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Lockport wrestled great, but

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    Sounds Like an easy fix.

    How to get the IHSA to do it?


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      Originally posted by wrestle21 View Post
      Exactly... the IHSA makes Regional Champion as the only qualification to get into the "Team" tournamnet....

      Lets put this in Football Terms...

      Automatic Bids for the football playoffs is the conference Champions. What if there was no other way to get into the playoffs. You would have Mt.Carmel, Providence, Brother Rice, & St Rita all battling for one playoff spot. Meanwhile, champs from other conferences that could not compete with the non-qualifying CCL teams would get in.

      This is basically what we have in wrestling. Top Tier teams Neuqua, Plainfield Central, and Lockport have been denied a chance to wrestle in the "Playoffs" because of their regional assignment. In a Dual, any of those three could beat any other team in the state on any given day. But they were not given a chance to dual anyone to prove it in the post season.
      i agree with what you are saying however i feel plainfield has lost the right to be mentioned with those teams. it seems like they peaked at the beginning of the season [barrington and minooka dual] and have steadily gotten worse as the season goes on, hence their horrific showing at sectionals

      my rankings
      oprf and minooka are both about equal i think

      then prov and lockport and nv are all about the same level

      gbn plainfield and whoever else


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        Lp v Provi

        Maybe well just to start a roit untill they dual in 2009/10... Tell me that wouldt be a big crowd. Taken into consideration the wrestlers coming back from both schools. They will both be top 5-10 again next year
        Once you've wrestled, everything else in life is easy. -Gable