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  • Did Biden even win New York? There is no place in the country that doesn't have massive fraud.

    NY Citizens Audit Finds Hidden Infrastructure in Voter Rolls

    Wendi Strauch Mahoney
    August 16, 2022NY Citizens Audit/Rumble Screen Shot
    While attending The Pit, sponsored by True the Vote and OPSEC over the weekend, one of the more remarkable presentations was the New York Citizens Audit on the “Weaponization of the Voter Rolls” in the 2020 General Election. It was not only substantive; it was moving because it showed how a rag-tag group of concerned citizens could find the near to impossible. Beginning in July of 2021, homeschool mom Marly Hornik and her team found what is allegedly a secret fraudulent phantom voter infrastructure embedded in the voter rolls. With that discovery, her team of “70 or so” citizens made up of “data experts, homeschoolers, poll workers, farmers, and barbers” began what would be the unveiling of alleged unlawful election acts, misconduct of election officers, illegal voting, and more—all which materially affected elections in the state.
    Slides/NYS BoE/ RegistrationsSlides/Phantom Registrations
    UncoverDC spoke with Hornik, who explained what the group believes is the rationale for the hidden infrastructure. The infrastructure, dubbed the Spiral Algorithm, allegedly allows for the undetectable “track[ing] and extraction of every registration based on their character to assign votes when needed.” Per the petition found in The Pit Book, the official vote count certified by the Secretary of State for the 2020 election showed 8,690,614 votes. However, “those votes do not match the number of voters who voted (8,418, 179) nor does it match the number of votes from the New York State precincts, 8,627,153 with a minimum discrepancy of 272,435 votes, contrary to Election Laws 17-126 and 17-136.” Hornik explained:

    “When you have a discrepancy like this, it brings up questions. So, then you need to have voters, real or not, in the voter rolls with a name and address, date of birth, and a State Board of Elections ID (SBOEID) number to match those fake votes to.”

    Hornik said it would be “an extremely cumbersome process to manually assign those votes,” so someone developed a layered code hidden in the rolls to manage and hide the assigned registrations quickly and efficiently without a trace. With those findings, the group filed a May 9, 2022, petition served to Attorney General Letitia James calling for the decertification of the 2020 election.

    While tempting to dive into the way such a complex and layered algorithmic code was written and then hidden, for the purpose of this column, it is better to discuss the practical findings of their investigation. Hornik briefly explained the way they found the code during the presentation. She also provided a link to an extended video presentation explaining the Spiral Algorithm or “Matrix” for the software nerds out there.

    Hornik explained they found two types of programmed Matrices; one is the Spiral type, and the other is the Metronome. The Spiral was found in 58 New York counties, and the Metronome was found in 4. Notably, the four Metronome counties represent “extremely high rates of over registration,” according to Hornik. Looking at the voting age population specifically, Nassau county’s over-registration is 162%, Wyoming’s is 125%, Erie’s is 145%, and Westchester’s is 140%. The two types of Matrices or algorithms “refer to the pattern in which the registration numbers are assigned,” said Hornik.
    Reverse Spiral Matrix/Metronome stats/Document 3Document 3: Metronome Matrix/NYAudit
    It is the information found deep in the matrix that will probably interest most citizens from a practical point of view. The team also found and verified identical algorithms as evidence of alleged “election rigging” in other states. For example, they verified the existence of the Metronome matrix in a county in Ohio. Several former NSA people in attendance at the Pit confirmed the use of such algorithms in other states. Dirty voter rolls are a primary vector for election fraud in the United States. Voter rolls are the building blocks of elections; when they are dirty, election results cannot be trusted.

    The Pit Book is divided into five important documents:
        1. Slides for an extended presentation of the Spiral Algorithm.
        2. New York’s “Down Ballot Dilemma.”
        3. The May 9, 2022 petition from Nassau County.
        4. A document for Sheriffs citing laws violated called “N.Y. Citizens Audit Case Synopsis: Identity Theft at the NYS Board of Elections.
        5. An abstract describing stenography in the New York state voter rolls—essentially a detailed written discussion of how they found the layers of the code and the way the layers of the code were “obfuscated.”

