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    Originally posted by MR TWISTER View Post
    Seems like more colleges need to recruit Illinois high schools a bit better...
    As much as there is an overlook of talent by scouts, there is an art and process to securing scholarships for high school athletes. There is a book I recommend, called "Athletes Wanted" by Chris Krause. I bet you can find it at the library, or online for about $10. He founded an organization called NCSA. They are focused on connecting athletes to college scholarships. Like anything, buyer beware on products and services they try to sell you. However, there is a ton of information for free that may be useful in helping better understand the recruitment process.


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      Maybe grades are good but maybe ACT scores need to be higher?


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        Great article on McMurtry. Now I'm rooting more for him than I already was. I hope he doesnt settle. I would recommend that he start being proactive and get some videos out to coaches where he sees a good fit. Even if he has to walk on somewhere he wants to go, If he is confident in his ability, he can earn scholarship money in the subsequent years. Beat out a recruit.

        Dont know what kind of connections the author of the article has, but he is one of the few national rankers. It cant hurt to contact him to see if he can put in a word with a coach that he wants to be seen by.