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Preview of ILLINI versus Nerdwestern

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  • Preview of ILLINI versus Nerdwestern

    The full preview can be ogled at the ILLINI Wrestling Blog and Forum and Beyond.



    It was Sunday, January 7, 2018.

    The number one song on the Billboard charts in the United States and the United Kingdom was Perfect by Ed Sheeran. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle ($10,663,927) beat out the number two at the box office that day, Star Wars: Episode VIII -- The Last Jedi ($6,806,626). Your kid brother had to wait nine more days for the release of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, and it was killing him.

    A Winter Weather Advisory of freezing rain south of Interstate 80 almost doomed the biggest event of the day, a wrestling match between the University of ILLINOIS and Northwestern. Instead, it just meant that a heartbroken Northwestern team would have to travel back to Evanston in dreary and dangerous conditions.

    You see, the Wildcats could almost taste victory.

    Their hammers, Sebastian Rivera, Ryan Deakin and Johnny Sebastian had built a 17-15 lead for their team with only the heavyweight match remaining. They had their #19-ranked fatty ready to go, and he was sure to win!

    Then, with only seconds left in that match, THE DEUCE WENT ON THE LOOSE! He used an arm throw of all things to take down his Wildcat foe and win 3-2, giving the ILLINI a wonderfully satisfying come-from-behind victory over the nerd empire. Jump to 7:35 of this video:


    Here's how that dual looked in a box score:

    #12 Illinois 18, Northwestern 17

    125: #12 Sebastian Rivera (NU) dec. Travis Piotrowski (ILL), 9-3 ILL 0, NU 3
    133: Colin Valdiviez (NU) dec. #20 Dylan Duncan (ILL), 12-6 ILL 0, NU 6
    141: Mike Carr (ILL) dec. Alec McKenna (NU), 3-2 ILL 3, NU 6
    149: #9 Ryan Deakin (NU) major dec. Eric Barone (ILL), 12-0 ILL 3, NU 10
    157: #13 Kyle Langenderfer (ILL) dec. Shayne Oster (NU), 6-4 ILL 6, NU 10
    165: #2 Isaiah Martinez (ILL) fall Michael Sepke (NU), 2:33 ILL 12, NU 10
    174: Johnny Sebastian (NU) dec. David Riojas (ILL), 16-8 ILL 12, NU 14
    184: #12 Emery Parker (ILL) dec. Mitch Sliga (NU), 8-3 ILL 15, NU 14
    197: Regis Durbin (NU) dec. Andre Lee (ILL), 4-3 ILL 15, NU 17
    HWT: Deuce Rachal (ILL) dec. #19 Conan Jennings (NU), 3-2 ILL 18, NU 17


    The ILLINI are 4-3 in duals having started out with a win over Buffalo (28-9), a loss to NC State (12-27, a win over Chattanooga (32-9), followed by a loss to Pitt (6-30), after a very nice Midlands, the ILLINI lost to #2 Iowa (19-25) and beat #13 Wisconsin (18-17). Finally, two nights ago, the ILLINI beat Purdue 31-9, a total team flex.

    Northwestern is 2-2 on the season. They started the year with a 20-13 win over Virginia. After the holiday season, the Wildcats beat Minnesota 18-11, then lost to Iowa 9-27. Yesterday, the Mildcats lost to Nebraska 15-22.

    Since Iowa is a common and recent opponent, let's look at that box score:

    #2 Iowa 27, #11 Northwestern 9

    133: No. 11 Chris Cannon (NW) over Cullan Schriever (IOWA) (Dec 4-1)
    141: No. 2 Real Woods (IOWA) over No. 10 Frankie Tal-Shahar (NW) (Tech Fall 17-2)
    149: No. 4 Yahya Thomas (NW) over No. 8 Max Murin (IOWA) (Dec 3-2)
    157: No. 17 Cobe Siebrecht (IOWA) over No. 9 Trevor Chumbley (NW) (Dec 6-3)
    165: No. 10 Patrick Kennedy (IOWA) over HM Maxx Mayfield (NW) (Dec 4-2)
    174: No. 17 Nelson Brands (IOWA) over Ankhaa Enkhmandakh (NW) (Dec 8-2)
    184: No. 8 Abe Assad (IOWA) over Evan Bates (NW) (MD 10-2)
    197: HM Andrew Davison (NW) over Zach Glazier (IOWA) (Dec 7-6)
    285: No. 3 Tony Cassioppi (IOWA) over No. 4 Lucas Davison (NW) (Dec 3-2)
    125: No. 1 Spencer Lee (IOWA) over No. 4 Michael DeAugustino (NW) (Fall, 2:01)

    and so on....

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    There's a preview of Sunday's Maryland dual up at the ILLINI Wrestling Blog and Forum and Beyond. SAMPLE: Did you know that a Terrapin is a small edible turtle found on the East Coast?

    LOL! Their mascot is food.

    Most importantly, be advised that BTN+ is now covering the Maryland dual on Sunday. They just added it to their event calendar. Was this change on account of ILLINI Wrestling fans politicking on Twitter? Or, did the Coaches make some calls? Who knows, but I'm delighted.


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      How Do YOU Score This?


      First, let me note for the record that I am the biggest homer around. The ILLINI are always right. You, who are not ILLINI, are always wrong. That's a true fact.

      Second, the broadcasters of the ILLINI/NW dual were fooled. One of the broadcasters is a Northwestern wrestler on their team. The ref actually awarded four back points to DeAugustino. This came at a crucial time in the dual--the last match-- with the ILLINI winning. DeAugustino would go on to get a major decision and tie up the final score at 17-17.

      Third, it appears that Maximo Renteria pushed off with his feet to put DeAugustino in danger.

      Fourth, it appears that Maximo then reached back with one, then both, hands to elevate DeAugustino's head. This served to move the Wildcat's shoulder blades onto the mat.

      Fifth, DeAugustino's shoulder blades were flat on the mat for more than the requisite time for a pinfall. Maybe two.

      Sixth, I don't believe that Maximo's shoulder was ever on the mat!

      Finally, I realize a defensive fall call in the other team's gym is a long shot. But, I also know the refs have really emphasized the danger rule. If not a fall, then didn't Maximo put DeAugustino in danger? I thought the ref was very fair the entire match, but he got this call wrong. What do you think?


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        "Sixth, I don't believe that Maximo's shoulder was ever on the mat!"

        You clearly don't know the rules of wrestling, that is not the definition of exposure.


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          I would like to point out Chief Illini that all these boards are super inactive. Did you scare everyone away?


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            Originally posted by miketamillow View Post
            "Sixth, I don't believe that Maximo's shoulder was ever on the mat!"

            You clearly don't know the rules of wrestling, that is not the definition of exposure.
            Yes, I got that wrong. Stipulated.

            Now, talk to your Wildcat dudes in the BTN+ announcer's booth. I haven't wrestled in college for decades. One of those bros is on your bloody team right now! It was still a pin. Probably three.