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  • Missouri Canvassing Group Shares Results at State Capitol – They Find 25% of Targeted Sample of Residences Had Issues – Democrats Holler and Kick Them Out

    By Joe Hoft
    Published May 5, 2022

    A group of individuals in Missouri canvassed a targeted group of voters in the 2020 Election. What they found was shocking. Not surprisingly, the Democrats at the state’s Capitol don’t want to hear it.

    A group of concerned citizens in Missouri (Missouri canvassers) who saw what happened in the 2020 Election decided to see how accurate the 2020 Election results were in Missouri. After months of work, they produced a document of their findings. (see below)

    What this non-partisan volunteer group found was shocking.

    1. The Canvassers identified that in Missouri there is no final list of individuals who voted in the 2020 Election or any election. The state allows six months for the counties to provide their final lists of those who voted in an election but this list can be adjusted by electors added to and deleted from the county voter roles.

    TRENDING: NOW THERE'S PROOF: Joe Biden Pictured at Beverly Hilton the Day After Reported Meeting with Tony Bobulinski in Same Hotel

    2. Missouri’s voter rolls are inflated with its registration rate of 91% being 21% over the national average. This is due to a large number of ghost registrations in the state – individuals registered at a particular address who doesn’t live there.

    3. The group canvassed 4,917 residences and a quarter (25%) of those who answered had voting irregularities. (692 out of 2,799). These irregularities related to phantom, stolen and lost votes. (p. 6 below).

    4. Voting equipment can connect to the Internet.

    The team based some of its work on targeted populations of voters from expert analysis. The canvassers also noted that Missouri had lost control of its elections. Zuckerbucks, the ERIC tool to manage voter rolls, and the voting machines were identified as leading to this lack of control.

    Yesterday (Wednesday) members of this team traveled to the Missouri Capitol to share their results with lawmakers. At the same time, they canvassed the lawmakers and their staffs. This enlightening experience showed the politicians what the canvassing exercise was like.

    Many of the Republicans and their staffs were willing to participate in the canvassing effort but there were some RINOs who refused. When members of Missouri Canvassers approached a room of Democrats they were told that they were not welcome. Democrat Senator Greg Razer’s staff even yelled at the canvassers and told them to leave and never come back to their office.

    Auditing 101 – by the age of 6 most people realize that when people don’t want to answer questions or be audited, they have something to hide.


    • Originally posted by oldpioneer View Post
      n/t waits right before the election to give his endorsements....he can't take an L. In fact, if you ask him........he knew the winner of the Kentucky Derby the whole time but he didn't want to say. He even said, he knew it was a pandemic before it was a pandemic.........

      Do you think you could pick 55 winners in a row, even if you waited till the day before the election? Never mind the fact that your accusation is not true.

