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  • Elgin Regional

    Does anyone have any results from the Elgin Regional for Frosh Soph?

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    At what weight do u want the results of?


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      i'd like to see all of them, but mostly at 108, 135, 140, 157, and heavyweight


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        All i no is 108 4th place was lopez from mchenry and 176 was olejniczak at 3rd and barrington at 4th and cls at 2nd not sure on the 1st place
        do u no the mundelein top 4 at 176?


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          when someone knows all the results just put them down right away. Thank you


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            oh thanks,

            but sorry, i didn't pay attention to 176 at all cause i didn't know anyone in that weight.



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              Did u guys have a really hard regional?


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                176 Scales looked great Pinned everyone Except the kid from Fremd.


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                  Did mundeleins regionals look hard?


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                    Mundelein Regional Frosh/Soph

                    Klema took 2nd at 152 (Vernon Hills)
                    Brazil took 1st at HWT (Vernon Hills)
                    sophmore from Warren took 2nd at HWT
                    Miller took 1st at 220 (Libertyville)


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                      Watch out for CLC... The tigers are coming!
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                        For now, here is the way it goes. Menco posted this earlier today. He did a whole bunch of work last year to give us all results from Frosh/Soph. It took a few years to get the Varsity AD's to consistently turn in Varsity Tournament results to ILMatmen. Now we just have to keep after the Frosh/Soph Tournament Directors by asking them. It's not that hard to fax them in.

                        Here's what Menco wrote:

                        Ya, last year I called all 16 Reg. host's. All host's were happy to help, but many of them had no info. they had me call a coach, ath.director..... Only 1-2 people at the Regional has the results in full. In some cases it was sombody that voluteered to help with the tournament and is hard to reach. I got 6 or 8 host's to send me the top 4 placers, and I had Kanelands full results.

                        Ill Mat Men, The F/S State directors (team Illinois) and the host's are all willing to help, but not everyone is on the same page.

                        The host for Sectionals are required to send results to team Illinois, sometime through the week. Last year it was not till thursday that I had 7 of the 8 sectional results.

                        So far very few results have been posted. If you are at a sectional site this week end. Go to the head table. They will be happy to give you all results on a print out after the tournament. It only takes an hour to type them for all to enjoy.


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                          In this day and age of instant communication, this is disheartening. Surely, the Sectional venues must require the data for this week. How can this info be so scattered?


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                            Elgin Results

                            Here are the Elgin results. We had 201 wrestler's probably the most at any regional. Wrestling started at 10:30 once some corrections were made and we did not take any brackets with wrestling ending at 8:30 or so. The refs did a great job with this long day. The fr/soph regional's are getting tougher and tougher in my opinion. Hwt. had 5 entries and 220 had 9, other than that all weights had at least 11. 117 and 156 had 19 entries. I did send an email to matmen to get a fax number but have not received a reply. A lot of the brackets change anyway by sectionals due to teams that have qualified for team state adding kids to the fr/soph sectional. Also, you will see Barrington had plenty of kids wrestling and placing.

                            103: Zach Synon, Prairie Ridge
                            Brett Covers, Prairie Ridge
                            Nathan Andresen, Elgin
                            Zach Spielmann, Cary Grove
                            Alternate: Jon Verlotta, Lake Park

                            108: Cullen Smith, CLS
                            Stephfon Scales, HER
                            Jared Parvinmehr, Barrington
                            Mario Lopez, McHenry
                            Alternate: Jacob O'Neal, Huntley

                            117: Conrad Bugay, HER
                            Connon Mannina, Barrington
                            Matthew Adcock, Lake Park
                            Travel Rounds, DC
                            Alternate: Joe Abu-Bakr, Prospect

                            124: Bryan Peterson, Schaumburg
                            Michael Selis, Conant
                            Kurt Jacobs, Barrington
                            Josh Simmons, Her
                            Alternate: Jake Pait, McHenry

                            130: Ronny Hauser, Fremd
                            Conor Infelise, McHenry
                            Joseph Adreani, Barrington
                            Edwin Mendosa, DC
                            Alternate: Mike Pinones, Schaumburg

                            135: Dakota Wapotish, Barr
                            Spencer Leckrone, Prairie Ridge
                            Jordan Bradley, Schaumburg
                            Lucas Rogers, Huntley
                            Alternate: Jake McCord, Cary Grove

                            140: Steven Polasik, Barr
                            McThomas Sewera, Lake Park
                            Derek Hauser, Prairie Ridge
                            Frank Abitua, DC
                            Alternate: George Zinyak, Schaumburg

                            145: Chris Kowalski, Lake Park
                            Gino Prestia, Conant
                            Xavier Davis, Schaumburg
                            Greg DeBaun, Lake Park
                            Alternate: Chris Deering, Prairie Ridge

                            150: Pat Felde, Schaumburg
                            Mike Lurz, Barr
                            Erwin Delarosa, Barr
                            David Perez, Larkin
                            Alternate: Marco Deladillo, McHenry

                            157: Kean Loupee, CLS
                            Josh Symbal, Huntley
                            Chris Suchomski, Fremd
                            Joe Zolper, Schaumburg
                            Alternate: Wardell Rosemon, Elgin

                            165: Cody Churkey, DC
                            Joe Lamanna, Schaumburg
                            Tim Stan, DC
                            Jorden Pena, Barr
                            Alternate: Mike Weisshappel, Barr

                            176: Freddy Scales, Her
                            Brett Barchard, CLS
                            Kody Olejniczak, McHenry
                            Ryan Wilt, Barr
                            Alternate: David Davidson, Barr

                            194: Rich Kersten, Cary Grove
                            Trent Keegan, CLS
                            Toby Schimel, Elgin
                            Paul Albani, HE
                            Alternate: Matt Zeis, Huntley

                            220: Dan Muehifelt, Fremd
                            Aaron Castagna, Barr
                            Jose Perez, Barr
                            Chris Sanchez, Schaumburg
                            Alternate: Sean Searl, CLS

                            290: Dan Voltz, Barr
                            Bryant Vargas, Elgin
                            Robert Radar, Streamwood
                            Alex Kaskas, Cary Grove
                            Alternate: Joe Arzuaga, Lake Park


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                              mudelions regional
                              1st some kid from rolling medows
                              2nd Nick Klien Graslake North
                              3rd Not sure
                              4th not sure
                              1st do not know
                              2nd kevin Buenceso from warren
                              3rd ?
                              1st Kyle Gibson lakes
                              2nd Jesse Adkins Wauconda
                              3rd Libertyville
                              4th Jordan Rathje Buffalo grove
                              thats all i know