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  • Best 1st round matches

    Pick at each wt which match you are most looking forward to.
    103 Laskowske-Malarick
    112 Schwartz-Brandtmueller
    119 Scully-Juarez
    125 Lockhart-Butler
    130 Jackson-Avelar
    135 Rangel-Murphy
    140 Greco-L.Nelson
    145 Pace-Cizek
    152 Carney-Lewis
    160 Walliser-Lewis
    171 Hecox-Bebo
    189 Davidson-Brooks
    215 Allen-Lewis
    285 Brassell-Castillo

    103 leads into Elmore 112 leads into Arlis 125 leads into Smith 140 leads into Boggess 152 leads into Barnheisel 160 leads into Argue 189 leads into Gonzalez 285 leads into Pugh
    These are the weights where the loser, of the first round match I stated above, has the greatest chance to be eliminated.

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    140- boggess and spangler off the get-go
    Even when winning is illogical, losing is still far from optional.


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      Originally posted by GreenUnderground View Post
      140- boggess and spangler off the get-go
      From observing both, I think that Boggess is too quick for Spangler.


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        And too strong too.


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          HERES MINE!

          103 Eddie Greco vs. Nicholas Drendel

          112 Matt Bystol vs Carlos Garcia. Steven Bradtmueller vs Ben Schwartz

          119 Patrick Scully vs AJ Juarez.

          125 Josh Zinzer vs Jamal Johnson

          130 Nick Dardanes vs Andrew Haney

          135 Jason Montemayor vs Joe Brewster. Marcus Rangel vs Brendan Murphy.

          140 Matt Boggess vs Andy Spangler. Pat Greco vs Luke Nelson.

          145 Malik Taylor vs Pat Hamill

          152 Trevor Wenmouth vs Sammy Brooks

          160 Nick Proctor vs Andrew Rudd

          171 Sterling Hecox vS. Arber Bebo.

          189 Grant Bushby vs Mike Olp

          215 Arthur Smith vs Parker Settecase

          285 Eddie Castillo vs Chris Brassell
          If you're a champion, you have to have it in your heart.
          - Chris Evert