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Isaiah Martinez leaving Illinois for Oregon State

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  • Isaiah Martinez leaving Illinois for Oregon State

    Big blow for the Illini program:

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    Just heard about this. Good luck to Imar in Corvallis, he will surely be missed here


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      Good luck to Imar.My opinion Zane Richards should get that volunteer spot.


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        Best wishes to the ILLINI Legend!

        A great wrestler and a great leader and a funny and still serious guy. He is needed there. I checked and Oregon State had two wrestlers qualify for the NCAA tournament. One was a 12 seed, and the other was a 27 seed. Looks like OSU had every excuse to drop the program, but instead they went big. That's good for wrestling. So is the latest rage of cross-pollination. With Snyder, Cox, Gilman and IMAR and others moving around, we see the pollination of ideas and techniques that will make wrestling in America better.

        I still have concerns and so I've drafted a personal message to Coach Pendleton:

        Dear Coach,

        I had thought that Oregon was a fictional place, like Narnia or Kansas, but apparently it is real. Still, it sounds like a made-up name to me, but I wish you the best of luck in this rugged new American territory, and I would remind you that the IRTC sent IMAR to Russia for long training camps and sent him to wrestle in tournaments in Russia. That very precious ball is now in your court.

        Here are some of my favorite IMAR memes over the years:

        Threw in an Iowa meme because I'm a dirty wrestler.


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          I think this move makes sense, I assume there is not room in the budget for a third assistant coach at Illinois even in normal times and there are likely going to be cuts with the expected loss of at least some football revenue. If you look at west coast wrestling schools you have Stanford, Fresno State, Poly, Bakersfield, and Oregon State. I think I have only had the pleasure of driving through Corvallis but Oregon is a beautiful state. In the short term Olympic hopefuls are likely limited in where they can train anyway so might as well get a change of scenery to see what else is out there. Our loss for sure but happy for the champ.
          As for the new volunteer assistant sounds like that will be Piotrowski.