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East/West Dual Possible Senior Line up

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  • East/West Dual Possible Senior Line up

    106 Kieth McDonough ( CM)

    113 Devantae Smith ( BE)

    120 Leslie Williams ( Cah)

    126 Hayden Grammar ( Edw) or Camron Halton ( Carb)

    132 Creed Janes (Mattoon) or Cody Stanton (Carb)

    138 Mech ( BW)

    145 Dalton Coleman ( Mt. Z) or James Mosher (Edw)

    152 Kyle Jackson ( Edw) or Jon Evetts ( Mar)

    160 David Frazier ( Cah) or Austin Metz (O'Fal)

    170 Dakota Downs ( Q) or Alex Brooks (GC)

    182 Tyler Sexton ( O'Fal)

    195 Blake Blair ( Edw) or Sam Tamayo ( GC)

    220 Tremont Davis (BW) or Shane Hunt (Edw)

    285 Cole whitford ( GC) or Ryan Paige ( Mat) or Justin Armstrong (Mt.V)

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    East/West wrestle off's

    In some weights there would be a need for a wrestle off to clear up any arguments


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      Don"t forget about Alex Vosburgh I'm sure he could go up or down to help the team.


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        Where would Alex fit into the line up?

        I'm not saying he's not a quality kid but he can't break the line up


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          Add tyler to the 285 wrestle off

          Copache Tyler 285 possiblity for the East?west meet


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            I believe I would put Michael Harris in that line up!!! GOOOO CRUSADERS,lol
            Crusaders Wrestling


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              Originally posted by Chase's Mom View Post
              I believe I would put Michael Harris in that line up!!! GOOOO CRUSADERS,lol
              If Harris doesnt get hurt in the Semis match I see him winning it all.


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                Ok put Michael in a wrestle off with janes

                I'll go with Janes


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                  I would say Blair at 195, Downs at 170 and Fraizer at 160


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                    Mosher at 145
                    Grammer at 126


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                      Blair is a no brainer, he beat the Missouri state champ earlier this year.


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                        When is this event? and where is it going to be?


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                          132 is a toss up for the East/West line up

                          You have Creed( Mattoon) who is solid, Randle Taborn( Springfield) 2A state Champ or the kid who beat taborn 2 weeks ago by a score of 8-3 Darren Wynn of (Centennial). Good wrestle off

                          The East /West Meet is usually the 2nd week after the state tournament during a week night. Maybe Coach Wagner(Edwardsville) can gives us a heads up on the date and time of the event.


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                            East/West qualifacation

                            i thought the east vs west was the metro east area on the MO and IL sides? i am just wondering how mattoon or springfield can be considered....not saying they arent good enough just wondering


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                              Southern Sectional

                              The East Side has always been allowed to use kids that are in the south Sectional and Mattoon and Springfield qualify now that we have the 3 class system Varsity, JV, and Feshmen tournaments
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