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  • Just a Couple Thoughts.....

    First off, I wanted to say I'm excited to see the level of competition we have going on in the area this season, As a former wrestler from the south, I was a bit weary of the new 3 Class System, but so far it hasn't seemed nearly as bad as I had originally imagined.

    Firstly I was wondering if anyone has been taping key matches this season? Its relatively cheap to do, and it would be as simple as starting a youtube, account and page to post them. As a college student that works 50 plus hours a week, its hard for me to make/get time off of work to catch matches and tournaments, as I'm sure many of you can relate to, and it would be nice to be able to catch up with what's going on, as well as see the level competitively many of these kids are at rather than read about it on here.

    Good Luck to all the southern wrestlers this season!