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  • He's been in office 3 mos give OAN NewsMax or FOX time. Poor mal and his persecution complex.


    • BIG UPDATE: New Hampshire Officials Will Select Audit Team Next Week – Forensic Audit Will Be Completed in Next 45 Days

      By Jim Hoft
      Published April 21, 2021 at 7:40am

      There was big news from Windham, New Hampshire on Monday night following the board of selectman meeting to discuss the upcoming forensic audit of the Windham 2020 election ballots and voting machines.

      Ken Eyring at Granite Grok has a suburb summary:

      BIG NEWS! Windham Officials Reverse Course: Will Choose “Windham Incident” FORENSIC AUDITOR in PUBLIC!

      In short:
      ** Highly qualified candidates were discussed and interviewed to perform the audit.
      ** The Secretary of State will choose the candidates next week
      ** The forensic audit will be performed within the next 45 days. (WATCH)

      And local GOP official Dr. Dave Strang wrote us about the excellent developments:
      The board of selectmen met last night and the first order of business was to announce that they have seen the error of their ways and now plan to deliberate and choose one of the three audit team analysts next Monday, in public, not in a secret, non-public session.

      This was a complete victory for those of us who want trust and transparency. This was a direct consequence of the pressure that various groups put on them by inundating their email inboxes and phone system on Monday.

      Additionally, three very qualified forensic auditors presented last night, Colonel Phil Waldron, Doug Logan from Cyber ninjas and Andrew Appel (along with verified voting). Jovan Pulitzer was not able to present but a resident of the town spoke highly of him and over half of the attendees voiced their approval.

      This paves the way for the board of selectmen to choose amongst at least four, highly qualified forensic election analysts as part of the state’s audit team. They will make their choice on Monday, April 26, in a public session at a yet undisclosed site.

      The Secretary of State plans to choose next week as well and those two analysts will select the third and final member of the audit team. Due to the 45 day time limit necessary to complete this audit, it must be finished no later than May 27. Stay tuned.

      Thanks to the local activists who never gave up!
      This is an incredible moment for free and fair elections. It would not have happened without the hard work of several New Hampshire patriots.
      Live Free or Die!


      • And when the audit comes back saying there was no evidence of fraud what's the next ridiculous drum you'll beat. Get back to your life mal the POS 45 is gone, like a fart in the wind


        • It doesn't matter who gets the most votes if you buy the vote counters.

          BREAKING! Mark Zuckerberg Gives $3 Million to County at Center of Controversy Before Election – No One Knows Who Received It or What It Was Used For!

          Where there is controversy and liberals are involved, you can bet that there is also some sort of corruption or foul play involved as well.

          Prior to the November election last year Maricopa County Arizona was given $3 Million. The catch or I should say multiple catches, is that this $3 Million came from Mark Zuckerberg.

          That’s right the CEO of Facebook, the massive tech giant, donated millions of dollars to Maricopa County for some reason. Would you like me to tell you what that reason is?

          Well, that’s the thing I can’t. Nobody knows where that $3 Million went. Nobody knows who accepted it on behalf of Maricopa County and nobody knows what the money went towards or where it’s at today.

          In some capacity, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors accepted this $3 Million in grant money that came from Mark Zuckerberg and his wife’s foundation as well as numerous other billionaires and philanthropists. And the way this money came to Maricopa County was through what their calling is a non-partisan charity based in Chicago called the Center for Technology and Civic Life.

          What a coincidence it is that of all the places that this money went to it happened to go to Maricopa County which is one of the counties at the heart of all the allegations of election fraud.

          This non-profit seems to be acting as a middle man to funnel money in the same way that George Soros has been using Black Lives Matter to funnel money as well.

          Someone needs to be held accountable for this because this is screaming corruption. Facebook has been known for its involvement in dark money and this just goes to further prove the point that they are involved in areas where they shouldn’t be to influence elections. Keep in mind that this was an area where Joe Biden “won” even though the state has a majority of Republican voters.


