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  • Originally posted by oldpioneer View Post
    Well said FS! But wait, stop the presses. MAL, I admit, I have doubted you. But last night I saw a pillow salesman talking and realize I’ve been wrong all along!
    There are a lot of geniuses on my side of the argument we have the guy that invented email, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. He has proven mathematically that the fraud occurred. We have the guy that invented the QR code, that you and almost every body in the world uses... Jovan Pulitzer And we have the guy that invented My Pillow.


    • Not Over Yet: Wisconsin’s New Election Investigation Explained, Left Wing Groups Being Investigated

      By Kari Donovan

      One America’s News reporter, Jack Posobeic, covered an investigation into what is being called a “Universal Ballot harvesting scheme,” involving potential ties to Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg and how the collaboration between them potentially changed the 2020 Presidential election. The results of the investigations could expose deep government corruption in the State of Wisconsin.

      “In a seemingly stunning turn of events, the Wisconsin Assembly Campaign and Election Committees have voted to launch an investigation into persistent questions about the integrity of the 2020 election,” Posebic said.

      “They are looking at the conduct of individuals as they expanded access into what is being called a Universal Mail-in Ballot Scheme, due to COVID-19,”he said.

      Quoting State Rep. Janell Brancion said, We are going to get to the bottom of it,” about the resolution that passed, which began the investigation.

      The Panel has been given the authority to issue subpoenas to question witnesses about documents, and the legislatures intend to use these powers to the fullest, Posobeic said.

      “Emails are the focus that left-wing organizations funded by Mark Zuckerberg exerted a huge amount of influence and involvement in the 2020 election. These organizations usually have safe-sounding names such as the National Vote at Home Institute or the Center for Tech and Civil life. Yet brought in high-level Democrat operatives like Michael Spencer Rubenstein to run operations on the local level in Wisconsin. Spencer Rubenstein was allegedly the point man in Wisconsin 5. Milwaukee, Madison, Greenbay, Kenosha, and Racine, according to a Daily Signal report,” Posobeic said.

      Emails revealed that the point man had access to absentee ballots, sensitive machines, and hidden internet networks in the facility where ballots were counted.

      Local Wisconsin news reported on Sept. 28th, “The city of Madison Clerk’s Office collected 10,813 absentee ballots at its “Democracy in the Park” event held Saturday, despite the threat of legal action from state Republican legislative leaders.”

      From the article, we can get an idea about the number of ballots that were collected:

      The city of Milwaukee has 15 ballot drop boxes for absentee voters this election cycle. Claire Woodall-Vogg, executive director of the city’s Election Commission, said that an estimated 9,000 absentee ballots had been returned using the drop boxes so far.

      “I would not be surprised if more than 50 percent of voters use a dropbox in this election,” Woodall-Vogg said via email Monday.

      In Eau Claire, City Clerk Carrie Riepl said the city’s four ballot drop boxes have been popular as well. Riepl said as of Monday, a little over 1,600 ballots had been returned using the city’s boxes, making up more than half of the ballots that have been returned in the city.

      One report posted by Gateway Pundit on March 26, said: “Wisconsin Lawmakers to Hold General Election Review Hearing on Wednesday Following News that Democrat Operative Given Keys to Absentee Ballot Counting Room.”

      “The Wisconsin Assembly Campaign and Elections Committees voted to launch an investigation into what is being called a universal mail-in ballot scheme,” OANN reported on March 27th.


      • Votes switched on live tv

        NEVER FORGET – This is What We Witnessed Happen on Election Night (VIDEO)

        When I went to bed on election night, President Trump was more than just a sure bet to win the election. He was absolutely crushing it in all of the key swing states.

        Then you all know what happened. The counting of the ballots stopped in multiple states, vote counts were removed from President Trump and actually given in an equal amount to Joe Biden, “glitches” happened all over the place.

        There were at least nine instances in which President Trump has votes removed from his total.

        It happened four times in Pennsylvania in the amounts of 113,870, 19,958, 666, and 149.

        It happened at least twice in Georgia in the amounts of 11,490 and 700 votes.

        It happened in Virginia to the tune of 121,090 votes.

        It happened in Minnesota with 104,312 votes.

        And it happened in Florida with 1,364 votes.

        The thing that bothers me is that there is no one out there trying to actually be transparent and explain and demonstrate how or why this happened. It’s just ignored entirely in the hopes that we’ll just forget about it. We must never forget about it.

        You know, I have a theory. I think that the reason why Hillary Clinton was so adamant about President Trump having cheated in the election is because she knew that she cheated and should have won. I don’t think they accounted for just how much President Trump was going to win by though. This time they made sure to take that into consideration and make sure that no matter what happened, Joe Biden would win the election. The problem was that because there were once again so many votes for President Trump that it completely screwed up their system and made it do ridiculous things like give Joe Biden that amazing number that put him in the lead all at once. That’s the reason why he can lose most counties in the country and still come out with 81 million votes supposedly. President Trump broke the system and that’s why things look so obvious instead of subtle.


        • Keep tilting at that particular windmill, go post your nonsense at a Newsmax or Q site with your other brainwashed brethren


          • Originally posted by HuffHall View Post
            Keep tilting at that particular windmill, go post your nonsense at a Newsmax or Q site with your other brainwashed brethren
            You can watch the video of vote totals on live network news election coverage flip from Trump to Biden. No explanation has ever been given as far as I know.


            • 4000 Arizona citizens are going door to door and finding fraud and getting hundreds and hundreds of sworn affidavits.



              • Maybe if we just ignore all the facts it will just go away...Don't count on it!


