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    Interesting article.
    Stare into my eyes. Do I look dreamie to you?

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    That is an interesting article. Thank you for posting it. It would be amazing if he made a comeback at 40, but sounds like it's not going to happen. I also liked the photo. The wrestler in the front is Oak Park alum Peter Kowalczuk.


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      I am amazed that there is a weight limit for heavyweight at the Olympic Trials. - It is 264.5 lbs. I must be missing something. That is not even that big by NFL standards...are they trying to avoid a freak show aspect?

      Former Olympic gold medalist Rulon Gardner was also a contestant on Biggest Loser. However, he chose to quit for personal reasons. He is the 1st contest to not attend the finale, and the 1st to not have a follow up story...At first I was disappointed, but after looking into it, he went from 474 (at 6'1" tall) to 301 in 16 weeks. But if he would have gotten to 264 which he has to anyway to wrestle than he would have won biggest loser as well because that would be 254lbs, the winner lost 220 lbs. I didn't follow it that closely, I just knew he quit. The winner was a football coach, 2nd place was an ex-NFL player. - I could see him quitting though, he is on his 3rd marriage and has big enough experiences that he could walk away from a tv show.
      There are two guys in that zebra costume! Very funny...


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        Yes Rulon Gardner has had many experiences beyond winning gold medal in Olympics against the legendary russian Alexandr Karelin.

        Several years ago, Rulon was snowmobiling in wilderness Idaho, equipment failure and he's stranded in wilderness 100 miles from civilization and below zero night temps. Got frostbite, almost died, somehow hiked out and miraculously survived. They amputated his big toe from frostbite, I believe he said something about his survival was bigger accomplishment than the gold medal, he very nearly died out in the mountains.