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Tirapelle and Friedl move up Illini All-Time Win Leader Board

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  • Tirapelle and Friedl move up Illini All-Time Win Leader Board

    Tirapelle and Friedl move up Illini All-Time Win Leader Board

    I would like to tell you that I got this from the official Illinois wrestling web page. But this year whoever is responsible for that page has done an atrocious job. His previews are brief, his recaps simply regurgitate what one can get from a box score, the “statistics page” hasn’t been updated since November, and there have been no interesting articles (as there have been in the past). Also, in the past, the web page kept track of Matt Lackey, Brian Glynn, Mark Jayne, etc. as they moved up the all-time win leader board. This year, with Alex Tirapelle having a realistic shot to become the All-time winningest wrestler in Illinois history, this great story has not been mentioned since NOV 30th. Pathetic effort at communications. Just pathetic.

    Anyway, using the information from the Nov 30 report on the Illinois website , and the won-loss records from from the Las Vegas tournament on, I’ve listed the leader board for Illinois (to the best of my ability). Please note that both Alex and Pete competed in the Central Missouri Open (instead of the Missouri Open), and these wins (5 for Alex and 4 for Pete) were NOT included in the “official” tabulation on the Illinois website. I don’t know if this is truly official or simply an oversight by the monkey who ran the site this year. I have NOT included these wins in the tabulation below.

    Wrestler Wt. Wins
    1. Adam Tirapelle, 1997-2001 149 127
    John Lockhart, 1998-2002 Hwt 122

    3. Alex Tirapelle, 2003-present 157 121
    4. Ernest Benion, 1994-97 158 121
    Matt Lackey, 1999-2003 165 120
    6. Steve Marianetti, 1992-95 134/150 118

    7. Pete Friedl, 2002-present 174/184 116
    8. Brian Glynn, 2002-05 174/184 116
    9. Eric Siebert, 1994-98 150 112
    10. Jevon Herman, 1994-98 177 110
    Mark Jayne, 2002-05 133 108
    Pat Quirk, 1997-2001 197 107
    13. Jon Llewellyn, 1987-91 Hwt 106
    14. Kevin Puebla, 1975-80 126 105
    15. Griff Powell, 1998-2002 157 103
    Carl Perry, 1996-2000 126/141 98
    17. Nate Patrick, 1998-2001 184 96

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    The guy's name is Victor Cortez; don't know what his official title, his unofficial one could be "Sucking at Wrestling Information."

    That's a job I'd love to have, be the SID for Illini wrestling. Hmmm.....



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      The last few years the Illinois wrestling web page was really pretty good. It seemed as though the person did their homework and followed the Illini closely. This year has been really, really, really....bad.


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        New SID. We sadly lost our old one who was excellent. I believe she only does football now.