    Today’s column will focus on some of the data Hornik and her team documented, resulting in the team’s rationale for believing the 2020 election in New York should never have been certified. The most practical data are found in documents 2, 3, and 4 and the very helpful New York Counties tab on their website. The counties tab corresponds with the text of the 62 petitions filed, one for each county. Please understand that their investigation was extensive and revelatory of many acts that were “contrary to the law,” a phrase used by Hornik to describe potential election crimes and malfeasance. I highly recommend reading the contents of The Pit Book link provided in this column.
    Document 2: The Down Ballot Dilemma

    This document concludes that “38 percent of the NYS Senators and Assembly members allegedly elected in 2020 CAN NOT PROVE THEY WON, as well as 41 percent of U.S. Congressional Representatives from N.Y. The number of votes in their election districts assigned to invalid/illegal registrations in the voter rolls OUTSTRIPS their margins of victory, making the assignment of a clear winner impossible.” As previously mentioned, the investigation found that over 750,000 votes identified in the voter rolls were allegedly illegal or invalid.

    The purpose of the document is to show a basis for an audit of the election as compared with standards in other industries. It shows both opposed and unopposed candidates in 2020 races with votes that represented anywhere from “11% to 21% of the victory margin votes cast from invalid/illegal registrations.” In any other industry, those would constitute fraudulent data that would trip the need for an audit.
    NYAudit/Document 2
    Document 2 also shows several pages of the New York Assembly members who “cannot prove they won” in painstaking detail. They were thus certified under false pretenses, says the report. Hornik explained that the line items highlighted in red represent individuals “who were crushed by fraud.”
    NYAudit/Doc2/Assembly membersDocument 3: The Petition

    There are 62 petitions, one for each county in New York. The petition in the booklet is for Nassau county and was filed on May 9, 2022. It represents roughly 5 pages of various violations found in the state, with specifics on pages 5 and 6 on Nassau county and their petition for relief at the end. Each of the other petitions follows the same sequence in the presentation of information. Hornik provided UncoverDC with another petition for Monroe County, which contains a number of important exhibits.
    Petition/Violations Found/N.Y. Citizens Audit
    The petitions in aggregate correspond with a tab on the website that provides a thorough dive into the N.Y. counties where violations were discovered with an interactive map tool. Anyone who looks at this data and concludes this investigation isn’t substantive or useful is just not serious about solutions for future elections.

    Voters in the state should find the site extremely beneficial to understanding the potential for fraud in their respective counties. Queens and Nassau counties are pictured below, but the tools allow for navigation to all counties in the state. There were a number of ways the team looked at the data in the voter rolls, including details on discrepancies between the county tabulation counts and counts from the State Board, those purged who voted anyway, large numbers of votes cast from registrations that were missing from the state voter rolls to name just a few.
    Document 3/ Queens County/WebsiteDocument 3/ Nassau County/WebsiteDocument 4: Laws Violated And Evidence For Sheriffs

    Document 4 is a practical resource for Sheriffs that paves the way for discovering irregularities and potential prosecutions of alleged election fraud—specifically— alleged evidence of identity theft perpetrated by dirty voter rolls. The categories of the various types of irregularities in registrations are broken into sections, with data provided on each category. This document provides information and guidance that is sorely lacking in many investigations. Many election integrity investigations find data to suggest fraud but fall short of solutions. It is an exceptional template for other states. Hornik said that N.Y. Citizens Audit has “four states ready and waiting with data teams to see if they can replicate their findings.”
    Sheriffs Document 4/Table of Contents/N.Y. Citizens AuditDocument 4/Sheriffs/Identity Theft/N.Y. Citizens Audit
    Again, very detailed evidence is cited to include the myriad of ways the voter rolls were allegedly compromised. The team then provides in Document 4 the various laws that were potentially violated for easy reference. Further, a summary of the excess registrations is provided, acknowledging that some categories may overlap.
    Document 4/NY Citizens Audit/Sheriffs/Irregularities in RegistrationsDocument 4/Sheriffs/Irregularities in Registrations
    The report rightly concludes that “a small group of determined citizens discovered this abject mess” is a miracle and “must not be ignored.” The investigation yields actionable intelligence on irregularities in New York state’s voter rolls broken down by county with practical suggestions for sheriffs in the state. They looked at all races on the ballot and were extremely granular in their explanations of the data they found. When asked how this all came about, Hornik replied:

    “We asked simple questions and found shocking results.”