      Here's the Growing List of Trump-Endorsed Candidates as of 1/26/22

      BY ALEXANDRA HUTZLER ON 1/26/22 AT 12:43 PM ESTPause

      Gus Bilirakis of Florida

      Lauren Boebert of Colorado

      Vern Buchanan of Florida

      Michael Burgess of Texas

      Steve Carra of Michigan

      John Carter of Texas

      Michael Cloud of Texas

      Andrew Clyde of Georgia

      Rick Crawford of Arkansas

      Mario Diaz-Balart of Florida

      Byron Donalds of Florida

      Pat Fallon of Texas

      Chuck Fleischmann of Tennessee

      Russell Fry of South Carolina

      Virginia Foxx of North Carolina

      John Gibbs of Michigan

      Carlos Giménez of Florida

      Paul Gosar of Arizona

      Harriet Hageman of Wyoming

      Diana Harshbarger of Tennessee

      Ronny Jackson of Texas

      Joe Kent of Washington

      Anna Paulina Luna of Florida

      Michael McCaul of Texas

      Lisa McClain of Michigan

      Max Miller of Ohio

      Mary Miller of Illinois

      Alex Mooney of West Virginia

      Gary Palmer of Alabama

      August Pfluger of Texas

      Matt Rosendale of Montana

      Elise Stefanik of New York

      Beth Van Duyne of Texas

      Derrick Van Orden of Wisconsin

      Roger Williams of Texas

      Mike Waltz of Florida

      Ryan Zinke of Montana

      John Boozman of Arkansas

      Mo Brooks of Alabama

      Ted Budd of North Carolina

      Mike Crapo of Idaho

      Chuck Grassley of Iowa

      Ron Johnson of Wisconsin

      John Kennedy of Louisiana

      Adam Laxalt of Nevada

      Jerry Moran of Kansas

      Herschel Walker of Georgia

      Rand Paul of Kentucky

      Marco Rubio of Florida

      Tim Scott of South Carolina

      Kelly Tshibaka of Alaska


      • Holy Man Crush really love this man. a lot of those names were in while he was filming reality shows. but your admiration for him comes shining through in your posts....
        Always support your local wrestling tournament concession stands!!!


        • Originally posted by oldpioneer View Post
          Holy Man Crush really love this man. a lot of those names were in while he was filming reality shows. but your admiration for him comes shining through in your posts....
          I just look for facts.

          Did you watch 2000 Mules yet?


          • If you missed the movie, here is one of the most complete articles about what you missed. I would recommend watching the movie.

            2000 Mules, a 90-minute documentary produced by Dinesh D’Souza, is the visual tip of the ballot trafficking iceberg based on the digital evidence collected by True the Vote (TTV) and OPSEC. Utilizing geospatial technology to ping cellphones using data from apps, Catherine Engelbrecht, founder of TTV, coordinated with Gregg Phillips’ OPSEC team of cyber analysts to establish a “pattern of life.” They then corroborated those anonymous cellphone data trails with publicly available dropbox surveillance videos. Phillips has been doing highly specialized work on elections globally for forty years but the technology used in this project has only been around for the past few years.

            The AP published a “hit piece” on May 3, attempting to expose TTV’s “flawed analysis of cellphone location data and ballot drop box surveillance footage” presented in 2000 Mules. We will examine those claims, weaving in information from the movie and conversations with Engelbrecht over the weekend.

            Notably, the AP story states neither D’Souza nor Engelbrecht responded to “a request for comment.” At least in Engelbrecht’s case, she was given little to no time to respond. She “received the request for comment at 11 p.m., and this story was published the next day.”

            Is Geospatial Data with Cellphones Precise?

            “Cellphone data is like digital DNA,” Engelbrecht explained. A court case on the precision of this technology makes that claim difficult to dispute. In response to the 2016 Supreme Court case, Carpenter v. United States, Justice Roberts wrote a 2018 opinion in which he describes the level of precision tracing afforded by pinging a cellphone using geofencing technology. “Accordingly, when the Government tracks the location of a cell phone,” writes Roberts, “It achieves near perfect surveillance as if it had attached an ankle monitor to the phone’s user.” Two of the most striking paragraphs from his 2018 opinion are captured below:

            Much of the premise of the AP story is built around proof that cellphone data is not as precise as Justice Roberts describes in his opinion. Notably, Engelbrecht mentions in the movie that their data in Georgia was used by law enforcement as a test case to help law enforcement solve a cold murder case of a young girl.
            Methodology of the TTV/OPSEC Investigation

            Ballot trafficking is defined as the paid collection and casting or delivery of a ballot by an unauthorized third party. In the 2020 election, multiple ballots were cast to dropboxes by many “mules” in numerous states and jurisdictions. It is illegal in all states to be paid for casting a ballot. Individuals or mules were paid $10 or more per ballot—according to witness interviews—to “pick up ballots from stash houses run by NGOs to run them to dropboxes.” Engelbrecht states in the documentary, “So you have the collectors, on the one hand, you have the stash houses, which are the nonprofits, and then you have the mules that are doing the drops.”

