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  • IRTC Spring Update

    Spring has officially sprung and with it the IRTC is ramping up for its push toward the US Opens and UWW Junior Nationals at the end of April. The late winter was an exciting time for us with the addition of national champion wrestlers Jesse Delgado and Nick Carr as well as our Russian excursion to Vladikavkaz. We look to keep this momentum as we head into the U.S. competition schedule with a full head of steam.

    On deck for this weekend is our first training camp of the spring - March 24th and 25th. It is going to be a great event with tons of midwestern talent and iron sharpening iron in a great environment. The very next week we will be heading to the NYAC Tournament with one of our senior athletes, Zane Richards. With Zane down at 57 KG (125.7) for the first time and being completely healthy our expectations couldnít be higher. However it turns out, we know he is 100% ready to give it everything he has and represent his state with pride just like he has done for the past decade and a half. Right after the NYAC Tournament, we will be heading to the World Cup with Isaiah Martinez. The World Cup is going to be the perfect experience to use as a springboard into Isaiah's professional freestyle career and he is extremely honored to represent the red, white, and blue. ​

    With the NCAA season wrapping up I wanted to touch on a couple topics. First if you hadnít noticed there was an overwhelming amount of NCAA finalist that competed internationally during their developmental years. 8 of the 10 weights were won by former, or current, USA Wrestling world team members. I typically try to think abstractly about results but this was an overwhelming correlation. If your dreams involve wrestling on a Saturday night in mid-March then I would put these two pieces of data together. Spring and summer are a great time to build wrestling skill without the same type of pressure that typically occurs during the collegiate season. Although, it isnít as simple as putting on a red or blue singlet and you mysteriously turn into Kyle Snyder. You have to make sure that you are not falling into the same traps that might have stifled your potential growth during the season. While we all like feedback to let us know we are on the right path, I think it is important to have periods of time when you focus solely on getting better in the positions and places that you feel need to improve without the pressure of validating your time by proving you can beat someone . As a high school coach I found that for whatever reason, kids smiled more during the spring and summer and by smiling they opened their neuro-pathways in an optimal manner to promote change and growth. (Disclaimer: I made that last part up but they do smile more and get better faster.)

    Finally I just wanted to express our deepest appreciation for Isaiah Martinez and what he has done and has meant to our program. While he has enormous success under the lights, his biggest successes come when when no one is looking. He is constantly thinking of wrestling at an extremely high level while trying to push his limits physically and mentally along the way. He has never accepted anything but his best and has made no excuses for his shortcomings while growing emotionally from each blow he has been dealt. I feel blessed to be around him. Not just because of the enormous success he has on the mat, but because of the person that he is and the impact he has made on those outside the circle. ​

    As always, I want to thank the sponsors of the Illinois Regional Training Center. Without your generous support, our Illinois Wrestlers would never have been afforded the opportunity to chase their dreams of being the best in the world. If you havenít done so, I strongly urge you to join this great organization to help give Illinois most promising wrestlers the best chance to succeed on the world and Olympic Level.

    Until next time,

    Coach Medlin

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