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Preview: The ILLINI vs. Stupid OSU and Stupid Wisconsin

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  • Preview: The ILLINI vs. Stupid OSU and Stupid Wisconsin


    Holy Tri-Meet, Batman, when have you ever been given an "Introduction" and a "Conclusion" in a sports preview? It's like you're sitting on a toilet reading a wrestling forum, but you're actually getting The New Yorker or the Hudson Review. That's why we're the best. Look for late-breaking reports about the ILLINI here, from your Accu-ILLINI News Team!

    This will be the first duals of the year for both Ohio State and Wisconsin: Advantage ILLINOIS. Additionally, the triangular will take place at Huff Hall: Advantage ILLINOIS. OSU and Wisky have some good film to show their wrestlers from the ILLINOIS/Indiana dual: Advantage Bad Guys. We’ll start with a look at Buckeye.

    WHAT: Triangular between the ILLINI, OSU and Wisconsin
    WHEN: Sunday, January 17, Start times TBD
    WHERE: Huff Hall. Big Ten rules state that no fans are allowed until further notice.
    WHY: Because we hate those guys. Where do they get off? What the Hell are they thinking? I simply despise Ohio State and Wisconsin. If you are a sensible man or woman, then you do too.


    Last year’s dual with Ohio State ended with a 6-28 drubbing, even though it started out really well as Justin Cardani and Travis Piotrowski secured wins. After that, it was a bit of a disaster. Gone from the Buckeye lineup are #1’s Luke Pletcher and Kollin Moore. The OSU team seemed bigger and stronger and more aggressive. The ILLINI are coming off a very impressive (and aggressive) performance against Indiana, and look to have a different mindset this season.

    Ohio State has won five in a row against the ILLINI. Before that, the teams split a pair of matches, and then before that, the ILLINI won at least five in a row against the Buckeyes. In the last ten, the ILLINI are 4-6.

    125. #35 JUSTIN CARDANI vs. #36 MALIK HEINSELMAN. Against Heinselman, we have another key match for Cardani for seeding and NCAA purposes. The Buckeye holds a 2-1 career advantage over Cardani. Two of the matches were close, but the last one during the Big Ten Championships was less close, with Heinselman coming away with a 4-0 victory.

    Cardani has the better ranking, and he’s been much better against common opponents (15-8 versus 13-11), so predicts a tight win for the ILLINI. The ILLINI will have to avoid Heinselman’s super duck, which he will try at least a couple of times during the match. They are both deft at jumping at the opponent’s right leg. A couple of factors that will favor the ILLINI include home cooking and the big confidence boost from beating #8 Brock Hudkins. It will remain to be seen how the scheduling will affect the teams. As the home team, the ILLINI will probably wrestle first and last. Wisconsin is listed first on the schedule. I would suspect the ILLINI go first against Wisky, then Wisky wrestles OSU, and then the ILLINI take on the Buckeyes. There should be an advantage for the home team.

    133. #34 LUCAS BYRD vs. #35 JORDAN DECATUR. The Buckeyes are a bit shorthanded at 133, so they might have to go with Jordan Decatur. I don’t know how he makes the weight this year, after seeming to have such weight-cutting and energy issues last season at the same weight. When faced with really good college wrestlers like Travis Piotrowski and Austin DeSanto, Decatur wilted pretty quickly. He looked sharp during the first period, then became a giant human-shaped medicine ball the rest of the match.

    Lucas Byrd is exactly the type of wrestler that Decatur doesn’t want to see in his first match of the season after making 133 pounds. I expect that Decatur will win the first period and then lose the next two. What could be a difference-maker is when the two get to wrestle. If Decatur gets hours to rehydrate, that could help him. On the other hand, Byrd has a coach who beat the Buckeye last year, while putting up 2:30 of riding time and a stall warning on him. Pio probably spent a minute of that riding time with an arm bar.

    This match will showcase two Ohio kids, and it can only help recruiting if the ILLINI comes out on top.

