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Please read: IHSA needs to change the state series to double elimination

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  • Please read: IHSA needs to change the state series to double elimination

    College conference, nationals, and every other tournament is double elimination along with many other states high school tournaments. Think of how many wrestlers have gotten caught or the guy they lost to got caught and they didn't get a chance to wrestle at a level they had earned. Resting a wrestlers fate on another individual defeats the whole ideals of the sport, especially when that kid isn't on your team. The IHSA needs to switch the tournament to a double elimination format. It wouldn't take much more time, and it would be fair to everyone. I know some people are just going to reply, "well dont lose and you dont have to worry about it," and if you do, you must not have wrestled, or you are so good youve never lost to a kid who was worse than you. With the state level being so much pressure, they should at least get their well deserved second chance. I would like to hear your thoughts. Why does the IHSA not do double elimination? Add one more round and it would be done.

    I have already created a thread on this on the class A board, please read it and post your input because I am going to take this to the IHSA and i would love everyones input and we may put together a petition. Please comment here or on one of the boards after you have read all of the posts on all there boards. I couldnt think of a better way to get everyone to see the idea than to post it on all three boards. Thank you all and good luck this season if you are a wrestler, everyone is encouraged to post their ideas and especially any ideas of the best way to change the state series to a fair and equal system.

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    Interesting idea. Remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Mine is that to be champion, you shouldn't lose in the state tournament. However, it would be neat to know you have another chance to wrestle for 3rd no matter what if you lose. If they could do it logistically, I don't see the problem.
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      I completely agree with you

      Especially since the brackets are a lot smaller now, having double elimination would make more sense. Alot depends on the luck of the bracket and what teams got put in which sectional. Face it, everyone is a great wrestler that made it down state. I say they all deserve a chance to determine their own fate, not based on the fate of those they lose to.