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div III rankings please?

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  • div III rankings please?

    Does anyone wanna take a stab at some Div III rankings this season?

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    yea would anyone care to take a stab...i know that not to many people care about D3 wrestling, but lets see someone go for it anyways


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      Not that we do not care ... just very difficult to find information to do it justice.


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        I'll try to whip up some in the next few days. I'm going to limit them to returning wrestlers, though, because it's tough to tell how freshmen and transfers will fit in, and I also have no idea who a lot of the schools brought in.


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          These aren't my rankings, but some from a very knowledgeable source as of a few weeks ago. Obviously weights and rosters can change.


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            Here are my top 10s at each weight. I do not include transfers and freshmen or take in account possible weight changes. Itís based primarily on last year, as well as strength of conferences. Thereís always a chance some of these guys didnít return to school. Iíve dropped a few wrestlers out because they donít appear on preseason rosters.
            1. Nate Hansen, Luther
            2. Felipe Querioz, Wilkes
            3. Brandon McDonough, Johnson & Wales
            4. Chris Heilman, Cornell
            5. Tom Gagan, Elmhurst
            6. Rob Vaccaro, Brockport
            7. Seth Flodeen, Augsburg
            8. Josh Proctor, Delaware Valley
            9. Steve Kingsland, Ursinus
            10. Ryan Gadsby, Cortland

            1. Jestin Huelegaard, Buena Vista
            2. David Morgan, Kingís
            3. Jafari Vanier, Augsburg
            4. John Sheets, Manchester
            5. Adam Johnson, North Central
            6. Zach McKray, Wartburg
            7. Jordan Kolinski, UW-La Crosse
            8. Sean Cullen, Lycoming
            9. Matthew Smith, Johnson & Wales
            10. Andew Gardella, Case Western Reserve

            1. Andrew Lacroix, Roger Williams
            2. Paul LeBlanc, Cortland
            3. Mike Gaeta, Springfield
            4. Timothy Bohlman, York
            5. Nick Sanchez, Heidelberg
            6. Eugene Kobilansky, NYU
            7. Matt Gorkos, Messiah
            8. Pat Flynn, Brockport
            9. Mike Conklin, Norwich
            10. Josh Hansen, Augsburg

            1. Matt Pyle, Luther
            2. Jake Larsen, UW-La Crosse
            3. Jacob Naig, Wartburg
            4. Jason Roush, Mt. St. Joseph
            5. Jared Evans, Augsburg
            6. Don Ooton, Brockport
            7. Lenny Goduto, The College of New Jersey
            8. Jason Brew, Olivet
            8. Ryan Higgins, UW-Platteville
            10. Dane LaPlante, Oswego

            1. Joe Pflug, Heidelberg
            2. Jeremy Anderson, Augsburg
            3. Ross Needham, UW-La Crosse
            4. Jacob Malone, St. Johnís
            5. Bobby Gingerich, North Central
            6. Shaheem Bradshaw, Brockport
            7. Elliott Spence, Mt. St. Joseph
            8. Daniel deLalla, Wesleyan
            9. Joseph Galante, The College of New Jersey
            10. Gino Russo, Baldwin-Wallace

            1. Steve Martell, Johnson & Wales
            2. Gerald Bowne, York
            3. Tim Maxworthy, Heidelberg
            4. Scott Dorn, UW-La Crosse
            5. Corey Murphy, Thiel
            6. Dave Early, Loras
            7. Don Williams, Brockport
            8. Derek Ricker, Messiah
            9. Kyle Vanderhyde, Olivet
            10. Brandon MacWhinnie, Stevens Tech.

            1. Stephon Sair, Cortland
            2. Josh Chelf, UW-La Crosse
            3. Robby Gotreau, Augsburg
            4. Jon Dolan, Williams
            5. Tim Miller, Ohio Northern
            6. Ryan Cooley, NYU
            7. John Fralick, Bridgewater State
            8. Jason Zastrow, North Central
            9. Andrew Winfield, McDaniel
            10. Jerome Owens, Johnson & Wales

            1. Jason Lulloff, UW-La Crosse
            2. Ryan Summers, John Carroll
            3. Terry Madden, Hunter
            4. Elliott Smith, Springfield
            5. Romeo Djoumessi, Wartburg
            6. Mike Schmidt, UW-Whitewater
            7. Ben Plowman, Ohio Northern
            8. Dan Jonhenry, Heidelberg
            9. Zack Weinrich, Roger Williams
            10. Will Clarke, Wabash

            1. Jim Swanson, UW-La Crosse
            2. Brandon Kelly, Wilkes
            3. T.J. Miller, Wartburg
            4. Dustin Doctor, North Central
            5. Matthew Chrzanarski, York
            6. Alec Bonander, Luther
            7. Wally OíConnor, Augsburg
            8. Matthew Loesch, Muhlenberg
            9. Nicholas Calandrino, Ithaca
            10. Ryan Fogliano, Heidelberg

            1. Blake Gillis, Wartburg
            2. Ward Brady, Elmhurst
            3. Trevor Hiffa, Oneonta
            4. John Miller, Luther
            5. Diego Crespo, Johnson & Wales
            6. Keith Sterly, Olivet
            7. Bryan Kmetz, Baldwin-Wallace
            8. Andrew Neumann, Augsburg
            9. Robert Gavlak, Case Western Reserve
            10. Jake Taylor, Oswego

            1. UW-La Crosse
            2. Augsburg
            3. Wartburg
            4. Luther
            5. Heidelberg
            6. Johnson & Wales
            7. Brockport
            8. North Central
            9. York
            10. Cortland