    Inspired by their love of country and their sincere wish for clean elections, Hornik added:

    “You have to find a way to believe that Creator God, or whoever you want to identify, has imbued you with the talents and abilities necessary to overcome what appears to be an impenetrable obstacle. You have to first believe you will succeed.”


    • Originally posted by oldpioneer View Post
      You OK MAL? I know all these investigations have to be weighing on you pal. You weren’t one of those fake electors in Georgia were you? Stay out of the army surplus store, this too shall pass.
      Never been better. Don't hang out on the tracks...there is a freight train on the way.


      • How many elections have to be flipped before you guys admit there is a problem with these machines? The problem is that they are machines and they just do what they are programed to do. This is the latest election where the results were changed after a hand count.

        It Happened Again: Cherokee County, Kansas Election Results Reversed After “Vote Flip” Discovered

        By Brian Lupo
        Published August 10, 2022

        Nothing to see here, folks. Just a human error, technical glitch, or “we caught it in time”. Those are the excuses we hear every single time. Every time. Antrim County, Dekalb County, Williamson County, Windham, NH. The list goes on and on and on of jurisdictions that have some “human error” or “technical glitch” that causes votes to flip, change or swap.

        Enter our latest example: Cherokee County, Kansas. Not to be confused with Cherokee County, GA that recently went against the will of their constituents by refusing to conduct a hand recount and sided with highly questionable legal guidance from a conflicted attorney who used to work for the Secretary of States Office that is being called into question.

        Cherokee County, KS’s election was held last Tuesday on August 2nd. During a post election audit, they discovered that the thumb drives used in the election flipped the votes cast for District 1 County Commissioner Myra Frazier and instead gave them to her opponent, Lance Nichols, who was initially declared the winner.

        As reported by KSNF Joplin:
        “Upon discovering the improper programming, I immediately contacted representatives of Atchison, Kansas-based Lockwood Elections, who is responsible for programming the thumb drives used in our elections. The company recognized their error, and my office has since re-tabulated the ballots by a hand count audit, which resulted in Commissioner Frazier retaining her party’s nomination for the November General Election later this year. The Commission race was the only one impacted by the company’s error and I have already visited with both candidates impacted,” said County Clerk Rebecca Brassart.

        “This is a good example of why we verify the accuracy of election results by conducting a post audit of election results, regardless of what the unofficial election night numbers might indicate. I again want to assure the citizens of Cherokee County how important election accuracy is to me and reiterate my commitment to ensuring every valid vote is properly counted,” she concluded.

        While it is unclear if other races were counted or not, there is a major problem with the statement above:

        It was literally the “needle in the haystack.”

        Kansas Revised Statute KSA 25-3009 states:

        (2) The audit will review contested races as follows:

        (B) In even numbered non-presidential election years:

        (i) One federal race;

        (ii) one statewide race;

        (iii) one state legislative race; and

        (iv) one county race.

        And since the only race alleged to be impacted by this questionable explanation of a “compromised thumb drive” was a county commissioner race, it is a pure fluke that that was one of the races selected to be audited. Had any other race been selected, the results of this race would have gone unaltered and entirely against the will of the People of Cherokee County, KS. Much like Antrim, where it was picked up the next morning by a local constituent who voiced his concern. Or Dekalb, where it was only caught because the candidate showed zero votes in her own precinct. Or Williamson, TN where a poll worker was keeping a tally of the ballots counted on a pad of paper and realized the tabulator tapes at the end of the night were way off.

        Another words: How many races go unchecked? How many races have one of these “human errors” or “glitches” and somehow slides under the radar?

        And perhaps the most relevant question of all, especially with the lawsuits in Colorado regarding the 53% adjudication in El Paso during the recount:

        How did these machines pass the Logic and Accuracy Test?

        Well, according to KOAM News:

        Officials say the drives worked properly during testing, however, the malfunction was detected after the voting process.