            The criteria used to qualify as a ballot trafficker were purposely conceived by TTV to rule out false positives. In other words, TTV/OPSEC sought to avoid capturing individuals in their geo tracing that were merely passing by or who did not approach the dropbox. The mules also had to satisfy particular standards to be qualified as bonafide mules.

            According to Engelbrecht, they set out to allow the “data to tell the tale.” Phillips explains in the movie, “We put together a plan to see where the data would take us. Our final decision was that the traffickers had to have been to a dropbox space and five or more visits to one of the one or more of these organizations.” Engelbrecht adds, “Those were the outliers. It was such an aberrant pattern.” Phillips introjects, “The fact of the matter is, these techniques are used every single day by law enforcement, intelligence community, [and] the Department of Defense.”

            As such, their approach was conservative, meant to catch the worst offenders, according to Phillips:

            “We want to absolutely ensure that we don’t have false positives, meaning including people that should not have been included. We’re not in any way saying that this is all there is. We’re just saying that based on our criteria that we identified, in Atlanta, 242 people who went to an average of 24 drop boxes in eight organizations during a two-week period.”

            The team targeted swing states where the election was decided, Georgia, Wisconsin, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. They collected data from October 1 through the election in all of the states, and in Georgia, the data was collected between October 1 and the January 6 runoff. In the Atlanta metro area, they targeted 309 dropboxes, some in suburban areas. They virtually fenced off (geofenced) the dropboxes to limit their collection of cellphone pings to those who entered the space and approached the dropbox. They also geofenced and pinged phones that approached or entered the identified “organizations (NGOs) across the country.” They bought 10 trillion signals, more than a petabyte of data, during the course of the investigation.

            When I asked Engelbrecht about the claims in the AP story that innocent people may have been caught up in their data, she said their methodology addressed those pitfalls:

            “Of course, there are ways to eliminate passers-by and county workers, of course, there are ways to confirm that the people in the videos are (or are not) mules. Larry Campbell, dropping off 6 ballots for his big family, wouldn’t be in our study. Going once to a dropbox wasn’t in our study. Our mules averaged 38 dropbox visits and 8 NGO visits. Any other combination (ex. going to NGOs and USPS boxes, for example, wouldn’t have been in our study. Or going to 100 dropboxes, but no NGOs. They weren’t in our study.) That’s how we know this is the tip of the iceberg.”

            In the pattern of life below, the blue tracks are the pattern of travel by the individual in the course of one day. The orange dots are the dropboxes, and the house icons are the NGOs.

            A Day In The Life Of a Mule/2000 Mules/Georgia
            Phillips and Engelbrecht explain using the graphic above. Engelbrecht describes the things they looked for:

            “Higher dropbox visits and the elements that are additive. Here the going to the nonprofits, the ability to identify the pattern of approach to a dropbox and that it is going not past a dropbox and on but directly to a dropbox and back to another point and then to another dropbox.”


            What you see here on the screen is a single person on a single day in Atlanta, GA. They went to 28 drop boxes and five organizations in one day. The individual, to get to some of these dropboxes, you had to be intentional— to get off the highway, to get to the dropbox, you had to go on surface streets, you have to turn in somewhere in order to get to those drop boxes. The circles represent where the ballots originate, the stash houses where the ballots are collected and handed to the mules.”

