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  • They were a few

    Originally posted by AllAmericanWrestler View Post
    Radical hit the nail on the head. I could not have said it better myself. Illinois has a lot of talent and we saw this past weekend what happens with favortism. There were many other wrestlers that could have been selected to make this team better. How many kids on this team are not from overtime?

    Jack Allen, Hinsdale Central
    Kevin Bialka Lockport
    Ellis Coleman - OPRF
    Chris Brassell - Maine South

    The team was very young this year with a few cadets and just came up short on too many matches. But, many of those matches were extremely close that they lost. NJ lost to Ohio in the finals by more points that Il did.

    Illinois had some tough duals and just came up short on some of the matches that could have gone in their favor. It was not a blowout by any means.

    Lets not forget that they have won 3 years in a row and will get back there next year to win another championship.


    • I am not going in the debate of who is better between Izzy or overtime. But I do know what Izzy has done with some kids who arent good enough to make over times waiting list. I can tell you from talking with a few kids from Izzy style they would run through a wall for the guy. Izzy made them want to train and made practice fun by having it intense but also having some humor.Also got kids to belive in themselves and realize they have to attack to win. I know many coachs do that aross the state but seeing a few kids who have changed since going to izzy is why I will always suppourt his club.
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