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  • Oh shucks MAL I thought the constitution had a beating heart and 98.6F blood temperature. I’ll tell you what, a few months ago Texas was ready to secede from the union. Now the current president has declared it a disaster to open it up for federal relief. And I tried to look for Biden’s tweets blaming Texans and nicknames for their governor but I couldn’t find any. Can you believe the federal government is getting involved in local affairs? God bless the United States of America!
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    Always support your local wrestling tournament concession stands!!!


    • This is one of 2000 Arizona citizens going door to door and documenting voter fraud.


      • NH Senate Votes 24-0 to Force the State to Perform Election Audit of Windham

        By Steven Ahle
        A hand recount in Windham, New Hampshire showed that about 6% or 300 votes were removed from all four Republicans on the ballot. Many other counties in the state use the same technology Windham did.

        An audit of Windham would include checking the voting machines in an effort to find out if the machines caused the problem or if someone tinkered with the machines.

        The state Senate voted on the audit and as a result, they voted 24 to 0 to audit the election in Windham. Think about that a second. Every single Democrat who voted, voted for the audit, which I find very refreshing.

        Democrats in other parts of the country would have tried to kill the bill. The bill now goes to the House and if approved will go to the desk of their Republican governor, Chris Sununu, son of John Sununu.

        The question will become, will they then begin checking all of the districts that use the same machines owned by Dominion Voting?


        • You can actually see the vacant lots in Nevada and Michigan where the Biden voters slither out from under a rock on election day to vote. You can start the video at 28:30 if you want.