    141. #23 DYLAN DUNCAN vs. #71 DYLAN D’EMILIO. The Buckeyes had a public wrestle-off, and D’Emilio rode Anthony Echenmendia like he was the Mach 5, and D’Emilio was Speed Racer. The Buckeye is a four-time Ohio state champ in the small school division, a winner at Fargo, and a Cadet world team member. Last year, he was injured and finished with a 6-2 record. His two losses were to a non-D1 wrestler and the #63 guy. His wrestle-off win must have come as a bit of a surprise to Tom Ryan. Wrestlestat predicts a major for Duncan, but that’s likely because of the lack of matches for the Buckeye.

    The Ohio State kid was very aggressive in high school, while Dylan Duncan has been more laid back. This is a big step up in quality for D'Emilio, so we'll see if he can handle it.

    SIDE NOTE: An exhibition match between Danny Pucino and Anthony Echenmendia would be as interesting a match as you could get. Also, if Pucino rides him out, the Cuban will be afraid of Italians for the rest of his life.

    149. #19 MIKEY CARR vs. #4 SAMMY SASSO. This is going to be one of our marquee matchups of the day, as Mike Carr gets a stiff test from the fourth-ranked Buckeye. Sasso has the gaudy ranking, and he finished last season with a 24-3 record. Regarding common opponents, Carr is 5-0 while the OSU kid is 5-1. Sasso did seem to beat those opponents worse, for the most part, except for getting pinned by Brent Moore. Wrestlestat is calling for a decision against the ILLINI. This will be Mikey Carr’s first experience with a really good 149-pounder who’ll be dropping serious pounds to make weight.

    At the dual last year in Columbus, Sasso scored a 13-3 major over Mousa Jodeh. His five losses in college have come at the hands of Brent Moore, Pat Lugo, Brayton Lee, Jacori Teemer and Micah Jordan. Moore and Teemer were ranked in the twenties when they pulled off their upsets. In the just-released WIN rankings, Sasso is at #2, while Carr enters the rankings at #9.

    157. #134 JOHNNY MOLOGOUSIS vs. #30 ELIJAH CLEARY. After the first four matches of the dual, it is possible the ILLINI could be winning. To secure an upset in the dual, the Orange and Blue need Johnny Mologousis to shake off the ghost of Eric Barone and beat his Buckeye opponent. In the dual last year—a dual that I thought was the worst of the year for the ILLINI—Barone lost in a tie breaker against Cleary.

    Wrestlestat is predicting a 6-4 decision for the Ohio State kid, even with the great disparity in rankings. Cleary is a pretty big fellow, and this will be his first dual of the season, although he beat a freshman, three-time Utah state champ and Reno TOC winner by an 8-1 margin. I bring that up because of reported issues in the OSU lineup. The Utah kid, Isaac Wilcox, could get the start because Tom Ryan has decided to move up Cleary to 165 to replace the injured Carson Kharchla, who is supposedly out for the season because of an ACL issue. Moreover, Quinn Kinner is not enrolled at the school this semester.

    The Buckeyes have other options besides this, with one of them being pretty good on paper, so we’ll have to wait and see how this will be handled. Mologousis will now have a week to stabilize his weight, and he’s over the adrenaline rush of his first ILLINI start. What is left is for him to defeat the ghost of Eric Barone.

    165. #18 DANNY BRAUNAGEL vs. #20 JASHON HUBBARD. With the injury to Kharchla, one likely lineup could include four-time Ohio placewinner Jashon Hubbard filling in at 165. He has a very good ranking, although he’s only had three matches in a Buckeye singlet. He did beat some very good wrestlers in Michigan’s Cam Amine and NIU’s Izzak Olejnik. Hubbard transferred in from Notre Dame. Wrestlestat sees this as a tight win for Brawlnagel.

