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IWCOA (fact based) update

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  • IWCOA (fact based) update

    As of right now this event IS happening and needs your support.

    Just to dispel all the rumors here is exactly where things are as of today:

    1A - All sites secured
    2A - All regional sites secured, 75% sectional sites secured
    3A - 87.5% regional sites secured, 50% sectional sites secured

    Hoping to be at 100% by the end of the weekend if everything falls in line as the balance are currently being negotiated.

    State host site is secured based on current information and the announcement of Illinois phasing from 'horrible place to live' to 'fatass wants to get re-elected' in early June should help that cause.

    Honestly, the biggest obstacle appears to be rumors and getting programs to commit. I am hoping, maybe, just maybe the wrestling community can come together and support something good for our kids. Without this effort by the IWCOA, our kids get NOTHING and trust me when I say the people at the IWCOA are selflessly working their asses off to make this happen.