            Concerning AP’s recounting of Pennsylvania Sen. Sharif Street’s claims that he was “confident he was counted as several of the 1,155 anonymous “mules’, even though he didn’t deposit anything into a dropbox at that time period,” Engelbrecht’s response was as follows:

            “We have been very precise in what we’ve said. The writer makes claims and then debunks those claims with what we’ve actually said (in our testimony). If the Senator was going back and forth between NGOs and dropboxes, and if he did more than 10 times, then it is possible he would be in our study. Removing him still leaves 1100+ mules. Oh, and, very important, driving by dropbox isn’t a thing. You have to get out of your car and walk up to it. That’s what we looked at in the study.”
            Riots and Traffickers: Data Doesn’t Lie

            Additionally, OPSEC collected evidence suggesting some of the mules also participated in the violent Antifa riots earlier in the year. As D’Souza introjected, the likelihood of left-leaning participation in both is a much more likely hypothesis. Phillips states:

            “There were several different violent BLM Antifa riots in Atlanta, and in one of them, we had three dozen of our mules participate in these violent riots. There’s an organization that tracks the device IDs. Across all violent protests around the world, we took a look at our 242 mules in Atlanta, and sure enough, dozens and dozens and dozens of our mules show up on the ACLED databases.”

            The AP story attempts to convince readers the theory of there being an intersection between mules and BLM rioters falls flat unless you believe the data collected by the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED) is bogus. You would also have to believe the same geofencing technology used by the CIA, the FBI, or the Department of Defense is also flawed and imprecise. If that isn’t enough to convince, just read the 2019 NYTimes story on cellphone geolocation tracking. Moreover, the data combined with a robust law enforcement investigation with witness interviews would help to further substantiate TTV’s findings.

            Raffensperger Does Not Have TTV Video

            The AP story contends Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger’s office investigated one of the surveillance videos circulated by True the Vote saying it found the man was dropping off ballots for himself and his family. Engelbrecht told UncoverDC while TTV has offered the video surveillance copies to the SOS, Raffensperger does not have TTV footage:

            “They only have geospatial data. The GBI already has access to all the video because it’s a state video. We went through everything and offered to provide video, but until the subpoenas, they’ve never indicated what or how they wanted to receive info, and we didn’t want to do anything incorrectly. That’s how I am certain the comment about the Raffensperger having our video is inaccurate.”

            UncoverDC reached out to Raffensperger’s office on Thursday about the video footage claim but has received no response as of this publication.

            TTV has 4 million minutes of surveillance video from around the country from open records requests. According to Phillips, some of the video surveillance was turned off in Arizona. In Wisconsin—despite rules requiring video surveillance—surveillance of dropboxes was not done there. Importantly, in the places where TTV has video, they have the geolocation data that correlates with the video surveillance footage, further corroborating the evidence.

            Gloves and Photos at Dropboxes

            One of the AP claims is that wearing gloves to avoid fingerprints is “pure speculation.” The ballot trafficking case in Arizona did, in fact, involve fingerprint evidence from the ballots. The evidence is most likely under seal. Nevertheless, whether the hypothesis about the connection between the case and the sudden wearing of gloves elsewhere is true or not, it is still unlikely that a universe of innocent people would be wearing surgical gloves or taking photos at dropboxes when delivering multiple ballots at 3 in the morning. It just isn’t normal behavior.
            Signature Verification Standards and Voter Rolls

            The AP maintains all is well with absentee ballots concerning signature verification. Voter rolls in the U.S. are notoriously poorly maintained and updated. Engelbrecht and Phillips discuss poorly maintained voter rolls at length in their testimony in front of Wisconsin legislators. It is very tough to conduct clean elections when your voter rolls are populated with dead voters and out-of-state votes. Multiple states experienced issues with IDs and signature verification. For example, there were known issues in Wisconsin, Arizona, and Georgia with signature verification. According to Engelbrecht, “Inaccurate voter rolls are the gateway. In GA, 75k+ (in Nov) and 46k+ (in Jan) votes came from ineligible records, primarily voters who were no longer living in [the] state, but still found a way to cast a ballot.” The claim that absentee and mail-in ballots are “verified by the signature and tracked closely” and “safeguards against anyone who tries to illegally cast extra ballots” is provably absurd.
            AP Claims No Massive Ballot Collection Scheme

            During the documentary, Engelbrecht describes an operation that delivers the ballots in the method of a thousand small cuts. She explained the operation seems to have been designed to have many mules delivering small numbers of ballots to avoid surges in ballot drops. Only in one case does the chain of custody documents indicate a significant surge at a dropbox, and that was in Gwinnett County, where 1,962 ballots were cast with “comparatively few cell phone devices were proximate to the dropbox during the period of time” notated. In this way, massive numbers of ballots were allegedly delivered, evading detection over time.