    Another option for Tom Ryan is having Ethan Smith drop down to 165, if that is still possible. I’m thinking there hasn’t been time for a proper descent given the recent injury to Kharchla. Also, Smith had some problems with weight control at 165 in the past. Or, Fritz Schierl could drop from 174 to snag the starting spot. He’s a senior depth guy, but he’s managed a very nice 71-29 career record in opens. He’s wrestled in three duals for OSU during his career.

    A lot of people were looking forward to the matchup between Brawlnagel and Kharchla, but they will still see a good match.

    174. #116 TREY SIZEMORE vs. #6 KALEB ROMERO. Whoever wrestles here for the ILLINI will be a decided underdog. is predicting a decision win for Romero against all of the ILLINI’s three-headed monster at 174. I put Sizemore in the headline since he got the first start against Indiana. However, D.J. Shannon did get an exhibition win against the Hoosiers, and he also gave Romero a tough match last year at the MSU Open, losing in the championship bout by the score of 2-4. In the dual last season, Romero beat Joey Gunther 6-3.

    The OSU kid doesn’t have a scintillating career record (42-14), but he seemed to really come on and get better over last season. The goals for the ILLINI here should be, in order, (1) try for the upset, and, if not, (2) don’t give up bonus points. In his dual win against Guns, Romero constantly pushed with his hands on the head and shoulders until he’d set up his patented blast double. You don’t want to stay in front of him, but keep moving to the side. A quick and well-timed slide-by might also work.

    184. #22 ZAC BRAUNAGEL vs. #14 ROCKY JORDAN. This is a revenge match for the Brawlnagel. He lost at the dual last year by the score of 4-6, with time running out as he was attempting to secure the tying takedown. I remember feeling the whole time that Brawlnagel had this guy, but he eventually just ran out of clock.

    Before the season started, I expected Jordan to move up to 197, but that wrestle-off was between Gavin Hoffman and Chase Singletary. The Buckeye will have to keep his weight in control to have enough engine to power through three periods with Brawny.

    Rocky Jordan had the home-cooking last year. Now, Zac Braunagel (still called Zach at for some reason) will get to sleep in his own bed and not eat his own food.

    197. #48 MATT WROBLEWSKI vs. #47 GAVIN HOFFMAN. The scuttlebutt on the various forums is that the best laid plan of Tom Ryan was for Chase Singletary to win the spot at 197, but that was not to be. During the wrestle-off, Hoffman beat him 4-2 in overtime.

    Hoffman was a heralded recruit with three Pennsylvania state championships and a Cadet world bronze, who has had quite a strange journey while at OSU. During his redshirt freshman year last season, he went from 184 to heavyweight. Now, he’s come down about half way. That journey included a two-point win over Cornell’s #3 Ben Darmstadt at 184, then the move up to heavyweight where he won sixteen of nineteen matches. Overall, he has a 53-14 career record. He has never wrestled at 197.

    If #16 Singeltary gets the start, wrestlestat predicts a major decision win for the Buckeye. They give Hoffman a one-point victory. If the ILLINI hope to get a big upset against Ohio State, they’ll need Wrobocop to limit the damage.

    285. #34 LUUUUKE LUFFMAN vs. #7 TATE ORNDORFF. Orndorff won his wrestle-off with Gas Tank Gary Traub by the lethargic score of 2-0. At last year’s dual with the ILLINI, Traub used his motor and experience to take an 11-4 decision. As we saw in the Indiana dual, Luke Luffman has changed his body, adding muscle, and looked stronger. He still showed an amazing engine to go with a more aggressive attitude.

    Orndorff is a portly fellow. In his most recent Greco matches, he had a pronounced belly and love handles. That didn’t stop him from earning the #8 seed at last season’s NCAA Tournament. He also compiled a 59-19 career record during his three years at Utah Valley, which included a Round of 16 as a redshirt freshman.