          • Originally posted by HuffHall View Post
            And when the audit comes back saying there was no evidence of fraud what's the next ridiculous drum you'll beat. Get back to your life mal the POS 45 is gone, like a fart in the wind
            The canvassers have already found the fraud. Phantoms voters are registered all over AZ at addresses that they never lived at or in some cases at addresses that don't exist. Liz Harris has put an army of canvassers together, going door to door.


            • BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, they see an idiot like you coming from a mile a way.


              • THE GEORGIA REPORT

                April 19, 2021 Written By: Matt Braynard, Executive Director Ian Camacho, Research Director The LAA Research Group

                Voter Integrity Project Disclaimer regarding illegal ballots versus illegal voters: While this report identifies a large number of illegally cast ballots and the names of ineligible voters in whose name those ballots were cast, it does not allege that that those persons necessarily cast the illegal ballots. Determining who cast a ballot, legal or otherwise, particularly as a private, non-governmental organization, proves nearly an impossible feat.

                Disclaimer regarding redaction of voter information and research: The public version of this report has redacted appendixes that include voter data and supplemental research. The full version, available to government and law enforcement officials and, on a limited basis, to select individuals and members of the media, has no such redactions.

                Voter Integrity Project Project History

                In the days after the 2020 General Election, many concerned citizens and public figures, including President Trump, raised several questions about the integrity of the election. Given the close margins across many states, Matt Braynard and a team of researchers commenced the Voter Integrity Project (VIP) to run several experimental analyses. The team designed these analyses in such as was so as to determine if illegal ballots were cast and, if so, whether that number significantly impacted the outcome of the election.

                The initial project ran as many as seven different procedures across six different states at a total cost of $591,436. Analyzing Georgia cost approximately one-sixth of that budget, or $98,573. This covered the cost of raw data, data processing, and various vendors and call centers that helped with the analysis.

                The extremely compressed timeline to produce results for use in both litigation and legislative hearings, and also for statewide officials responsible for administering elections and investigating voter fraud, increased the difficulty of the challenge.

                Despite providing results under extraordinarily difficult and unique circumstances, our initial results never received a fair hearing in a court of law nor did any elected official thoroughly examine our work, and so the deadlines passed. Now under the aegis of Look Ahead America (LAA) and leadership of Braynard, Research Director Ian Camacho oversaw forty highly-trained volunteers known as The LAA Research Group who further examined the initial finds of the Voter Integrity Project.

                This report provides the results of the initial and subsequent investigations.

                Voter Integrity Project Six Tranches of Illegal Ballots

                in Georgia We have identified six tranches of illegal ballots.

                Tranche 1: Early and Absentee Ballots Cast In the Names of Voters (EABCINV) registered illegally.

                Tranche 2: EABCINV matched to permanent, out-of-state moves in the National Change of Address Database (NCOA). At the time we processed this match in mid-November, the database contained records as recent as October 1, 2020 to as far back as three years prior (October 1, 2017).

                Tranche 3: EABCINV matched to Out of State Subsequent Registrations (OOSSR) using our national voter database (NVD). In these cases, the voter had registered in Georgia and matched to voters subsequently registered in another state.

                Tranche 4:Election Day Ballots Cast In the Names of Voters (EDBCINV) registered illegally.

                Tranche 5:EDBCINV matched to the NCOA and OOSSR.

                Tranche 6:Unmatchable Invalid Residencies Among EABCINV and EDBCINV

                Due to the limitations of time, budget, and the inability to access necessary government databases, the VIP could only analyze the first three tranches.

                Tranche 1: EABCINV Registered Illegally

                In the state of Georgia, it is illegal for a voter to register with a residential address where they do not live. (Virtually the same holds true for nearly all other states.) The VIP matched the EABCINV against the known lists of postal box facilities (FedEx, UPS, etc.) and similar addresses where individuals could not live. We found that many registrants disguised box numbers as ‘Apt’ numbers, ‘Suites’, and ‘Units.’

                In some cases, these facilities exist at the same addresses of legitimate apartment buildings, however we scrubbed our list of any potential false positives.

                Further, we publicly posted a redacted list of all of these registration addresses (suppressing the voter’s name and other personal information) and thousands of members of the public assisted in reviewing this list, which helped us remove a handful of false positives.