                COOTER MARCH 30, 2021

                The close results in Georgia during the 2020 presidential election continue to spark headlines. On Monday, Henry County Judge Brian Amero offered conditional permission for the "Voter GA" group to proceed to check for fraud in the Fulton County vote tabulation.

                Voter GA plans to use an innovative methodology developed by Jovan Pulitzer. He helped create the bar code system used in many commercial transactions.

                He presently seeks volunteers to assist him in contacting voters who cast ballots during the recent election. He maintains his method will determine whether or not vote fraud occurred without necessitating an inspection of Georgia's voting machines. The ballots alone will indicate whether or not officials accurately tabulated the results of the election in Fulton County.

                Pulitzer shares:

                “Remember, this is history. This is history. You are about to see one of the pivotal events in history that will be talked about, literally, in text books and in history from here on out. It will definitely be talked about when it comes to elections in the future.”

                A representative of Voter GA described the legal decision as "unprecedented." It will involve actually unsealing the ballots. If the new method for detecting vote fraud proves accurate, this methodology should offer valuable assistance to election officials and the public during future elections!

                According to Georgia Star News,

                Henry County Judge Brian Amero on Monday conditionally granted members of a Georgia-based coalition the right to unseal ballots from last November’s presidential election in Fulton County.

                Members of that group, VOTER GA, may now inspect those ballots for evidence of voter fraud.

                Amero’s decision “is almost unprecedented in Georgia history,” said VOTER GA spokesman Garland Favorito.

                “We have sworn affidavits from several poll managers who say they handled counterfeit ballots during the hand count audit because those were mail-in ballots that were not marked with a writing instrument like a mail-in ballot should be,” Favorito said.


                • Bahaha "facts", now I know this is in fact an all time troll job. Fat boy LOST. He's gone and forgotten clean up your spilled milk and quit crying, you're worse than a helicopter parent


                  • The election is just getting started.

                    Arizona Senate Hires 4 Firms to Audit 2.1 Million Ballots From 2020 Election

                    BY ISABEL VAN BRUGEN

                    April 1, 2021 Updated: April 1, 2021

                    The GOP-led Arizona state Senate on Wednesday announced that four firms have been hired to audit election results and recount the 2.1 million ballots cast in Maricopa County’s 2020 general election to ensure the legitimacy of President Joe Biden’s win.

                    The announcement from Sen. Karen Fann (R-Ariz.) comes just weeks after Arizona legislators ordered a recount of the ballots from the state’s most populous county. The state Senate released a statement on March 18 saying that it will conduct a “broad and detailed” audit, adding that it will test voting machines, scan ballots, look for IT breaches, and perform a hand count.

                    Recounts are something state law doesn’t allow except in narrow circumstances, but a judge’s ruling (pdf) said the Senate has oversight powers that allow it to do whatever election review it wants.

                    The independent audit will be conducted by four out-of-state companies; Wake Technology Services, CyFIR, Digital Discovery, and Cyber Ninjas. A report is expected to be released in about 60 days, a press release from the state Senate says.

                    The Senate said Florida-based cyber security company Cyber Ninjas will be leading the audit, noting that it focuses on computer application security for financial services and government clients.

                    Wake Technology has performed hand-count audits in Pennsylvania and New Mexico, the Senate said, while CyFIR focuses on computer forensics and cyber attacks. According to Texas-based Digital Discovery’s website, it focuses on digital forensics.

                    “The audit will validate every area of the voting process to ensure the integrity of the vote,” the Senate said, adding, “The scope of work will include, but is not limited to, scanning all the ballots, a full manual recount, auditing the registration and votes cast, the vote counts, and the electronic voting system.”

                    The Senate said that leadership will not be directly involved in the process to maintain integrity and transparency.

                    Two separate forensic audits of last year’s election have already been conducted by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, however the state Senate maintains a separate audit must be carried out with a trusted group in order to restore faith in the voting system.

                    “Our people need to be assured that the Senate and Maricopa County can work together on this audit, to bring integrity to the election process,” Fann said in a statement. “As Board Chair [Jack] Sellers and County Recorder [Stephen] Richer wrote in the Arizona Republic ‘democracy cannot survive if its people do not believe elections are free and fair.’”

                    Fann previously told news outlets that pushing for a recount and audit of election results was “never about overturning the election, it was about the integrity of the Arizona election system.”

                    Samuel Allegri and The Associated Press contributed to this report.


                    • I'll never let go DT, I'll never let go (insert crying emoji here)


                      • The reason for this post is so you can see just how bad the censorship is on YouTube. It is a short video.



                        • Originally posted by HuffHall View Post
                          I'll never let go DT, I'll never let go (insert crying emoji here)
                          You will run out of insults before before I run out of fraud.


                          • Originally posted by MAL View Post

                            You will run out of insults before before I stop being a fraud.
                            Fixed it for you


                            • Trump recently said he saw no violence on 01/06 - are the Trump cult members still supporting that weirdo?
                              Do they still want to hang Mike Pence?
                              Do the Trump cult members still think the vaccine should not be taken even though Trump claims he took it?
                              How is that voting conspiracy investigation going? (PS, Trumps laywers that are being sued are saying it was just their "personal opinion" and people should have known that - nuts!)
                              There are two guys in that zebra costume! Very funny...


                              • Originally posted by MAL View Post
                                4000 Arizona citizens are going door to door and finding fraud and getting hundreds and hundreds of sworn affidavits.

                                Is this the dumbest thing that has ever been posted on this site? So they are looking for those who physically witnessed fraud? - remember when all those weirdos went to Georgia to witness "the counting" - no idea what they were supposed to do, and the Trump candidates got spanked regardless.
                                There are two guys in that zebra costume! Very funny...