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  • Hey PIKE boy

    Lockport has three in the finals. I think you said they won't be doing anything in the future. Joe Williams has to be proud. By my calculations, with the old team scoring, they would probably be only behind OPRF. Well I guess lockport beat your team 3 out of 4 in tourney scoring.

    By the way, good luck at 103 and 112 for the other provi fans tonight. Just because your a jag, don't mean I don't wish the other providence people the well wishes they deserve!
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    The team tournament sytem in bad in Illinois, but PC won the time it counted. PC -1, Lockport - 1, but winning the individual regional is what counts the most. They stopped keeping team score at individual sectionals and states. Good luck to the kids from Lockport and PC. Why do you compain to each other about who won and when? Complain to the IHSA about their poor team format.


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      You're so immature it is almost laughable. I never spoke ill of Lockport, I simply stated my personal opinion on their team. Individual medals are quite nice, but we were speaking of school dynasties, and I stated school dynasties equate to winning state championships and appearances in the state tournament. I had plenty of friends that wrestled at Lockport and I harbor no ill feelings toward the school, but I just think you'e one of those immature fans who need to exit the stuffy wrestling gyms once in awhile and do something more productive with his time, instead of calling people out on a wrestling forum.

      You make such a fool out of yourself by doing that, archman. Maybe you need to find some hobbies or something.


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        Is that really pikeboy or his altero ego?