                Due to time and resource constraints, we did not run this analysis using EDBCINV. However, we did match a small number of EDBCINV that had the exact same addresses that were matched using EABCINV.

                In total, we identified 1,056 EABCINV/EBDCINV registered illegally.

                The complete list of EABCINV data appears in Appendix B.

                Voter Integrity Project Tranche 2: EABCINV Matched to the NCOA Database

                The NCOA Database Defined
                The US Postal Service (USPS) maintains the National Change of Address database. It includes individuals who request to have their mail forwarded and provides the individual’s original address, their new forwarding address, and indicates either a permanent or temporary move status. An individual submitting to the NCOA database online must submit an address-verified credit card for a token payment and as a means of authenticating residency.

                Initial NCOA Analysis
                The VIP matched the entire database of EABCINV as obtained from the state of Georgia through a licensed vendor. The licensed vendor does not conduct the matching process but rather the USPS does.

                The NCOA database only maintains records going back three years, and we did not match any records that filed move notices subsequent to October 1, 2020.

                This process identified 15,700 EABCINV who filed permanent, out-of-state changes of residency more than a month prior to the 2020 General Election.

                Scientific Basis for Utilizing the NCOA Database Matching
                The methodology of using NCOA to identify voters who have moved out of state has research to support it. Stephen Ansolabehere, the widely-published political science PhD from Harvard University and its Frank G. Thompson Professor of Government, co-authored an article titled “A Brief Yet Practical Guide to Reforming US Voter Registration Systems,” which appeared in Election Law Journal1 . The article recommends using the National Change of Address database to identify “Deadwood” voters because they moved out of state. From the article:

                It is possible to develop comparable metrics of list quality and targets for improving registration lists. An example of a possible metric is the incidence of “Deadwood”, (Obsolete records, usually due to a person moving or dying) on Active and Inactive voter lists Using National Change of address (NCOA) and other postal lists, information from marketing firms, past vote records, and the national registration list, Catalyst has identified records that are dead wood. The data reveal that 7.3 percent of all registration records in the United States are “deadwood.”

                Supplemental Analysis of EABCINV NCOA Matches
                While a permanent move out of state typically serves as grounds to invalidate an individual’s right to vote in Georgia, exceptions do occur, particularly for members of the US military. False positives also can occur, such as where the USPS did not correctly match an individual or where a voter permanently moved out of state but then moved back.

                LAA’s Research Group analyzed a randomized sample2 from the 15,700 EABCINV NCOA matches and subjected it to further investigation by using a variety of publicly and semi-publicly available tools to find supplemental evidence of one’s residential status.

                These tools included the social media websites Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, and YouTube, along with blogs, review sites like Yelp and Google Reviews, news articles, property and tax records, court records, and state driver license databases.

                The group determined that either a subject did not qualify to vote as they had established residency outside the state of Georgia, or they did qualify to vote in Georgia because they had not moved, had moved out but moved back, or had an exception (like military) despite moving.

                The Research Group evaluated the military status of EABCINV cases on the basis of proximity to a military base or the use of a military address, or if the individual had a military or similar occupational justification as determined by a LinkedIn record, etc.

                In cases where we only found evidence that the individual resided in Georgia and not in the NCOA state, we counted that as a false positive. In cases where we did not find any evidence that they established residency in a new state or still lived in Georgia as of the NCOA match date, we counted that as Undetermined.

                Each case went through a thorough review and validation process, first by an initial researcher, then by a senior researcher, then by the Research Director, and finally by Look Ahead America’s Executive Director.

                Among the 227 EABCINV NCOA matches in our sample where we could make a determination, we concluded that 154 were no longer residents of Georgia for greater than thirty days prior to the election and that 73 were valid voters. Projecting this to the total EABCINV NCOA matches universe of 15,700, we can conclude that 10,651 ballots were cast illegally, with a 6.2% margin of error and a confidence index of 95%

                . All of the supplemental research on EABCINV NCOA matches that we managed to reach a determination on appear in Appendix C. The entirety of the EABCINV NCOA matches reside in Appendix E.