        Can these machines be programmed to act appropriately during a Logic and Accuracy Test? Last week, we saw a small county in Michigan have major discrepancies with the ballots. It was, once again, chalked up as <insert lame excuse here>. But the real question that should have been asked, and should be asked in all these examples:

        How do they pass the Logic and Accuracy Test?

        Or is the L&A test just smoke and mirrors to give us a warm gooey feeling that the machines are doing exactly what they should be.


        • Originally posted by oldpioneer View Post
          Yeah I don’t know what they took out of Mar-a-Lago but I do know this…. Trump has dirt on people that he’s keeping for himself but I also think he was being blackmailed… It will all come out in the wash
          You "think" he was being blackmailed. We know Biden has been taking money from China, Ukraine, Russia and Iraq, Biden has opened the Russian pipeline and invited Putin into Ukraine...He sold our National Oil Reserves to China. Biden is owned by so many world leaders he can't remember who he owes what to.


          • Originally posted by MAL View Post

            Never been better. Don't hang out on the tracks...there is a freight train on the way.
            We are all on the tracks. Let me guess, the train that is going to kill us all is the alphabets! DOJ, CIA, FBI, IRS, In other words, USA. I love all the alphabets.
            Always support your local wrestling tournament concession stands!!!


            • BOMBSHELL: Evidence Shows Michigan Supreme Court Race in 2020 Was Flipped – Election Audit Professionals Also Identify Numerous Red Flags in New Mexico and Arizona

              By Joe Hoft
              Published August 11, 2022

              The presentation in Otero County, New Mexico on Wednesday night began with attorney David Clements introducing the professionals who were involved in the audit.

              IT Expert Jeffrey Lenberg next shared the following points to begin the presentation of his team’s audit of the election machines used in the county.
              • Election security is almost nonexistent. “The systems and the processes that exist are like swiss cheese.”
              • Pro V&V certifies voting machines across the country but does not do a good job. They don’t have the resources to.
              • Wherever they went they received full-fledged resistance when wanting to look at the voting systems.
              • Risk-limiting audits are a facade in the way they’re being done.
              • The password for Michigan and New Mexico voting system access was “123456” and you can access all the administrative menus. You can go in days after an election and add ballots and adjust the time and print it out. This capability should not exist in the system.
              • Microsoft SQL software was found in Michigan, New Mexico and Arizona. It does not need to be there. It can be accessed without any password and you have “keys to the kingdom”. You can anything you want with the data and change anything you want with SQL.
              • Transparency needs to be where everything is recorded. The only place ballots can be associated with voters is at the polling place.
              • In Maricopa County, Arizona, all the ballot boxes were unsealed when they were provided to the auditors.
              • In Maricopa County, there were 263,000 corrupted images that were also not mentioned by the auditors there. (Biden was given the win by 10,000 votes.)
              • There were 21,000 ballot images missing in Maricopa.
              • In New Mexico, they updated that software that was certified which makes no sense, and in the process deleted the 2020 project file.
              • There was a pile of red flags from the system audit work.

              Michigan used fear tactics to intimidate the auditors. The New Mexico Secretary of State did the same to stop audits of the machines in the state.

              The DHS claims the auditors trying to get to the bottom of the election process are enemies of the state.

              On September 3rd all the jurisdictions will destroy all items related to the 2020 Election. This information needs to be kept and not destroyed. Because items like the item in Michigan may have happened everywhere.

              Lenberg then shared this bombshell

              In Michigan’s down-ballot 2020 Supreme Court Justice race three candidates out of seven were programmed differently in the election system. As a result, the court changed from Republican to Democrat!

              The remedy to address this is to count all the ballots across the state and compare to the election results.

              No wonder the corrupt AG in Michigan is going after these guys. Communists don’t like their crimes to be uncovered.


              • another "bombshell" from mal and his dopey cohorts. First there was chicken little then there was a boy and a wolf now its Magarats and Trumptards


                • This is what mal’s “bombshells” are like….. If I’m at work and someone says hey, I have a hot stock pick for you… I am all ears.. I would listen, look it up, think about the future, and what the hell, put a little money on it. But MAL Is the guy that stops you daily With a bombshell stock that is gonna be huge! After a couple of times I’m not only not listening I’m just walking by……

                  But anyway, MAL, Speaking of bombshells, who do you think is the informant in trumps inner circle?
                  Always support your local wrestling tournament concession stands!!!