            The numbers are stunning when the minimum criteria of 10 drop boxes, with 5 visits and a handful of ballots delivered per visit, are considered. By that calculus, it is a potential 380,000 illegal votes. When those criteria are lowered to fewer dropboxes and visits, another 810,000 illegal votes. In Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania, the mules allegedly cast more than enough illegal votes to overcome the margin of defeat for Trump.

            Either way, TTV did not set out to litigate or change the election results. The investigation was data-driven and conservatively designed to capture evidence that sought to eliminate bias and satisfy a stringent scientific inquiry standard.

            D’Souza asks toward the end of the documentary whether Engelbrecht and Phillips believe their data proves crimes occurred. He also asks whether the 2020 election results may have changed as a result of the ballot trafficking scheme. Phillips responds:

            “With the lower bar of five dropbox visits and just three illegal ballots per drop, we find election fraud on an astonishing scale in Wisconsin, 83,565 illegal votes were trafficked in Wisconsin, in Georgia 92,670. In Pennsylvania, 209,505. In Michigan, 226,590, and Arizona, 207,435. Using this calculus, Trump would have won all the key States and the final electoral vote 305 to 233.”

            “And so these are the kind of things, 4,000,000 minutes of this, this was an organized effort to subvert a free and fair election,” continued Phillips. “This is organized crime. You can’t look at this data in its aggregate and believe anything otherwise. That’s especially true when you consider that in places like Georgia, it was only decided by 10,012 thousand votes. And you look at 5,000 visits just from our mules. It’s not a leap to say ‘yes, this would have changed the results.'”

            2000 Mules made its virtual debut on Saturday, May 7, with 80,000 people tuned in, according to D’Souza.


            • Oh the irony



              • Originally posted by HuffHall View Post
                Here is a quick summary of this report:

                Pro-Trump One America News Network ran a 30-second segment admitting that there was no widespread voter fraud by poll workers in Georgia during the 2020 election.

                In the segment, an OAN announcer says "The results of the investigation indicate that Ruby Freeman and Wandrea Moss did not engage in ballot fraud or criminal misconduct."

                Poll workers Freeman and Moss were baselessly accused of voter fraud, so they sued OAN. The two sides reached a settlement which presumably required OAN to broadcast the truth about the two women in the 30 second segment.

                I don't see any figures listed, but the two poll workers no doubt received lucrative financial settlements courtesy of OAN.

                MAGA Stop the Steal is a load of crap and a shame upon our great nation.


                • Can't win em all



                  • Originally posted by HuffHall View Post
                    That is funny. The bank robber has concluded that there has been no robbery. They are playing games with words "Georgia officials" are defending Georgia officials. "There was no wide spread fraud by Georgia officials" Ruby and Shay didn't commit "widespread fraud", two people can't commit widespread fraud...and they didn't commit "voter fraud"", they committed election fraud.

                    Watch 2000 will not be able to say that you have not seen widespread fraud.


                    • Originally posted by Fighting Scot View Post

                      Here is a quick summary of this report:

                      Pro-Trump One America News Network ran a 30-second segment admitting that there was no widespread voter fraud by poll workers in Georgia during the 2020 election.

                      In the segment, an OAN announcer says "The results of the investigation indicate that Ruby Freeman and Wandrea Moss did not engage in ballot fraud or criminal misconduct."

                      Poll workers Freeman and Moss were baselessly accused of voter fraud, so they sued OAN. The two sides reached a settlement which presumably required OAN to broadcast the truth about the two women in the 30 second segment.

