery on my arm against 2 weeks ago....

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