    Like Luffman, Orndorff has a lot of Greco experience. Unlike Luffman, he doesn’t appear comfortable standing in front of another wrestler unless he is working for a tie. I’ve seen him favor the underhooks and use a Russian. He will push forward using his weight advantage. Orndorff had a lot of quality wins while at Utah Valley, including wins over Josh Hokit, Tanner Hall, Jordan Wood, Nebraska’s David Jensen and Gannon Gremmel. He’s lost two matches with Trent Hilger, but took the Badger to extra time both occasions.


    Although the Ohio State team will be heavily favored, I could see a 5-5 split in matches happening, with the outcome determined by bonus points. I have the Orange and Blue favored, in my mind, in five matches. One of those is Zac Brawlnagel versus Rocky Jordan, so I might only have company in the Braunagel household and the ILLINI coaching staff with that opinion, but I still think he gets his revenge. The thing is, the ILLINI will be slight favorites in all those matches, whereas the Buckeyes will be more heavily favored in theirs.
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    Thanks for the preview Chief. Looking forward to the other one, to me though it will be hard to top this sentence: “Orndorff is a portly fellow.”


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      "Thanks for the preview Chief. Looking forward to the other one, to me though it will be hard to top this sentence: 'Orndorff is a portly fellow.'”
      As a Seinfeld aficionado yourself, I'm sure you recognized that particular reference from the episode entitled, The Secret Code. Kramer, in a scene reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes, attempts to deduce George Costanza's bank pin number. One of the clues is that George is "a portly fellow." Cheers!

      GO ILLINI!!!


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        And fittingly one of the newest Illini is also named Bosco.


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          The other match on Sunday will feature the Wisconsin Badgers. In the NWCA Coaches’ Poll, the ILLINI come in at #24, while Wisconsin sits at #21. This poll is supposed to be based upon a team’s dual strength. Ohio State is up at #7. There should be changes in that poll after the dual with Wisconsin. also sees things differently, predicting a 23-10 win for the #21 ILLINI versus #35 Wisconsin. Because of Covid, and this being the first dual of the season for Wisky, the shape and motor of the Badgers is unknown, but I expect Chris Bono is working them pretty hard.

          Finally, these are lineup approximations below; rankings from


          125. #35 JUSTIN CARDANI vs. #40 ERIC BARNETT. After beating the #8 wrestler in the country on his home mat, the Cardanalorian has moved up, wait a second, let me check that again … well, he’s moved up zero places in the wrestlestat rankings. That service does predict an ILLINI decision victory, as Cardani has the better ranking and the better transitive record, 11-8 versus the same opponents that Barnett finished 6-6 against.

          Barnett was highly ranked out of high school, coming in as the second- and third-ranked 126-pounder by Flo and Intermat, respectively. He was tossed into the Badger lineup as a true freshman and responded with a 21-11 record (15-11 against D1). The Badger is pretty big for the weight and must be cutting some pounds. Here you see him jump out to an 8-1 first period lead over Purdue’s highly-ranked Devin Schroeder, but kind of slow down the rest of the match. He did show a lot of good funk and a long-armed cradle.

          The Wisconsin kid’s best win last year was against #24 Christian Moody of Oklahoma. If the triangular starts off with Cardani and Barnett, that would inure to the benefit of the ILLINI.

          133. #34 LUCAS BYRD vs. #89 KYLE BURWICK. The Badger is a redshirt freshman who didn’t start last year, so his ranking is a bit deceiving. He was a five-time state champ in North Dakota, and he won some Fargo medals. He was ranked first and sixth in the recruiting class at 126 by Intermat and Flo, respectively.

          Burwick’s record was 16-6, 4-3 against D1. He did beat Minnesota’s Boo Dryden and gave Michael McGee (Plainfield East) from Old Dominion a decent 4-9 bout. He also lost to the #61 and #99 wrestlers. If he’s been taking in more Old Milwaukee and less wind sprints, he could be in for a rough day. I see this match as straddling the line for a major decision prediction.

