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Dual Team - How is it selected?

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  • Dual Team - How is it selected?

    How are the Cadet Dual Teams selected for Team Illinois? What does a wrestler need to accomplish to be selected? Is it just the top 2 from the state meets? Who does the selecting? We've heard there are some politics involved...if you have any information, would appreciate hearing from you.

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    Those that bring points that help with the seeding

    get some huge consideration.

    Here is a post from a couple years ago about it:
    (from an ILUSAW officer)

    We have standard criteria for putting this team together. The tournament is seeded based on previous placers from Fargo and getting a good seed is critical to making it to the championship pools. Since placement at Fargo is the best indicator of performance at this event and that is how they seed you, this is our first criteria. This year we had 15 placers and they usually make up 2/3 of the team. We then need to fill weight classes and bring backups based on guys going both styles and guys who we know will need rest. We look at previous team members and use USA regional and FS state as a guide.

    What many do not realize is that good seeding is VERY IMPORTANT in the duals. So, if your wrestler is the best in the state (regardless of what competitions they have done) and they bring seeding points, they will be highly considered. (Seeding criteria is on THEMAT under the duals competition link.)