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Happy Holidays!

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  • Happy Holidays!

    During this, the most joyous time of year, I wish you all serenity now and a Happy New Year! In keeping with tradition, I am offering this advice for making the most of your holiday season:

    1. During the year, always save a few empty donut boxes, plastic cake and cookie holders, and candy boxes.

    2. Buy a couple of donuts the day before Christmas Eve.

    3. Make sure the coast is clear.

    4. Lay out all of the empty boxes and plastic items on your company's conference room or kitchen table.

    5. Put the two donuts in one of the empty donut boxes.

    6. Leave a note that reads, "Happy Holidays! Help yourself, but please leave some for the next person. -- The Trump Organization."

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    You, of course, will want to substitute your company name for "The Trump Organization," or simply sign the note, "The Boss."


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      For an even more realistic experience, pinch off some crumbs from one of the donuts and put those crumbs on an empty paper plate nearby. Also, use a knife to cut off some of the hardened cake goo left behind in one of the plastic cake holders and leave the hardened goo and the knife on another paper plate.



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        Happy holidays wrestling family members! Now some folks get their underwear in a bunch when you say happy holidays. I just say don’t all holidays matter? LOL
        Always support your local wrestling tournament concession stands!!!