          141. #18 DYLAN DUNCAN vs. #190 TREY ESCOBAR. This is another redshirt freshman with a deceiving ranking, but not a lot to go on from his 5-1 record last year (1-1 against D1). His one loss was an injury forfeit. His D1 win was by a slim 5-3 margin against the #195 wrestler. He was an Arizona state champ in high school, won a Junior National freestyle championship and was ranked #6 at 132 by Flo as a Senior. Still, Dylan Duncan should be thinking major here. Or, more.

          149. #18 MIKE CARR vs. #101 DANIEL STILLING. This could get ugly. The ranking for Daniel Stilling may end up being accurate. He placed multiple times at the Wisconsin high school championships, and he’s another redshirt freshman. The Badger compiled a 15-10 record (3-8 against D1) last season. He did keep Jarrett Degen to a regular decision and Brock Mauller to a major. His major selling point is that he has wrestled at 149. That'll give Carr some practice working with a big body.

          157. #127 JOHNNY MOLOGOUSIS vs. #49 GARRETT MODEL. With his major decision win last week, Mologousis’ ranking went from #134 to this week’s #127. He has a great chance to help himself out this weekend, as he has Elijah Cleary and Wisconsin’s Model. The ILLINI will need to be in great shape, as the Badger will be able to wrestle hard for three periods. This will be Model’s third year in the starting lineup with a cumulative record of 34-41. The best win he has ever had was against then-#44 Elijah Cleary in the Big Ten Championships last season. At that same meet, he lost to Eric Barone by a 3-6 count. At the Midlands, the ILLINI beat him 4-1.

          165. #20 DANNY BRAUNAGEL vs. #114 JOSH OTTO. This is still another of Chris Bono’s redshirt freshmen. It will be a brutal introduction to the starting lineup for the Badger. He finished 15-6 last year, but 2-5 against D1 grapplers. He beat guys ranked #254 and #160, but lost to folks ranked #132 (x2), #62 and #98. Look for at least a major from Brawny.


          174. DAVID RIOJAS, TREY SIZEMORE, D.J. SHANNON vs. #51 JARED KRATTIGER. This is a good spot to get that first win at 174 for the ILLINI this season. It is the second year in the starting lineup for Krattiger, who posted a 9-17 record last season. He got decision wins against #44 Tyler Morland of Northwestern and #64 Phillip Spadafora of Maryland. Joey “Guns” Gunther wrestled him twice and came away with two narrow decisions (3-2 at Midlands; 2-1 TB2 at the BTT).

          184. #21 ZAC BRAUNAGEL vs. #12 CHRIS WEILER. Here’s another of your marquee matchups on the day. Chris Weiler is the East Coast third twin of the Brawlnagels. He has a gritty style. Gives up his legs a lot, but works his funk. The former Lehigh wrestler rides super high, often looking for a cradle. On the bottom, he loves the switch, and he’ll granby.

          Weiler made it to the Round of Twelve as a redshirt freshman. He must have been injured the next year, as he didn’t compete at the NCAAs. He was a national qualifier last season. The match with Brawny will be a slugfest. Both guys will put out maximum effort, so they will tire. The last thirty seconds of the match might look like the second thirty seconds of a barroom brawl.

          197. #51 MATT WROBLEWSKI vs. #78 PETER CHRISTENSEN. I think the disparity in rankings is due to the fact that Christensen was only a part-time starter. Wisconsin’s Taylor Watkins beat him 5-1 at something called the Cougar Clash to win the spot. Like Weiler and Brawlnagel, Christensen and Wroblewski could be twins. They’re both dark-haired, tall and lanky, which is a change from the much bulkier, muscled kid who wrestled for Montini Catholic.

          This is a great opportunity for Wrobocop to start the season 2-0, 3-0 if he can upset Gavin Hoffman. Christensen has one go-to move, and that’s a dive or a slap at his opponent’s left leg. The Badger leads with his right leg, so it cuts down the distance. Christensen won two ILLINOIS state championships and had Fargo success. He didn’t go to the Big Ten tournament, but he did wrestle some conference duals last year going 0-2. His overall record stands at 8-9. This is another good match for ILLINI recruiting, as well as Wrobocop’s post-season chances.

