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    Originally posted by CONDOR View Post
    A change of setting, according to you everyone should be going to Blair or Graham or anywhere in PA to get better, but guess what that is what the Illinois offseason clubs provide. Overtime, Izzy Style, ISI, and the rest provide top notch coaching and top level workout partners without moving out of state or going to a boarding school and not seeing your family, wake up this is not fantasy football, you talk about not being able to afford a room in Fargo yet you insinuate Dwyer will only get better if he goes to Blair, I will bet they cant afford that. Just keep giving us your insight you pick up of the web and we will be just fine, but dont tell us where every kid should wrestle in college because some coach gave you a courtesy reply to an email.
    I can afford plenty rooms but I get the room for free
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      are you going? can you get all the illinois people free rooms? or did u give them away to the Pennsylvania kids? i have read alot of your posts, and you root for illinois kids, and i can tell you follow them, nothing wrong with that, but i just dont understand how you can be from illinois, supposedly wrestle in illinois, go to school in illinois, but then just bad mouth our kids or say they dont stand a chance to the pa kids...or am i missing have to be somebody real important thats all i can think of, or you want attention...or im just another dumb hick and have no clue what im talking about...
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