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How many times were you told the same lie?...

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  • How many times were you told the same lie?...

    ...and you still believe the same media. Now that Mook has confirmed that Hillary was behind the Russia Hoax from the very beginning and the lap dog media ran with...the FBI and Muller investigated it...and it was all a Hillary fabrication....Why would you believe anything they say?

    The Same FBI Agents that Knew Hillary Was Behind Trump-Russia Lie Were Members of Mueller Team Who Neglected to Include this Important Fact

    By Joe Hoft
    Published May 24, 2022

    The FBI agents who knew Hillary was behind the Trump-Russia lie were the same agents on the Mueller team who neglected to include this important information in Mueller’s report.

    In one of the debates, Hillary Clinton made a big deal about her lie that candidate Trump was involved with Russia. She lied and we all knew it.

    A few days ago TGP asked why the Mueller and Weissmann gang never uncovered that Hillary was behind the Trump – Russia lie?

    The reason Hillary was never mentioned as being behind the Trump – Russia lie is because the Mueller gang didn’t want to report it. We know this because the same agents who knew Hillary was behind this crime were also members of the Mueller gang.

    Mueller was asked about this when he was brought in front of Congress. At this moment the Republicans on the committee were ready. Rep. Steve Chabot asked Mueller about this.

    The Conservative Treehouse shares:
    Robert Mueller was appointed to look into the Trump-Russia collusion accusations. How could the fact that Team Clinton created the Trump-Russia collusion hoax, not be part of the investigative purview? This question is specifically underlined by the fact, the same FBI officials who knew the Alfa-Bank material came from Clinton, were the same FBI officials on Robert Mueller’s team…

    …Peter Strzok would know because he had been investigating the Trump-Russia collusion hoax since early 2016. The Crossfire Hurricane investigation was triggered July 31, 2016, and by the time Michael Sussmann was selling the Alfa-Bank hoax the FBI was aware all of the material was coming from political opposition research and Fusion GPS.

    When Peter Strzok transferred into the Mueller investigation in May 2017, why didn’t Strzok tell Mr. Mueller and Andrew Weissmann there was “no there there,” and the material came from the Clinton campaign operatives?

    When you realize the same FBI investigators flowed through 2016 into the Mueller team in 2017, the questions are obvious. How could the origin of Trump-Russia hoax not be in the purview of the Special Counsel?

    They all knew Hillary was behind the Trump – Russia lie. We did too. Everyone knew. We also knew Mueller and his gang and the Democrats and RINOs were all lying and pretending they didn’t know.