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  • Here is a big "see I told you so". Over a year ago I told you that a simple signature match would over turn the results of the 2020 election based on historic signature rejection rates as compared to 2020. Witnesses gave sworn affidavits stating that the signature verification was not being done in the latter days of the ballot counting. Here is compelling evidence and absolute proof that they were telling the truth.


    • Originally posted by HuffHall View Post
      No marks on my soul, I assume you're referring to meeting my maker some day when saying I will have to answer for it. How will you explain Thou shall have no other Gods before me. That one's a doozy in the big book, all for Trump not even someone worthwhile, how sad
      Unfortunately you don't get to be the judge on your judgment day.

      This Tread is not about Trump. Trump has his own issues on judgment day. This thread is about election integrity.


      • Putin looks weak. Zelensky is the strong one.
        The international community = strong
        Legitimate democracies = strong
        Dictators, autocrats, strongmen, demagogues, gas-lighters, propagandists, chest-thumpers, frauds = weak


        • Originally posted by MAL View Post

          Are you two living in an alternate universe? Are you paying any attention to what is coming out of the John Durham investigation?...oops...that was a dumb question. The Russia collusion/Pee tape was an admitted fabrication that was bought and paid for by the Hildabeast.

          I don't know anything about the private life of Donald Trump and neither do you. He repulses me as a human. But I do know that he put hard sanctions on Russia, stopped the Nord Stream pipeline that Biden just opened up. Opening that pipeline is what allowed Putin to invade Ukraine. Did you notice that Putin only invades Ukraine when there is a Weak Democrat in office like Obama and Biden. I could give you a long list of policies where Trump was tough on Russia, and I have...but the Nord Stream was a big one. Putin started building it under Obama, stopped building it due to sanctions imposed by Trump and finished it under Biden. The reason the pipe line was so important to Putin is because he couldn't invade Ukraine...Ukraine had control of the existing pipeline, and if he invaded Ukraine they could just blow it up. Now that he has a new way to deliver natural gas to Europe he can just walk in and take Ukraine.

          Hunter Biden has taken 3 million dollars from the wife of the mayor of Moscow as a wasn't even for his fabulous works of art, or his brilliant work with the Ukrainian gas was just a gift. Hunter was also paid 31 million dollars by the Chinese...and what ever the Ukrainian gas company paid him. Hillary sold our uranium to Putin after Bill was paid 5 million dollars for speaking at a Russian bank. Do you see how this works? They pay the family of the politician the bribe.
          Nice job Mal, You authored a post. You lost me with the Obamas...but Clinton was the ultimate horn dog!!!! I am with you there. I was watching a special on his presidency and the Monica Lewinski thing is really only a fraction 0f it. Had state police secret service all helping him and covering it up. (but then again it was on CNN, is that fake news? )the pipe line was a bad idea as well. I did see trump talk about that and he was dead on about that.

          But he did praise Putin. that helps his cause as much if not more than weaponry. that is being blasted over state tv to give the idea that the us is cheering them on. and adoring putin. you say you don't know about it. You spend more time cutting and pasting on the net than anyone I know but then you say you don't know it. Trump didn't know who David Duke was. Rep greene. aka klan mom, said she didn't know she was speaking at a white nationalist's convention. Did Babe Ruth even ever play baseball? maybe the footage and the baseball cards were fabricated by the deep state. I have never met the man, how do I know if he is real? Keep posting dude.
          Always support your local wrestling tournament concession stands!!!


          • There are several articles about Michelle actually being a dude. I find that to be ridiculous, but it is more likely to be true than the Russian collusion/pee tape.

            Clinton was much more than a horn dog...he was on Epstein's plane 27 times. CNN didn't talk about that did they?

            Just today I heard a quote from Trump saying that Putin was smarter than Biden. I am paraphrasing, but I know how Trumps words are open to interpretation. If you don't give me the quote, I just have to guess. I don't know if that is what you are talking about or not...I don't follow Trump.

            We have gone over this David Duke thing before. Trump did say that he didn't know Duke, but that was after he disavowed him. I don't know why you are hanging on to this. You are just focusing on the one time he said the wrong words. Trump was a novice politician that used a poor choice of words while he was being walked into a gotcha question...but the key point is that he disavowed Duke both before and after the interview with Tapper. Here are some quotes from as far back as 1991.
            • Duke ran for governor of Louisiana in 1991 as a Republican, and Trump said at the time that President George H.W. Bush was right “to come out against” Duke’s campaign. Duke lost but he won a majority of the white vote — which Trump found troubling. “I hate seeing what it represents,” Trump said, referring to what he called the “anger vote.”
            • In 2000, Trump considered running for the Reform Party presidential nomination but did not run because he said he did not want to be associated with Pat Buchanan, who had left the Republican Party to seek the Reform Party nomination, and David Duke, who supported Buchanan. Trump at the time called Duke “a bigot, a racist, a problem.”

