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    I'm guessing merit is either a two a wrestler or has a two a wrestler that would get dominated by 3a class wrestler.I'm not going into a discussion over it because this has been discussed way to much but just a guess.


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      Originally posted by Formerwrestler View Post
      I do think Morrsison is going to make a match of it this time.
      I definitely think this will be an epic match but, I feel Jon i going to step it up more than he did the last time. I mean, it is for the ship!
      "I don't want to give my opponent the satisfaction of watching me celebrate, which would make it look like a big deal that I beat him."-Brent Metcalf


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        I don't know, Jackson looks tough as always! Was at state last year at 135, back this year at 130. How many guys have got to say that! More people would've got to see him but has suffered a lot of injuries over the past two seasons, thats why he wasn't at Dvorak. He is ready to go now!!!!