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  • 18+ Wrestling programs

    Im 22 and out of College. I want to stay conditioned like I was in my Wrestling years but I don't want to do MMA. any programs out there for people my age group?

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    This is more of a Question, than an answer. Would a High School program consider a person like 90Chris14 as a volunteer assistant? He would be a more mature wrestler who could be a workout partner for a room that needed another tough guy. It would also be a good resume item for the volunteer who is launching his career. Just a thought.


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      90Chris14: Have you thought about taking up Judo? My husband was a wrestler through college and transitioned into Judo. Judo is a lot like wrestling and it is a life-long sport. There are many clubs in Illinois and there are tournaments all over the country for every age group. My children are wrestlers now and have been involved in Judo since they were little. It has really helped their spacial awareness on the mat and gives them a bit of an edge against an opponent that likes to throw.


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        Is there anyone in Springfield or Decatur area that does Judo? Would love to get my son into judo. I have dabbled in Judo myself and wouldn't mind getting back into it.