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  • Preview of ILLINI/Gophers

    WHO: Minnesota Golden Gophers

    WHAT: Dual

    WHERE: 1925 University Ave SE, Maturi Pavilion, Minneapolis, Minnesota

    WHEN: Saturday, January 28 at 1:00 pm (Central)

    WHY: Destroy the Gophers!


    TICKETS: $10 Youth, $10 Senior, $15 Public


    It is Friday, February 12, 2016.

    The Billboard charts are full of unpleasant music. For example, Justin Bieber holds the numbers one and two spots with his hits, Love Yourself and Sorry. At the movies, your day is much better because Deadpool opens in 3,558 theaters and makes an incredible $47,335,592 that night. Assassin's Creed: Chronicles was released three days ago, and your kid brother has been playing it for the last 72 hours straight.

    The people having the best time, though, are at Huff Hall for the ILLINI dual with Minnesota. It's Senior Night, and befittingly, Senior Jeff Koepke seals a dual win for the good guys. Other winners for ILLINOIS include Francis Edelen, Zane Richards (tech), IMAR (major), and Steven Rodrigues (major). This was how that dual looks on paper:

    #12 Illinois 19, #16 Minnesota 16 (Full Play-By-Play:

    197: #3 Brett Pfarr (MINN) dec. Emery Parker (ILL), 10-5 | 0-3

    HWT: #10 Michael Kroells (MINN) major dec. #20 Brooks Black (ILL),8-0 | 0-7

    125: Francis Edelen (ILL) dec. Skyler Petry (MINN), 3-2 | 3-7

    133: #2 Zane Richards (ILL) tech fall Sam Brancale, 17-2 (MINN) | 8-7

    141: #9 Tommy Thorn dec. Mousa Jodeh (ILL), 6-2 | 8-10

    149: #14 Jake Short dec. Kyle Langenderfer (ILL), 8-3 | 8-13

    157: #2 Isaiah Martinez (ILL) major dec. Brandon Kingsley (MINN), 15-6 |12-13

    165: #4 Steven Rodrigues (ILL) major dec. Brandon Krone (MINN),21-8 |16-13

    174: Nick Wanzek (MINN) dec. #2 Zac Brunson (ILL), 13-10 | 16-16

    184: #15 Jeff Koepke (ILL) dec. Chris Pfarr (MINN), 8-4 | 19-16


    The dual is scheduled for 1pm (Central) on BTN. It is the only wrestling match scheduled for Saturday, so you can expect to see and hear from the network's dream team of Gibbons and Johnson, as Sparks may be in the studio whipping up some content.

    The important news is that there's a stupid and completely inconsequential basketball game between Northwestern and Minnesota scheduled at 11am (Central), right before the dual. Choose your TIVO options wisely.


    You can find the rest of this award-winning preview at the ILLINI Wrestling Blog and Forum and Beyond.

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    Horrible, horrible performance by the Illini except for Byrd, Carr and big Brawny. Totally dominated in the first period, and Minnesota kicked our *** overall. Really disappointed in Ruth's lack of aggressiveness. Cardani is apparently over rated. Connell did nothing, and neither did Wrobleski (in a loss to a guy he beat last year). Just bad.