                Voter Integrity Project Tranche 3:EABCINV Out of State Subsequent Registrations (OOSSR)

                Initial OOSSR Analysis
                The Voter Integrity Project assembled a national voter database and then matched it to the EABCINV database using full name and date of birth. Because many states, including Georgia, do not make the date of birth public, we relied on four third-party data vendors to append full date of birth, and we did not attempt to match any records where we did not have a full date of birth.

                In cases where we found a match, we compared the voter registration date in Georgia to the registration date in the second state. If the second state registration date occurred after the Georgia registration date, then that individual invalidated their ability to vote in Georgia per the state statute.

                We identified 4,926 of these EABCINV of voters with Out of State Subsequent Registrations (OOSSR) after excluding any EABCINV matched by the NCOA process.

                The Scientific Basis for the Validity of Full Name and Date of Birth Match
                An article titled “ADGN: An Algorithm for Record Linkage Using Address, Date of Birth, Gender, and Name” in Statistics and Public Policy4 , also authored by Professor Ansolabehere, states the following in his analysis of a database for the state of Texas:

                "Either Name and Date of Birth or Name and address identifies nearly all individuals in a database uniquely. 99.6% are unique with Date of birth and name."

                Supplemental Analysis of EABCINV OOSSR Matches
                The LAA Research Group took a randomized sample of the OOSSR matches and attempted to validate or invalidate them using the same research tools utilized in the supplemental analysis of the EABCINV NCOA analysis.

                As with the NCOA analysis, each case came under review and validation first by an initial researcher, then by a senior researcher, then by the Research Director, and finally by Look Ahead America’s Executive Director.

                The supplemental research objective was to determine whether the evidence showed that the voter really moved. The Research Group identified many individuals who moved away from Georgia but then moved back. In other cases, the Research Group identified situations where the individual had no apparent tie to the subsequent state and likely a false positive.

                Appendix A provides several redacted examples of the thoroughness of the supplemental research done by the Research Group to determine a voter’s status.

                Voter Integrity Project The supplemental research concluded that of the 170 EABCINV we could determine, 29 ballots were illegitimate.

                Of the 4,926 ballots in this tranche, we concluded that 17.4%, or 840 ballots, were cast illegally with a margin of error of 5.7% with a 95% confidence index.

                The supplemental research for this tranche appears in Appendix D and the complete dataset of OOSSR matches appears in Appendix F.

                Voter Integrity Project The Unexamined Tranches Given our findings in these samples, there appears beyond a reasonable doubt that one will find many more illegally cast ballots in the tranches that we could not examine due to limits of manpower, time, budget, and access. In nearly all cases, the state government, if it chose to, could research these tranches that we could not as it has a full arsenal of tools at its disposal (full dates of birth, voter registration records, etc.).

                Tranche 4: EDBCINV Illegally Registered
                Tranche 1 only evaluated ballots cast early or absentee ballots registered at illegal addresses, and a small number of election day ballots matched exactly to those addresses, because only voters who cast early and absentee ballots were available when the VIP conducted this analysis. Inevitably, evaluating the registration addresses of those marked as casting ballots on election day will yield many more such ballots.

                Tranche 5: EDBCINV matched to NCOA and OOSSR
                We only conducted our NCOA and OOSSR analysis on early and absentee voters. Given the intensity of the election that would induce non-residents to travel to a battleground state as well as the proximity of voters who live just across Georgia’s borders, this analysis also likely would yield additional illegally cast ballots if conducted on the election day voter list.

                Tranche 6: Unmatchable Invalid Residencies Among EABCINV and EDBCINV
                Both the NCOA and OOSSR processes had suffered from built-in limitations to our ability to identify illegally cast ballots.

                The NCOA database from the US Postal Service only goes back three years, so any voter who filed a permanent move notice out of state before then would not have triggered a flag.

                OOSSR depended on an accurate date of birth match. Not only could we not get an accurate date of birth match on many records in Georgia’s voter file, but we also lacked full dates of birth on many records in our national file where few states released a voter’s full date of birth; our process required a date of birth on both sides to generate a match.

                Further, because of our insistence on exact name matches in addition to the date of birth, we missed many who abbreviated their middle name in one state but not the other, or those who changed their surname between moves or registrations.

