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  • IMAR coming home

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    Perfect staff. This couldn't be better for the ILLINI. I'm very happy about this! Cheers!


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      From the ILLINI Wrestling Blog and Forum and Beyond:



      From top to bottom and from side to side, I cannot imagine a better coaching staff at the University of ILLINOIS. This magic fairy tale that started with the hiring of Mike Poeta as head coach has just gotten better.

      I didn't think that I could be surprised.

      Then, there was the announcement that Isaiah Martinez would be coming home.

      The staff now consists of ILLINOIS and ILLINI legend Mike Poeta, then there's of one of the best folkstyle wrestlers to ever don a singlet (and a proven MMA fighter) in Ed Ruth; additionally, throw in an established builder of All Americans and National Champions in Jeremy Hunter and ILLINOIS folkstyle, freestyle and greco legend Bryan Medlin heading the IRTC. Now, IMAR, the most decorated wrestler in ILLINI history. On top of all that, there's All American Travis Piotrowski helping out as an assistant in the room.

      And they are all great people!


      Congratulations to IMAR, his family, Coach Poeta and the rest of the ILLINI coaching staff! This is an absolute dream come true, an end of the beginning for the ILLINI Wrestling fairy tale.


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        A little more from the ILLINI Wrestling Blog and Forum and Beyond story:


        Whether you're a little fellow, a big fatty or somewhere in between there's something for recruits at ILLINOIS. If you want to practice in the off-season overseas with the best, there's the IRTC. Need tips on becoming an MMA fighter? Ed Ruth.

        Want to hone your fast-twitch skills? Coach Poeta. Perhaps you'd like to wrestle some Funky Town? Jeremy Hunter. Power wrestling? IMAR!

        Then, there are the financial incentives. The University of ILLINOIS has a NIL Coordinator, which is brand new across the country. Additionally, there's a very wrestling-friendly Athletic Director in Josh Whitman who's made sure you get to wrestle at the Assembly Hall, and who's instituted a program that can pay you over $5,000.00 each year that you make progress towards a degree.



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          Fantastic development for the Illini. Anyone have an idea how this happened? I was concerned when Imar initially left for Oregon State to be an assistant there. Apparently he's back in the same role for Illinois. What happened in the interim?


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            I can't say for sure why he left but Imar and Oregon State coach Pendleton have a long history together, as they are from the same small home town in California. This really is a great pickup and is a perfect complement to the other guys in staff in terms of size and styles.


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              IMAR is going to do an ILLINI LEGENDS interview. This should be good, folks!