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Learn to Dominate - Clinic 10/23 2 - 4:30 PM

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  • Learn to Dominate - Clinic 10/23 2 - 4:30 PM

    I am hosting a clinic on Oct 23 (@ St. Charles East HS) for anyone interested. Here is the sign up form and a clinic description:

    Mike Tamillow Clinic October 23rd, signup link

    Clinic Summary: Novice wrestlers first learn the objectives of wrestling, outside of a pin, are well defined by a scoring system. There are 4 ways to score presented to beginner wrestlers: a takedown, an escape, a reversal, and back exposure. The novice wrestler is taught moves to gain points to secure victory.

    However, there are many positions in between the completion of scoring points and an initial position that slowly progress the wrestler towards a more desirable position where the wrestler is soon awarded points. Advanced wrestlers can identify how to progress themselves towards more desirable positions without the expectation of scoring, and develop a step-wise process for maintaining dominance from all positions.

    In this clinic, we will explore positions between our wrestling moves, discover ways to constantly improve our positions and lock in gains along the way. In one day, wrestlers will learn a new approach on how to think about wrestling to engineer their own techniques that allow them to stay in control of a match, and to regain control when it is lost.

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    Most importantly did you teach them how to "own the Libs"