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    With the fantastic showing for the Illinois Fargo Junior team -- including four finalists along with seven additional AA's -- they seem headed for what Illinois has come to expect from its national teams.

    Sadly, they are quite indicative of the Ghost of Illinois Wrestling Past and harken us back to a now-ending era of greatness where there was genuine debate where Illinois stacked itself among great wrestling states. We had always been in the discussion and our ability to perform on the national team stages was fearsome and legendary.

    With no disrespect to the fantastic performances of Seth Mendoza and the other three AA's for 16U, their team performance (a distant 9th) is a foreshadowing of the Ghost of Illinois Wrestling Yet to Come. There will be a few standouts always because of how fervently those few pursue the sport... but the arrow is no longer pointed up for team performance.

    There is little question where we stack up against Pennsylvania, Ohio, Minnesota and some others. We are looking up at them.

    All thanks to the leadership we supposedly chose and the disastrous decisions we've seen over the past year and a half which have done horrendous things to our ability to compete on the national stage.

    God bless the IWCOA for doing the best it could, however, the damage is done.

    Illinois wrestling yet to come... and to all a good night.
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    The damage is done to all wrestling. Someday there will be a background check on wrestlers and their families to make sure they are "mentally stable" and not "terrorist risks" (under the expanding definition of terrorism) before teaching them a martial art such as wrestling. It's a natural extension of the destruction of the right to defend yourself from despotic governments (what the second amendment is truly about).

    It was great there was a tournament at Fargo this year. Keep the dream alive to have competitive wrestling as a sport and not a necessity for a free society like it has been for the vast majority of history.