                  • These machines can be programed to do anything you want them to do...they are just computers with built in internet connections and printers that can fill in bubbles that look like a human filled it in. If you are interested I can show you. These machines should never be connected to the internet and they should not have built in printers.


                    News For You
                    August 19, 2022

                    Sadly, a lot of Americans have expressed a desire to put the dubious events surrounding the 2020 presidential election behind them. Even devoted Americans who think the election was rigged were unwilling to take into account fresh evidence of widespread voter fraud.

                    President Trump has maintained that the election was rigged with reason. His logic is understandable. If left unattended, the door will be left open for additional election fraud. Candidates for the extremely progressive Democrat Party can only win by doing this. They have to cheat.

                    Failure to hold cheaters accountable sends a clear message that they will be able to get away with it again. If voting fraud is allowed to continue, our democracy will be threatened. The corrupt mail-in voting schemes and Democrat mule drop box stuffing are the clearest signs of fraud.

                    Hours of video surveillance from the Dinesh D’Souza film 2000 Mules demonstrate how widespread ballot box stuffing was during the 2020 presidential election. Other evidence has shown Democrat insiders working at polling places to rig the results.

                    Conveniently, the data from questionable voting equipment has been deleted. The mountains of evidence are staggering. However, recent events have shown yet another instance of election fraud. The progressive left’s use of this deception may be the most despicable.

                    There has been a new election hack revealed. This hack, which was created ahead of the 2020 election, will automatically switch the bubbles on a hand-completed ballot. Liberals don’t even need to falsify votes or unlawfully pack voting boxes with them in order to vote.

                    The candidate of their choice will be substituted for the person you voted for immediately thanks to this technological hack. Despite the fact that you fill in one bubble, your vote is transferred to the hacker-favored candidate, leaving an empty space for your actual candidate of choice.

                    It’s the most cunning election fraud plot to date. The alterations are invisible to the naked eye because the hacker used the same exact penmanship and marking technique as the registered voter. This hack’s mechanism is even more astonishing.

                    Voters check their ballots to make certain they filled them out correctly. They see the bubbles filled in beside the candidates they truly want to elect. However, when these ballots are inserted into the tabulator, the hack flips them to the other candidate.

                    This happens in the blink of an eye. No one knows that the vote has been flipped from President Trump to Joe Biden. This type of election fraud could happen to any candidate running for any office. Some question whether this happened in both the 2020 Georgia Senate runoff elections.

                    The Gateway Pundit created a visual animation of how this hack really functions. It’s scary. The cheating happens behind the scenes. It is completely hidden from view. All these cyber criminals need is a blank ballot. That’s pretty easy to obtain.

                    The hack uses a ballot grid or “bounding boxes”. Lines are drawn vertically and horizontally. These lines sweep the ballot to pinpoint the precise location of the targeted candidate’s bubble. Each bubble has a box around it.

                    There is extra white space put in around the bubbles. This is essential to account for accidental marks which stray outside the bubble’s lines. A template is used for any particular election. The hack swaps the pixels inside the boxes.

                    Voilą, a ballot for candidate A magically becomes a vote for candidate B. The hacker can specify any election where they want to manipulate the ballot. There is also a method used to avoid sending up too many red flags.

                    Hackers can be certain to only manipulate enough ballots to win a particular election. Two University of Michigan students used only 398 lines of code to write this malicious software. The hack was tested against EAC-certified voting machine scanners.

                    It was also tested against the six different ballot styles used in the U.S. Dominion, ES&S, Clear Ballot, Diebold, and Hart InterCivic manufacture these systems. Hart InterCivic is responsible for two of them. Not ironically, the suspect Dominion machines were the easiest to hack.

                    The Hart eScan ballots were the hardest to fool. This malware will move all the shapes used on election ballots. It can shift bubbles, circles, boxes, rectangles, and ovals. In other words, nearly every ballot can be manipulated, without anyone knowing it, using this software hack.

                    Want to hear some more alarming information about this ballot hack? How about, who is behind much of the research and development of the malware? The Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) created Voting Works.

