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    2a regional at Rock Island has 7 teams so max of 7 in a bracket.

    103 1a brackets have > 7 wrestlers in the bracket.

    Fair and equitable to the kids???


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      Originally posted by TWTilt View Post
      I just hope the kid is really healed up and not being put in further/more serious damage. Tolono seems to bend the rules with their "transfers" this year and now this kid recovers faster than expected. Wouldn't surprise me that his jaw is still healing is all that I'm saying.

      So you're kids at 182 as well huh?? Is he in Micah's Regional, Sectional or does he get to wait till State to get beat by him. Now I'm sure you'll reply with the fact that you're kid is either not in HS yet or has already graduated, but I'm sure you can see how your comments look....a little bitter! And whatever you reply with might even be true. Whatever your beef is with Micah or Tolono, I'm sure the trainer or doctor seeing him and his coach probably have a little better idea of whether or not he is ready to go that you do?
      So when you say psychosomatic, you mean like he could start a fire with his thoughts?


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        Total wrestlers in all regionals by class

        1a - 1674
        2a - 1329
        3a - 1566

        In 2a, over 50% of all wrestlers will advance to sectionals

        2a Oak Forest regional - 52 of 62 kids move on to sectionals

        1a regionals:
        Robinson regional has 129 entrants
        Princeton and Dwight have 126 entrants
        Polo has 119 entrants

        Most in 2a is 102 @ grayslake, most in 3a is 109 @ Prospect

        Bowen 353
        Olympia 433
        Oregon 446
        Vandalia 442

        Darien 298
        Deerfield 335
        Mascoutah 343
        Rochelle 353

        Barrington 401
        Hinsdale 370
        Hoffman 392
        Quincy 403
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          This is harder to read as it won't format too well, but below is the number of 3 man through 11 man brackets per class.

          1A 2 5 20 38 56 39 32 24 8
          2A 5 19 52 73 54 20 0 0 0
          3A 1 4 18 45 72 73 11 0 0


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            Wilmington regional had 4 CPS schools drop out. What a joke


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              Wilmington regional had 4 CPS schools drop out. What a joke ... Actually only 2 CPS schools did not show, Fenger and Julian. CICS Longwood did not show, either, but they are not a CPS school.