                      I don't see any figures listed, but the two poll workers no doubt received lucrative financial settlements courtesy of OAN.

                      MAGA Stop the Steal is a load of crap and a shame upon our great nation.
                      If you watch the video, you can clearly see that Ruby ran the same stack of ballots 3 times, and somebody else ran their stack twice...and the time line is perfectly aligned with a vote spike for Biden...and it all happened after the poll watchers were sent home. Some of the poll watchers learned on the news that the counting had resumed and raced back to the scene of the crime only to find that they they were done and gone. That is all on camera, including the poll watchers coming back to the scene of the crime. If you can't trust your own eyes to see what is right in front of your face, who can you trust?

                      Stop the Steel is a scam...they have done nothing to fight voter fraud.

                      If you want to see wide spread fraud Watch 2000 Mules. The non response to anything about 2000 Mules is very telling. Watch it and debunk it for can't...but watch it anyway.


                      • Originally posted by HuffHall View Post
                        ...and I hope he doesn't win all of his remaining picks...some of them are pretty bad.


                        • 2000 mules has already been debunked it's a propaganda video for delusional MAGArats. If you're dumb enough to already have fallen for the lie it's literal porn for your MAGA soul


                          • Oh and the non response you speak of is because it's a big nothing-burger. But this one article completely eviscerating it was particularly on point and hilarious



                            • New Mexico Audit Identifies Feature in Dominion Voting Machines that Allows Ballots to be Filled Out by Machine Itself

                              By Joe Hoft
                              Published May 10, 2022

                              On Monday night in Alamogordo, Otero County, New Mexico, individuals involved in a 2020 Election audit presented results from their audit to date. They identified a number of issues and some very shocking issues as well.

                              The auditors found material issues with the voter rolls in the county.

                              The Pinion Post reported that per the auditors, all of the ballot images from the 2020 Election were deleted and this occurred after Dominion worked on the voting machines in the county in June 2021.

                              These Dominion errors come after the county auditors reported last week that the Dominion voting machines had an erroneous code in them that would force ballots to move to adjudication where the selections on the ballots are manually determined.

                              The Pinion Post reports:
                              Erin Clements was joined by her husband, David Clements, and expert witness Jeffrey Landberg, who was involved in finding apparent fraudulent activity in Antrim County, Michigan, during the 2020 election. Landberg has been helping with the data side of the audit after Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai of EchoMail, Inc. was intimidated out of participating in the audit by “threats from up high” from Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives.

                              David Clements opened up his testimony on the apparent fraud by saying, “We’re told that the Lord abhors inaccurate weights and measures. What we’re finding is inaccuracy after inaccuracy after inaccuracy.” He added, “You have a potential crime scene in Otero County.”

                              Clements said, “It appears you’re being held at gunpoint.” He said the County is a casualty of “lawfare” from “Congress and a bunch of operatives.”

                              Landberg echoed David Clements’ sentiments, saying, “If you even question election integrity, you get canceled.”

                              There were project files missing for the 2020 election in Otero County, according to Landberg. The voting machine company, Dominion Voting Systems, came out to “service” the units in June 2021, according to Otero County Clerk Robyn Holmes. Landberg concluded that Dominion “definitely had the possibility of erasing stuff.”

                              Landberg also noted how models of Dominion machines in Otero County had the capabilities of remote access from outside sources. He said manufacturers, such as Dominion “have led people to believe they don’t have that capability.” But they do have this capability, according to evidence provided by the Clements.

                              Landberg also noted that the Otero County audit found a feature within Dominion machines that would allow ballots to be filled out by the machine itself.

                              The audit team will present their work from their review of ballot images at a later date.

                              Every day we learn something new about the 2020 Election. Every single day.


                              • 2000 mules is the new rallying cry for the maga crowd kind of like remember the Alamo! I’m just finishing watching Superman and wondering how he went back in time By flying around the world real fast
                                Always support your local wrestling tournament concession stands!!!