                    The system was launched in 2018. The lead on the project was Matthew Bernhard. Bernhard is a research engineer at the hard-left Voting Works. The list of CDT major donors reads like a liberal operative party guest list.

                    The Soros Open Society, Ford Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, Google, Facebook, and Amazon all donated heavily to fund this project. Other names that were revealed were Chinese speakers Henry Meng, Jensen Hwa, and Kevin Chang.

                    In 2019, CISA and DHS partnered with Voting Works to push a bogus “Risk Limiting Audit” program for many states. This bogus system is now being used in 10 States. Furthermore, Voting Works has been an ardent supporter of widespread mail-in voting.

                    This new revelation is the most startling proof that Joe Biden stole the 2020 presidential election yet. Such crooked schemes are usually reserved for rogue dictatorships. President Trump is correct. The election was stolen from him.

                    But most importantly, the election was stolen from the American people. Our votes were stolen. Our democratic right to elect our leaders was stolen. Americans cannot allow this to go unpunished. If we do, it will happen again, and again, and again.


                    • Originally posted by oldpioneer View Post
                      This is what map’s “bombshells” are like….. If I’m at work and someone says hey, I have a hot stock pick for you… I am all ears.. I would listen, look it up, think about the future, and what the hell, put a little money on it. But MAL Is the guy that stops you daily With a bombshell stock that is gonna be huge! After a couple of times I’m not only not listening I’m just walking by……

                      But anyway, MAL, Speaking of bombshells, who do you think is the informant in trumps inner circle?
                      I don't know anything about an informant...I don't follow Trump or Trump news stories.


                      • Originally posted by oldpioneer View Post
                        This is what map’s “bombshells” are like….. If I’m at work and someone says hey, I have a hot stock pick for you… I am all ears.. I would listen, look it up, think about the future, and what the hell, put a little money on it. But MAL Is the guy that stops you daily With a bombshell stock that is gonna be huge! After a couple of times I’m not only not listening I’m just walking by……

                        But anyway, MAL, Speaking of bombshells, who do you think is the informant in trumps inner circle?
                        I don't know anything about an informant...I don't follow Trump or Trump news stories. Are you guys trying to make Trump immortal. Trump just broke all previous fund raising records after the raid...he just shot up 5 points in the polls. everything the Democrats do just makes him stronger.

                        If you don't enter the debate you wont lose the argument. that is the bazar strategy that the left is using...I guess they just got tired of getting beat over the head with facts and figures that destroys their world view


                        • The left is pumping Trump up cause they know they'll defeat him in 2024, any other Republican probably wins in a landslide. Trump will get creamed AGAIN and scream "it's fixed" and his dopey minions (that's you mal) lap it up like warm soup on a cool fall evening

                          Oh and by the way how do you know "Trump broke all previous fund raising records and shot up 5 pts in the polls" if you don't follow Trump or Trump news....Hmmmm.

                          I'm guessing the math used on that fund raising was the same for his record crowd at his inauguration as well. You Trumptards are such simps


                          • MAL Doesn’t follow Trump news like Trump doesn’t know much about David Duke or the proud boys. As far as entering the debate, I read quite sometime ago that Trump is going to refuse to debate if he ran again. Huff is right, take trump out of the equation, any republican will win in 2024. Like I said before, I think Trump has dirt on a lot of Republicans And others.
                            Always support your local wrestling tournament concession stands!!!


                            • Some Republican in Florida lost the primary and blamed it on cheating within the republican party. MAL, you have the best sources available on this can you give us a complete report on how she was cheated?
                              Always support your local wrestling tournament concession stands!!!


                              • So much fraud so little time to keep up with it all. It is worth while to click on the link and read the letter

                                Florida Primaries Marred By Suspicious 'Vote By Mail' Ballots In Large Quantities, Sowing Distrust In State Elections

                                August 24, 2022

                                This story is developing...

                                Yesterday's Florida primary election was marred with reports of a large number of 'vote by mail' ballots that were returned as 'undeliverable' and then used to vote in tight elections in large numbers, changing the outcome of those elections.

                                According to those involved in investigating the phenomenon, the problem is state-wide.

                                Below is a letter submitted yesterday on the issue to Florida officials. A file with associated data is also attached below the letter.