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  • DVC JV 1 Tourny

    I know that almost all the threads on here are varsity, but I would like to share a little JV touny that took place this saturday at Wheaton North called the DVC JV 1 Tourny.
    What makes this a cool tourny is that there are numerous wrestlers on the JV level in the DVC with numerous varsity wins, the only reasons that they are fighting it out at the JV level at this time of the year is because they are behind some real studs(Ramos, Chase, Zinzer, Gosinski, Vencia, Albanesse, etc.)
    Its safe to say that the top teams could hang with some varsity teams.

    1st off, hats off to Wheaton North on finally topping Glenbard North
    Glenabrd North has won the conference touny for the past i don't know 15 years.

    Over all the matches were good and the tourny was ran well.
    Here are the results. You probably will recognize some of the names.

    1.Wheaton North 247.5
    2.Glenbard North 217.5
    3.West Aurora 191.5
    4.Naperville Central 187.5
    5.Naperville North 153.0
    6.Wheaton Warrenville South 132.5
    7.Glenbard East 79.5
    8.West Chicago 24

    103 C. Brandle (GN) d. S. Splan (NC) 3-2 Brandle - tough little guy
    112 W. Hazard (GN) d. E.Ramos (WN) 13-6
    119 J. Rocha (GN) d. A.Tijerina (WA) 9-8 Good Match
    125 N. Zinzer (WA) d. J. Kaiser (GN) 8-7 Ref made this match alot closer then it should have been, but exciting match
    130 Z. Striplin (WN) d. J. Barragen (WA) 7-2 Match took center stage for different reasons
    135 E.Welsh (WWS) pin B. Spasojevic (WN) F3:36 E.Welsh - No Seed/No problem
    140 J. Greaber (NC) d. B Swanson (WA) 9-5 Graber 15+ Varsity matches
    145 J. Rodriguez (WN) d. J. Salizar (GN) 12-11 SEESAW Battle
    152 A. Aldaw (WN) d. A. Anda (NN) 4-2
    160 S. Schmidt (WWS) pin B. Miller (WN) F5:25
    171 V. LaMontagna (WWS) d. A Layton (GE) 3-1 LaMontagna - Dude is Huge
    189 D. Eldridge (GN) inj.dft. G. Grossman (WN) Grossman slammed in Semis
    215 E. Vincent (GE) d. S.Weatherred (WN) 8 - 5 Two big dudes
    285 D. Harris (WN) d. M.Ortiz (WA) 2-1 3OT Battle of the Little Big Men Tallest was maybe 5'10"

    Over all good day of wrestling and sets the stage for the varsity boys next week at West Chicago!
    I quit caring for you, when I quit yelling at you!

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    Those Schimdt and LaMontagna kids are very good they could be varsity studs.