          285. #33 LUKE LUFFMAN vs. #6 TRENT HILGER. This will be the third year in the starting lineup for the Badger. It is also our final highlight match. Hilger will be a heavy favorite, but this is a great opportunity for Luffman to show his growth. The Badger is a 2x NCAA qualifier; he won 8th place as a redshirt freshman. Besides the sweet ranking, the Wisconsin kid has beaten common opponents at an 18-3 clip, while the ILLINI big is 5-9. In their meeting last season, Hilger came away with the 4-0 win.

          Hilger is a heavyweight you need to stay low against, as he’ll shoot a single leg on his knee, or shoot a double leg on both knees. He especially likes to dive at the left ankle of his opponent. So, Luuuuke will need to be in a Greco tie or down low. Anything in between is gonna be trouble. In this match against Christian Lance of Nebraska, the Badger dove at the left ankle at least ten times.


          The ILLINI have a good shot to win this dual against Wisky. The Badgers are re-loading with a bunch of untested redshirt freshman, so this is the perfect time to get the W. For many of the Bucky wrestlers, it will be their first varsity start in a Badger singlet. The ILLINI will spoil the occasion. Keys to the dual include Cardani versus Barnett, the matchup at 174, Brawlnagel against Weiler and the heavyweights. Even if Wisky manages to win five matches, the ILLINI should have enough bonus to take the dual.


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            I probably should mention that the coaches in the poll might be remembering Wisconsin from last year, the team comprised of transfers Seth Gross, Johnny Sebastian and Tristan Moran, as well as another senior Cole Martin and redshirt junior Evan Wick. They're all gone, except that Gross is on the staff as a volunteer coach. Also, Wick is not enrolled so that he can train for the Olympics in sunny California. Finally, this:

            And this is good to keep in mind during a dual with the Badgers:



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              Stupid OSU? Stupid Wisconsin?? First of all Chief, OSU is a 10-100 times better program than you guys are throwing forward.. (Did you mean oklahoma state or Oregon state? Because both of them have a better wrestling following than you)....

              who won? Oklahoma? In all honesty, I dont know, because the BIG 10 is Iowa, Nebraska, and Michigan this year... Me, Im ALL Big 12 and ASU!

              #GoWyo & Vito Out


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                Has there been any information on the order and timing of these tri-meets released? The Illinois website still lists both matches as happening at 11.


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                  Has there been any information on the order and timing of these tri-meets released?

                  I just checked the schedules for all three schools and BTN+ for additional information. None was available. However, it is breaking news that the meet will be streamed on BTN+, which is good news for me.

                  On a tangent, one of the schools used the "TBA" acronym instead of what I hope is the more accurate "TBD" designation. This may be too deep in the weeds, but I fervently believe that if the time hasn't been "determined" yet, then you should go with TBD.

                  If you already know when the event is to be scheduled (i.e. it has been determined), and then you use the "To Be Announced" phrase, then you're just being a hateful jackass. Is it a secret? Then just announce it already!

                  I hope the ILLINI go first against one of the two other teams. I was thinking Wisconsin would be best, to give Cardani every advantage over the bigger Barnett.

                  However, I've changed my mind.

                  I would like to see the ILLINI versus OSU first, as I think the outcome of the Wisconsin dual is much more likely to favor the ILLINI. Thus, if you start with the Buckeyes, then you have a Jordan Decatur at zero ergs versus a fully-powered and operational Death Star (Lucas Byrd).

                  It might also be relevant which dual comes second, as well as the relative strengths of their conference slates. For example, I believe that Byrd has a slightly easier path against scheduled conference foes compared to Cardani.

                  GO ILLINI!!!