            I haven't heard anything about the Green situation...I had to look it should post a link when you bring something to the conversation. I am with Green on this one...I have never heard of Nick Fuentes, or anything about him. Apparently he is a gay Hispanic/white supremacist. If you would like to provide proof that he is a white supremacist this discussion could continue, but lately the definition of a white supremacist is anybody that disagrees with a Democrat on anything.


            • More unexplainable anomalies in Arizona.



              • I have posted this before, but incase you missed it. At this site there are 3 very short videos of Democrats knowingly committing felony election fraud in Delaware county PA.



                • Here is the democrat expert on voting machines and what he said after 2016 about voting machines.



                  • Here you can see the stories and see the faces of the people that had their vote stolen...real people...real stories. the videos of the victims start at about 28 minutes.



                    • 100% turn out of in nursing homes...even the people that couldn't walk, talk, read or write crawled across broken glass to vote for Biden.

                      Democrats are sick...this fraud was perpetrated by the Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC)...they knew it was a crime at the time of their decision...the dissenting member informed them as they voted. Watch the will be disgusted. The nursing home scandal alone would be enough to overturn the 2020 results. 90, 000 votes were cast from assisted living facilities with out party observers due to the illegal order from WEC.


                      The Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections recently held a hearing in regards to the Gableman 2020 Election Report.

                      Michael Gableman, for those who don’t know, is a former Supreme Court Justice for the state of Wisconsin.

                      The results of the investigation are so damning that Gableman called for an immediate decertification of the 2020 election.

                      During the hearing, Gableman played several videos of victims of voter theft from the election. This largely took place in nursing homes. But it gets much more interesting…

                      These nursing homes were in cities that are funded by Mark Zuckerberg himself and the strangest thing of all is that they happened to have a 100% turn out in the election. NOWHERE does 100% of people eligible to vote actually vote. MAYBE if it were in a town with a population of 100 you could make a case, but that’s not the case here.



                        Damning forensic analysis report on the Mesa County election system delivers black-and-white proof of numerous intentionally designed vulnerabilities that violate state and federal laws.

                        [Mesa County Colorado, March 5, 2022] – The second in a series of Mesa County election systems forensics report was obtained through a Colorado open records request. The report exposes a troubling array of serious election violations stemming from the electronic voting systems used in Mesa County. Given the electronic voting systems used in Colorado mimic systems used across the country in hundreds, if not thousands of counties, it's anticipated that the Mesa Report will serve as the predicate for numerous investigations across the U.S. Some are already in progress and some are criminal.

                        The Mesa County electronic voting system is similar or identical to nearly all Colorado counties. This means almost the entire state used illegally certified, insecure electronic voting systems for elections dating back to at least 2017 (Griswold was SecState at the time). These undeniable facts fly in the face of an obstinate and highly partisan Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold who has repeatedly stated that Colorado’s election system is secure, and “The Gold Standard”.

                        A sample of key findings from the Mesa Report:
                        1. The electronic voting systems contained 36 separate wireless devices. These devices allowed connections to the internet and/or other outside devices that can connect to the internet. This obliterates CO SecState’s Griswold’s unsubstantiated claims that the electronic voting systems could not connect and were not connected to internet. Griswold has never produced any report or documentation proving that the electronic voting systems were not connected to the internet, leaving the Mesa County Report(s) standing as the unchallenged truth about the systems.
                        1. The Dominion system was set up to automatically delete audit records. Plus, the electronic voting system was designed to delete, and systematically deleted required system log files during the “Trusted Build.” Griswold ordered the Trusted Build, making her responsible for the deletion of election records. This adds to the proof from “Mesa Report 1” that exposed 29,000 election records were deleted from the Mesa system in violation of federal and state laws. The intentional deletion of these records and log files prevents Mesa County citizens the ability to legitimately audit their past elections. This is the right of Colorado citizens to audit their elections for 25 months. Given Griswold and her vendor performed the “Trusted Build” in May 2021, the deletion of these records falls well within the legal timeframe that election records must be preserved. Investigations, including criminal, against Griswold and her staff are imminent given the severity of state and federal election law violation.
                        1. Uncertified software was illegally installed on the Mesa County election server in 2017. Griswold was the CO Secretary of State in 2017. According to the Colorado Constitution, the presence of this illegal and uncertified software renders the entire electronic voting system illegal for use in Colorado’s elections dating back to 2017. Griswold had numerous times to identify the presence of the illegal software, notify the public, and to remedy the situation. None of those measures were taken. Griswold must now publicly present her case as to why the illegal software exists in her officially certified voting systems, how the illegal software got installed, who was responsible, and why did Griswold certify a system with this egregious breach of security.

