Much heartfelt appreciation for those of you who have gone to this link to vote to assist Hunter Darnell (Son of former Yorkville Head Coach Shane Darnell):

Hunter is crossing the 5,000 vote threshold which is outstanding. Thank you. This places him well into the top ten of over 450 entrants. We are getting into the marathon of this event as it lasts until May 10th and anyone can vote once a day.

As any accomplished wrestler knows, it takes months of persistent dedication to win. That's what this will take too, but from hundred's of individuals --- each contributing less than a minute, each day.

Please consider some sort of reminder to remind yourself to hit the link, and make the vote for Hunter. Once each day for the next several weeks. Let's see if the Wrestling Community can do what wrestlers do and put Hunter over the top.

The contest is now in your hands.