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List of the top 20 high schoolers past 20 years

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    what about casey gillis, 5 time state champ, 10 time northern plains regional champ, i believe he was like a five or six time national champ. that kid was a god on the national scene in high school


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      call revwrestling and ask. I thought the people ranked were the ones who were able to beat on good college kids was how damion hahn and kolat were top 3
      on my best day I can beat anyone. On my worst day I could beat anyone-gl


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        Originally posted by tilt View Post
        Only 1 hs loss on a dq slam,IKWF champ like 5xs won Fargo 2x? JR Olympic team placer,I think he won Pan American games or something as a hs jr......there was alot of expectations that he would be another Joe Williams coming out of hs
        Only won 3 times got thrown off High School team senior year and proceeded to waste the talent he had.