                        Given the bulk of Griswold’s notoriously rotating staff has no cybersecurity, technical, or computer experience, it’s expected Griswold will lean on her vendor, Dominion, to help explain. Unfortunately, relying on the vendor who potentially shares legal liability and who's lobbyists donate to Griswold's re-election campaign likely won’t stand with the public. The conflict of interest is overwhelming. It appears the only way forward for Griswold is to conduct a full investigation by an independent third-party.

                        This raises serious ethical and legal issues for the SecState. Why did Griswold ram through emergency rules banning third party audits in Colorado this past summer? The timing of her panicked action aligned perfectly with Griswold discovering the Mesa County election system forensic backups. With the Mesa 2 report, it appears Griswold was advised to try and get ahead of the inevitable.
                        1. The Mesa County electronic voting system is configured to allow any computer in the world to connect to the Election Management System (EMS) server. Predictably election officials with little to no cyber or tech expertise will claim that there is no proof of any other computer accessing this system. The claim is somewhat accurate given the fact that the Dominion voting system is intentionally designed to obliterate mandatory audit logs “both election records and evidence of access to the EMS server.” Election officials are now faced with taking a serious risk if they continue to defend Griswold, and an obviously corrupted and illegal election system. The best these officials can hope for with this specific violation is that there may be no proof that other computers accessed the system.

                        Each forensic report out of Mesa County has been accurate and the substance of the report has gone unchallenged by technical experts from SecState Griswold’s office or otherwise. Is it wise for these election officials to defend a technical system with no way to check, or verify what is true for themselves? With the legal backing of Marc Elias and Soros, Griswold has a defense for herself. What about the local election officials who are legally liable for their elections? Are they prepared to assume legal responsibility for Griswold’s illegally approved election system they were told was secure, and “The Gold Standard?”
                        1. The Mesa County electronic voting system violates the federal Voting System Standards (VSS). These standards mandate that the system be designed to prevent “changing calculated vote totals”. This indicates that the voting system CO SecState Jena Griswold violated Colorado law by certifying and allowing a completely illegal voting system to be used in Colorado elections. In El Paso County’s 2021 election, Clerk Chuck Broerman conducted a severely botched election in cooperation with SecState Jena Griswold that resulted in a public admission that vote totals had to be manually changed. Elected officials must now answer for why they are using a system that allows manually changing vote totals. Who can change vote totals? How? When? Why?

                        Both Mesa reports were prepared by Doug Gould, the former Chief Cybersecurity Security Strategist for AT&T. Mr. Gould is considered a foremost expert in the cybersecurity field and holds CISSP and CAS certifications. He is also a faculty member at the World Institute for Security Enhancement. We reached out to Mr. Gould to ask if there were more reports coming. As of the time of this release there was no response.

                        Mesa County Forensic Report No. 2Download


                        • FOREIGN CITIZENS ARE VOTING IN THE U. S.

                          Published On: March 03rd, 2022

                          The real foreign interference in U.S. elections is foreign citizens voting! We have uncovered evidence of foreigners registering and voting in the U.S.

                          Pennsylvania has admitted that they had registered almost 10,000 non-citizens at the local Pennsylvania Department of Transportation offices.

                          We are still in federal litigation with the Pennsylvania Department of State for complete access to non-citizen voter registration records.

                          However, Allegheny County election officials disclosed to us hundreds of pages detailing how noncitizens were regularly offered voter registration by government employees and third-party drives, despite language barriers and clear understandings as to what they were signing.

                          Key Findings from the Alleghany County records disclosed to PILF show:
                          • 139 instances of noncitizen voter registration and eventual cancellation were disclosed by the County from 2006 to 2018.
                          • 27 percent of noncitizens cast at least one ballot prior to removal.

                          This isn’t just happening in Pennsylvania. Motor Voter makes these errors at local DMVs across the country all too common. We published a report that examines this problem in New Jersey. Earlier this year, we won a case in North Carolina to disclose similar records in the state.

                          Congress needs to modernize our Motor Voter law and determine how we can verify citizenship in the process.


                          • Washington Sate citizens taking action. Calling for audits and the end of mandates. Nobody really believes Biden won.

                            Over 30,000 Notarized Lawful Affidavits Delivered to Washington State Officials – Governor Inslee’s Office and other Officials Refuse Service

                            By Jim Hoft
                            Published March 7, 2022 at 6:57pm

                            On Friday, March 4, 2022, the Washington State Tea Room, a monumental state-wide movement, attempted to serve Washington state officials with over 30,000 lawful affidavits from the Citizens of Washington demanding an end to all mandates and requesting a forensic audit of the 2020 election.

                            Speaking to the Gateway Pundit, the founder of WA State Tea Room, Brianna Mattes said, “this recent serving is the first of two in the first phase of our mission.”