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                    BREAKING NEWS: The latest information about the triangular is out, and it's pretty cool. I love how the ILLINI and the IRTC look to innovate and make things different and better. There was the "Rumble on the Rooftop" that brought wrestling back safely, then there was their decision to allow the Brawlnagels to wrestle, even though they are fearsome and dangerous creatures. Now, the ILLINI have turned the tri-meet format on its head:

                    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. – No. 22 Illinois wrestling hosts a tri meet with No. 8 Ohio State and Wisconsin at State Farm Center on Sunday at 11 a.m. The meet will run as a round-robin style with two separate mats set up and matches taking place on both mats simultaneously. Streaming will be available through BTN+ with live streams for each mat. The Illini look to build off their 1-0 start to the season following a dominant 39-3 victory at Indiana last Sunday.
                    I thought they were moving to the Assembly Hall because that would give the other teams and officials more Covid safety room. Instead, they tricked me! They're moving the matches to be able to roll out two mats and run a round-robin-type meet. Sweet!

                    STREAMING: BTN+ will be running two cameras at once, with one on each mat. There will be no fans at Assembly Hall, which will be weird, but I think cool as well. I will be signing up for BTN+ for this. Here are the camera assignments:
                    MAT 1: BTN+ MAT2: BTN+

                    LINEUP CHANGES: There appears to be no changes to the ILLINI lineup except that both Trey Sizemore and DJ Shannon are listed at 174. There was one lineup change for the Buckeyes, as Tom Ryan has Ethan Smith dropping down from 174 to wrestle at 165. He had weight-cutting issues in the past, and this was a pretty quick descent, so that should benefit Danny Brawlnagel.

                    Wisconsin has listed a bunch of "ors" as possible wrestlers. As usual, if the ILLINI get any of these ors, that will make the task ahead of them that much easier. The Badgers also made one complete lineup swap. Instead of having Peter Christensen at 197, they have him as the "or" at heavyweight. They have a new face wrestling for them at 197, so I'm going to do a brief preview of that match:

                    197. #51 MATT WROBLEWSKI vs. #226 ANDREW SALEMME. As you can see in the body of the Preview above, Christensen was ranked #79, much better than Andrew Salemme. This should mean an easier match for Wrobocop, right? Well, that's right. The Badger is his third year on the team, and he wrestled at 197 his first year, even starting in some duals, but unfortunately for Bucky, he went 0-12 against D1 wrestlers that year and got pinned a lot. Last season, he wrestled heavyweight and only in open tournaments. His record was 12-5, but against D1 grapplers, he was only 1-1.

                    That puts his career record against D1 wrestlers at 1-13. The lone win came against the #219 wrestler last season. predicts a six-point victory for Wrobocop against Salemme, but I think he'll do better than that.

                    FINALLY, A LOGO.
                    A LOGO?
                    YES, A LOGO!



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                      The ILLINI are currently leading both OSU and Wisconsin 12-3. Great start!

                      Luffman with the huge upset, Brawlnagel got this revenge against Rocky Jordan, Wrobocop with the big win against Gavin Hoffman. Danny Brawlnagel wore out Ethan Smith, and Cardani with the big win over Eric Barnett.

                      GO ILLINI!!!


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                        Great win by Luffman and a hell of a ride by Byrd on Decatur. Any word on Duncan?


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                          DANNY ******* PUCINO!

                          No word on Duncan. Cardani was one squid flop move away from beating Heinselman, but the Buckeye came out on top.

                          GO ILLINI!!!


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                            FINAL SCORE: ILLINI 18, Ohio State 15


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                              Originally posted by Vito View Post
                              Stupid OSU? Stupid Wisconsin?? First of all Chief, OSU is a 10-100 times better program than you guys are throwing forward.. (Did you mean oklahoma state or Oregon state? Because both of them have a better wrestling following than you)....

                              who won? Oklahoma? In all honesty, I dont know, because the BIG 10 is Iowa, Nebraska, and Michigan this year... Me, Im ALL Big 12 and ASU!

                              #GoWyo & Vito Out
                              This didn't age well