                Finally, we could not detect voters who permanently moved out of Georgia but neither filed an NCOA nor registered to vote in their new state.

                Voter Integrity Project Summary and Conclusion

                We established the following numbers of illegal ballots cast in each of the following tranches:

                ______________Initial Analysis_________ Percentage Valid_______ Projected________ Margin of Error

                Tranche 1________ 1,056________________ 100.0% ____________1,056 _______________0%
                Tranche 2_______ 15,700_________________ 67.8%____________10,651______________ 6.2%
                Tranche 3________ 4926__________________ 17.1%_____________ 840_______________ 5.7%
                Tranche 4 ??
                Tranche 5 ??
                Tranche 6 ??

                The total projected number, not accounting for any illegal ballots in Tranches 4, 5, and 6, is 12,547. This exceeds the margin of victory in the 2020 General Election in Georgia, which was 11,779.

                Thus, we conclude beyond a reasonable doubt that the deserved winner of the state of Georgia’s presidential electoral votes in the 2020 General Election is unknowable.



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                  • The Democrats have weaponized the Post Office.



                    • Remember this mal, only could happen with the Orange idiot in charge and his legion of merry idiots willing to believe anything



                      • Originally posted by HuffHall View Post
                        Remember this mal, only could happen with the Orange idiot in charge and his legion of merry idiots willing to believe anything

                        i watch that press conference. Trump was responding to the scientist that spoke before him. And as it turns out those words were poorly chosen, but they were near genius in concept.

                        Firm tests UV light treatment that Trump was mocked for mentioning

                        Follow Us

                        By Rowan Scarborough - The Washington Times - Sunday, April 26, 2020

                        President Trump has been mocked relentlessly for suggesting that ultraviolet light could be brought “inside the body” to kill the coronavirus, but there is ongoing research to do just that.

                        For example, the pharmaceutical firm Aytu BioScience announced on April 20, four days before the Trump remarks, that it has signed an exclusive licensing deal with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. The center has developed and is testing a UV-A “Healight” designed to be inserted via a catheter inside the trachea to kill pathogens, including the coronavirus.

                        Ultraviolet, or UV, light is commonly used by physicians to treat skin diseases. Cedars-Sinai says UV-A phototherapy potentially could be employed in internal organs.


                        • Genius huh, ok mal whatever you smoke needs to be marketed to the mass public and quickly,


                          • Originally posted by HuffHall View Post
                            Remember this mal, only could happen with the Orange idiot in charge and his legion of merry idiots willing to believe anything

                            I saw that live and I couldn’t believe what I heard. And I said right then there’s no way to spin that. Well they spun it. By the way did you notice he was always shooting from the hip about easy cures for Covid until he went to Walter Reed and then he got treatment that nobody else can really get. He should’ve used all of his crackpot theories them.
                            Last edited by oldpioneer; 04-24-2021, 03:28 PM.
                            Always support your local wrestling tournament concession stands!!!


                            • Originally posted by oldpioneer View Post

                              I saw that live and I couldn’t believe what I heard. And I said right then there’s no way to spin that. Well they spun it. By the way did you notice he was always shooting from the hip about easy cures for Covid until he went to Walter Reed and then he got treatment that nobody else can really get. He should’ve used all of his crackpot theories them.
                              Did you watch the speaker that spoke immediately before Trump. If you did, then it should be obvious what he meant...he was looking at her as he said it...and if I remember correctly, he said it in the form of a question, not a statement. His words can be easy to spin, bit you had to spin his words to come to the conclusion that he said to "drink bleach".


                              • they were talking about is how long the virus can live on surfaces such as playgrounds. They found that sunlight and disinfected can kill it. But in the meeting he wasn’t listening that’s not one of his strong points. He did look at Dr. Burks. And I saw her face it reminded me of those commercials about irritable bowel syndrome when you gotta go but you’re just sitting there very uncomfortable.

                                But hey the next day he said he was just being sarcastic. It was a joke. Do you get it? Yeah me neither
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                                Always support your local wrestling tournament concession stands!!!