                            Read the excerpt below:
                            The leaders of the Washington State Tea Room are ready to speak on their movement, and what they have been putting into play here in Washington state, to take the power back for the people of Washington. We have kept it under the radar till now for logistical reasons but it’s time to share the news far and wide.

                            This is both monumental and historical for Washington state and, as the largest movement in WA state, we have very big things to come and crazy momentum. This is only the beginning and high time for the people of Washington to have their voices heard by our state government, who has rejected our constitution a long time ago. And who has refused to listen to the People for a very long time. It is time to stand and we are ready!

                            This movement has brought about hope and action in the people all across this state, as they have stood in the thousands to join their voices, via these sworn and notarized affidavits, with countless others from every corner of Washington. And it is the honor of the WA State Tea Room team to take their voices to our government, in this first phase of our mission.

                            According to their news release, Inslee’s office refused to accept service or sign for the documents as well as the AG Fergusons office, Jinkins’ office, Murray, and Cantwell’s offices. Only Lt. Governor Heck’s office signed for the documents and took service.

                            Read the news release below:
                            Olympia, WA (March 4th, 2022) process servers and members of the Washington State Tea Room attempted to serve Governor Jay Inslee, Lt. Governor Denny Heck, Speaker of the WA House of Representatives Laurie Jinkins, Attorney General Bob Ferguson, and Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell with over 30,000 lawful affidavits from the Citizens of Washington demanding an end to all mandates and requesting a forensic audit of the 2020 election.

                            Days prior to the process servers made the necessary arrangements to request service and were informed by each state-level elected public servants’ office that their offices would be open and would take service of the documents. None of the offices for either Cantwell or Murray would answer their phones or return calls.

                            Inslee’s office refused to accept service or sign for the documents and sent the servers to AG Ferguson’s office. AG Ferguson’s Office refused to sign for the documents and instructed the servers to leave the boxes of documents for the Governor and the AG in the foyer. Murray and Cantwell’s offices refused to open the doors. Jinkins’ office refused to sign for the documents and instructed the boxes be taken to the mail center to be scanned for bombs and stated the boxes would be delivered by the mail center after they were scanned. Lt. Governor Heck’s office signed for the documents and took service.

                            “They didn’t even respect us enough to come out and speak to us directly,” Brianna Mattes stated after being met by clerks and security guards at the offices which refused service. Each attempt to serve was recorded live.


                            • Clear, irrefutable evidence of how the November 2020 Fulton County election results were electronically manipulated.

                              ATLANTA, March 7, 2022 – VoterGA announced at a press conference today a 15-point analysis that documents clear, irrefutable evidence of how the November 2020 Fulton County election results were electronically manipulated. The analysis was based on a year-long study of ballot images conducted by an expert-laden volunteer research team. The ballot image research was made possible last year when the Georgia legislature passed SB202, which made ballot images public records. The ballot images were collected statewide by a VoterGA Open Records Request team. The 15-point analysis that can be verified through public ballot images at or other sites found the following problems in Fulton County:

                              1. 17,724 final certified Fulton votes have no ballot images When the vote is counted they count ballot images, not ballots
                              2. All 374,128 in-person ballot images for the original count are missing
                              3. 132,284 mail-in ballot images are missing their authentication files Why are the images missing?
                              4. 4,000+ tabulator images have impossible duplicate time stamps
                              5. 104,994 image files in 1,096 batches have impossible, duplicate time stamps
                              6. All ballot batches were improperly forced to adjudication to facilitate tampering Adjudication is where someone else decides how you voted
                              7. 10 ballots were impossibly adjudicated in one minute by one user
                              8. 941 Iiage files were backdated prior to adjudication
                              9. All 16,034 mail-in image authentication files were added days after scanning
                              10. Same 12 tabulators closed 148 early voting polls masking identity of scanning tabulator
                              11. One tabulator serial# impossibly closed two polls in same overlapping times
                              12. One tabulator was never closed and may have added many illegitimate votes
                              13. Images in 288 batches have backfilled time stamps out of scanning chronological order
                              14. 85 closing tapes for 12,024 Election Day ballots are unsigned or missing
                              15. All but two tabulator closing tapes for early voting are unsigned

                              VoterGA emphasized that while one or two of these may be procedural issues, the electronic tampering found so far is not limited to Fulton. Co-founder Garland Favorito said: “In fairness to Fulton County, they did preserve enough of their ballot images to make some of our research possible. Other counties, like Cobb, destroyed most or all of their original November 2020 images despite federal and state law. This tampering and destruction is proof positive why Georgians cannot trust the 2020 election results. We desperately need an independent multi-county audit immediately to secure our elections before 2022 primaries.”


                              • All 15 items of maladministration and manipulation are explained here.