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Down year for the Chicago Catholic League?

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  • Down year for the Chicago Catholic League?

    Anyone else notice that the CCL schools did not dominate the State Tournament this year? Usually some of the schools have more than one State Champion. This year their conference gets one State Champ. Maybe they can win the Team Championship this year.

    Are the other schools catching up to the CCL? Maybe this is just a down year for the conference.

    Twist, like to hear your opinion of the CCL showing at the State Tournament. Also want to hear what others think.

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    I have a feeling that because of the economy, the catholic schools are going to have a declining enrollment and also less of an impact.
    I also think that places like the Martinez elite and overtime and isi etc, kids can get better and have good competition. This allows them to catch up to the CCL schools and even the field a bit.
    Last but not least, it is also possible that the CCL just had a bad year and this is just a blip on the radar.


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      CCL football season better than wrestling season

      CCL had 10 of 14 football teams make the IHSA playoffs. The CCL wrestling teams did not dominant like in years past. Maybe it was a down year for the conference or everyone else is starting to catch up with feeder programs and clubs.


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        The final results indicate that it was kind of a down CCL standards. Other conferences would of considered this a banner year. While the CCL did not have as many champs (Yea jahwon, way to represent) as years past two upsets (Cooper-Klimara) and a questionalble finish in the semis (Taylor) had a lot to do with that. Had those three won as expected this would not be a thread. Still the CCL had a high number of placers (ten) and being All State has to count for something too. I do think you will see the CCL back on their game next year and back in the finals.

        Maybe now the "whoa is me-the Private schools are recruiting/cheating" talk will die down now. This was a public school dominated state finals so don't worry about the privates. They are not very good.
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          I admit that I thought the same thing following the CCL tournament this year. Yet, there seemed to be a pretty nice representation of the CCL in Champaign in 2010 with 38% of their qualifiers placing (10 of 26), including one champion, two runner-ups, five thirds and two fourths.

          103 - Garelli (Fenwick) 2-2, DNP; O'Connor (Rita) 0-2, DNP
          112 - Anderson (Rita) 0-1, DNP
          119 - Klimara (Provi) 3-1, runner-up; Tyler (Mt. C) 0-1, DNP
          125 - Ambrose (Provi) 2-2, DNP; Robertson (Mt. C.) 0-1, DNP
          130 - Copper (Provi) 3-1, runner-up; McGovern (Rita) 0-1, DNP
          135 - Avelar (Rice) 4-1, third; Argue (Mt. C) 4-2, fourth
          140 - Nelson (Rice) 4-1, third; Wood (St. Laurence) 2-2, DNP
          145 - Sears (Rice) 1-2, DNP; Swindell (Carmel) 0-1, DNP
          152 - Taylor (Rice) 3-2, fourth
          160 - Siefert (Carmel) 1-2, DNP; Gelsosmo (Mt. C) 0-1, DNP
          171 - Akui (Rita) 4-0, CHAMPION; Argue (Mt. C) 5-1, third; Dougherty (Loyola) 0-1, DNP
          189 - No representation
          215 - Kelly (Loyola) 2-2, DNP
          HWT - Vacendak (Mt. C) 1-2, DNP; Buss (DLS) 0-1, DNP


          160 - Colby Dollinger (Bishop Mc) 3-1, third
          215 - Channing Dollinger (Bishop Mc) 3-1, third

          CCL Schools
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